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SMG4: The Inkling Disappearances is the seventeenth episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and ninety-seventh overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the ninth episode and second episode of the 2nd part of The Anime Arc. It was aired on May 11, 2019.


Meggy is missing. What lengths will Mario, SMG4 and friends go to find her?!


I was born a weeb hunter, I'll die a weeb hunter.




The episode begins with Axol being shown up on a dark background with spooky ambient noises playing and then shifts to the Glitch Productions logo. After the logo, it shifts to an emergency broadcast hosted by an extremely disturbed Callie in her studio in Inkopolis. She recaps an event where how a certain Meggy Spletzer and dozens of other Inklings were recently abducted, and never returned. She then calls out for a plea for all the citizens to stay inside at all times, before she drops the camera and pleads for her cousin's safety.

Meanwhile, the search for Axol and Meggy continues at the now deserted Inkopolis Plaza. Tari begins to mention about where is everyone in the plaza, while Mario, being stupid as usual, tells Luigi to hide somewhere, stating that his face is scaring the Inklings. An Inkling was stalking them from a wall, but when Mario turns to her, she hides. Mario then sees all the other Inklings hiding from the mystery culprit, including a scene where Cap'n Cuttlefish placed a barbed wire to protect the younger Inklings, then aiming a shotgun at him.

Desti then says about how the Inklings were too afraid to go outside since the abductions (and calls them pathetic wimps). Mario tries to enter a now barricaded store, trying to ask the whereabouts of Meggy, before walking away from a sudden cannon about to be launched at him. Desti then complains that they are pretty much wasting the time, and calculates that they will probably never find Meggy at this rate. Tari nervously points at an anime character, which turns out to be Ryuk from Death Note. Luigi gets utterly scared, and Mario tries to force Ryuk to give Meggy back. He throws one of many Rocks at him, which, however, did not seem to be very effective. Everybody gets utterly spooked by Ryuk's stare, and Luigi suggests the team run away shortly before Ryuk attacks them.

Meanwhile, in the Mushroom Kingdom, Bob, Saiko, Fishy Boopkins and SMG4 arrive at the A.S.S. headquarters building, which is just about to close and emptied out by Hideo Kojima's removalists retrieving the confiscated anime stuff. Bob asks the group why they are going to team up with the A.S.S. members, stating that these are frankly not very good people in general. Saiko answers that Meggy's kidnapper apparently wasn't Axol, but Desti was right that the kidnapper probably loved anime so they're going to need the best "weeaboo hunters" in the kingdom. SMG4 doubts it and says that anime is unbanned and A.S.S. is now down so it's quite uncertain that this is gonna help them. A few moments later, Swag and Chris walk out from the building, carrying out boxes with anime stuff and discussing their further plans on life.

Swag confesses to Chris that he probably will have a hard time coming back to civilian life, considering that he "has seen too much", implying that anime has become his life ever since a while ago. The two suddenly bump into Saiko, and Swag ends up panicking and "having Vietnam flashbacks". Saiko then requests them to help, but Chris and Swag doubt that, with the former stating that they're now jobless and (kinda) blames the group for it. Boopkins explains that Meggy has been kidnapped by a weeaboo, and the team needs some weeaboo hunters to find the kidnapper. Chris then asks Swag if he's going to help the group.

Swag rejects it, but then Chris reminded the latter that he made a promise to save the world from weeaboos when he joined A.S.S, so Swag quickly changes his mind. Bob suggests to the group that they probably should get more members than these two "idiots", but Swag showcases his giant hammer-pickaxe hybrid and brags that his power level is "over 9000". Boopkins says that whoever abducted Meggy must be very strong, and Saiko adds that they're going to need some firepower. Chris then assures the group that as long as they are in, there will be nothing wrong with firepower.

Back in Inkopolis, the fight between Mario's team and Ryuk is onset. Desti tries to splat him, but she fails as he seems to be really good at dodging. Luigi continues panicking and begs Mario to do something. Mario doesn't come up of anything better than to shove a Bob-omb up Luigi's mouth and throw him at Ryuk. However, he successfully catches him, much to Mario's shock, and throws him back at Mario just before the bomb explodes and blows up both brothers. Ryuk begins to laugh insanely while Tari tells him to give Meggy back, and tries to splat him with Meggy's Rapid Blaster.

She misses, as Ryuk sprouts wings and takes flight. Desti throws three Splat Bombs at him and seemingly blows him up, cheering and saying that these anime guys ain't that tough at all, just to find out that she actually failed once again - and more of that - Ryuk took Desti with himself, leaving the others shocked. Suddenly, Tari notices a pole with a wire hanging around and tells the Mario brothers to grab the wire.

While Luigi is left wondering what they have to do, Mario quickly gets the idea and launches Luigi, who is still hanging on the end of the wire, at Ryuk. As Luigi manages to reach him, Tari presses the green button, supplying the electricity to the wire and thus killing Ryuk. A while after Ryuk disappeared, the four noticed he dropped a map, which reveals that Meggy and the other Inklings are being held captive on "Anime Island".

The next scene cuts to the dark room from the previous episode, where Meggy was being held. The door opens once again and another anime character (Dabi from My Hero Academia) comes in showcasing handcuffs, cuffing Meggy up and dragging her away. Meggy starts to threaten him for cuffing her up, but then finds herself in a laboratory-like setting, with numerous huge canisters filled with a mysterious red liquid, each with an Inkling trapped inside, placed across the room, and then gets utterly horrified by the sight.

The entire team eventually meet at Peach's Castle, and Mario's group reports that Meggy and the others are being taken to Anime Island. With this, and also with the fact that Mario's team encountered glowing anime characters in mind, everyone (except Saiko) come to conclude that Axol is the kidnapper. Saiko doubts that, but Luigi tells her that it's not that much easy to ignore all the evidence anymore. Then Mario's team suddenly spots the Guards and gets shocked. Bob tells them not to worry about them anymore, as they're "cool" now. Mario agrees a while later, and there is only one dilemma left; how the crew is going to the Anime Island, if Desti cannot swim like all other Octolings and Inklings. This dilemma ultimately turns out to be solved by the Guards.

The scene then turns to a port somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom, though Chris rants at Swag for not owning a boat. Swag justifies his opinion and spots a boat docked at the other side of the port, with Mario cheering him on. Being an idiot, Swag then starts to act like a pirate, commanding the group to "hoist the sails", "swab the poopdeck", and "getting scurvy". Chris then further reprimanded him for acting like a pirate for the past hour and asking him to prepare for departure. Swag, still acting like an idiot pirate, commands him to walk the plank. Leaving Chris confused, he proceeds to knock him out of the boat.

Meanwhile, everything is doing their own thing: SMG4 watching a tutorial on "How to Kill a Weeaboo", Luigi and Boopkins playing Yu-Gi-Oh (although Luigi mistakes it for Pokémon), Tari playing with Archibald and Mario exploring (and later going up and down on) a cannon, while Bob is relaxing on a hammock. While Desti looks on to their happiness, Saiko then approaches and apologizes to her, coming to the fact that she hardly can accept that Axol was the culprit, since he saved her. Desti accepts the apologies, and apologizes as well, recalling the facts that she called them losers, nerds, cowards, and idiots (especially Mario). She then tells her that they're on the same team now, and revealed that she actually does care for her teammates. Saiko then comments that they could save Meggy without her, but reveals that it is nice to be on the same side.

Desti then states that they should put aside all their troubles, and calling up to her new friends about who is ready to save her "annoying" rival. Everybody cheers on, but then a monster suddenly appeared right behind her. Everybody was shocked, while Mario shrieks out that the monster is Godzilla. The monster then proceeds to shake the boat, with everyone screaming, while Swag points out that the monster looks like his "ex-girlfriend". While SMG4 comments on Godzilla's strange glow, Desti tries to shoot the kaiju away, only to be abducted by him. Saiko then tries to save her, only to be flicked away by the kaiju. The boat's cannons are rendered useless as well, as they only bounced off the kaiju's body. Godzilla then stated that they're not going to do anything to stop him (since they ain't "gonna do s***"), and flies off to Anime Island, bringing the poor Octoling along with him. Tari then asks the crew about what should they do, Saiko tells everybody to stick to the plan and go to Anime Island themselves to try and rescue the two rivals.

At Anime Island, Meggy is dragged along by Dabi until both stop by one of the prison cells. The same Axol scene from the start reveals that he is also chained to a wall just like Meggy was before. This completely cleared his name and revealed that he has actually been kidnapped as well. The episode ends as both characters recognize each other in shock, and the scene cuts to black.


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  • Marie (mentioned by Callie)



  • Not only does this episode clear Axol's name and reveal that he was innocent, it also reveals that Swag and Chris did not kidnap Meggy either.
  • This episode also reveals Meggy's surname, which is Spletzer.
  • Desti was kidnapped twice in this episode, first by Ryuk (but was saved), then by Godzilla.
  • The "(Super) Character Weapon" was used again since SMG4: Mario's Prison Escape, this time being the "Super Luigi Grenade".
  • Swagmaster69696969696 made a reference to the Adam West's Batman.
  • This is the first video to have something before the Glitch Productions logo that isn't a sponsor.
  • Oddly, there is a mistake in the scene where Mario is staring at Swag and Chris to check if the crew can trust them. When Swag says "Chris, I'm feeling violated", his lines are written in a white Times New Roman font (like Chris' ones are) instead of usual red Comic Sans MS font.

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