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SMG4: The Japan Trip is the twelvth episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and ninety overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the fourth episode of the The Anime Arc. It was aired on April 6, 2019.


SMG4 and friends spend a day in Japan... but things don't go exactly as planned.


Looks like the last 50 temples we looked at.


The video begins with Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul advertising the video sponsors, with was Raid: Shadow Legends along with Kevin and Mario doing some gameplay. The trio eventually got into the details of the game with Luke turning into his blooper self and Kevin changing into Fishy Boopkins.

The actual video begins with Saiko Bichitaru showing of one of the most famous temples in Japan to SMG4, Boopkins, and Bob. As SMG4 takes a picture, Bob then says, "Looks like the last 50 temples we looked at." causing Saiko to kick him and tell him to appreciate her culture. Boopkins then asked Saiko if they can go to Tokyo City with Bob joining in, saying that they're only in Japan for a day and that he wants to see some "anime waifus". Saiko then said they could, only if one of them pulls the cart. Bob and Boopkins got in almost immediately, leaving SMG4 to pull the cart and for him to shout, "Goddammit!"

While on the road, Bob continuously whips SMG4's shoulder, telling the "horsey" to go faster. Fishy then thanks Saiko for showing them around Japan and Saiko thanks Boopkins back for taking her all the way from the Mushroom Kingdom. Boopkins then says that if the anime ban doesn't get lifted, then he might live in Japan with Saiko saying that he should. At the moment, Bob then "pulls the last straw from" SMG4 by calling him a "fat man" and once again tells him to speed up, causing the now triggered Youtuber to ground-pound the pulling stick to send Bob flying into a building and interrupt a Chargin' Chuck and a Coin Coffer's game by accidentally destroying their game table and game. Angered, the Coin Coffer and Chargin' Chuck hurl Bob out the building, causing him to land in a truck near SMG4, Boopkins, and Saiko.

The duo then arrived still angry at Bob with the Chargin' Chuck threatening to kick his butt. Saiko then apologizes and says they'll pay for the broken game. However, when Bob sees an anime banner, it distracted Saiko to say that they're near Akihabara, the anime town. Boopkins and Bob get excited upon hearing that, causing Bob to hurl the Coin Coffer and Chargin' Chuck away as he and Boopkins make a mad dash, dumbfounding SMG4, and Saiko.

In Akihabara, Boopkins then says that this is the best day of his life, pleasing SMG4. Bob then alerts the gang of the hundreds of "2D ladies" posted on banners and buildings causing him and Boopkins to explore, slightly crazy-like as SMG4 and Saiko happily walk through. Boopkins then rushes into an anime store and sees that it has all his favorite manga, SMG4 is taking notes in his meme book about a dog doing tricks on Japan Probe T.V., and Bob sitting in a chair surrounded by 2 twerking maids in a maid cafe simply saying, "This is hot."

As Saiko is comparing herself to a cardboard cutout of an anime girl, a Monty Mole then sees her and gets extremely close to her face saying, "Oh my god, she looks so realistic!" Saiko then kicks him away saying that she is real, causing the Monty Mole to apologize, saying that he thought she was one of Mr. Axol's creations. Not knowing who Axol is, the Mole shows Saiko through a window where they can see Axol signing anime related stuff given by a Sprixie, a Bob-omb, a Blooper, and a Galoomba with his Inkweaver while surrounded by fans. Boopkins then pushes the Monty Mole out of the way and sees Axol (who Bob also doesn't know as that he thought it was a type of deodorant brand). Boopkins then says that Axol is the most famous Japanese comic artist in the whole world and that his comic series, Nova Explorers, is one of the highest selling comics of all time. Unfortunately, Bob wasn't listening as for the fact he was trying to make out with a nearby Birdo who simply shot him instead.

Axol is then seen telling his fans to hand him their stuff faster when Boopkins walks up and proceeds to talk to him, only for Axol to sign his head and make off causing Boopkins to assume that he's busy. SMG4 then proceeds to get through the crowd to talk to Axol, but the crowd wouldn't budge. As Axol finishes signing Yoshi's and a Bully's items, he then increases the size of his Inkweaver and begins drawing an anime businessman and a high-school woman before bringing them to life, commanding the two to dance, shocking the gang and causing Bob to want Axol to draw him some "waifu babes". Eventually, the businessman and high-schooler fainted and disintegrated after a while, which caused Axol to declare that he must leave. The gang then chases after him and sees him in a corner drawing a Snorlax and asks him to take him to the train station. The Pokémon happily obeys and flies off, resulting in the gang chasing him.

SMG4 then sees some rope and proceeds to make a slingshot by tying its ends on some posts with himself, Boopkins, and Bob as the ammo and Saiko pulling the rope. She then let go, causing the three to fly, but SMG4 crashes into a sign, Bob crashes into Jay, and Boopkins would've gotten to Axol if a train didn't hit him on his way. As the Snorlax disintegrated, Axol got to Akihabara Station and summoned a Naruto Thomas the Tank Engine. The gang ran up to him, but he proceeded to drive away with the gang hanging on tight behind. Axol then jumped off at his stop (possibly Hibiya station) while Thomas crashes into a possible dead-end, killing them.

At an extremely crowded train station, SMG4 sees Axol headed for the stairs, but the path is blocked by all the people there. As such, Saiko then proceeds to pull out her hammer and knock the crowds of people out of the way, killing them. As a policeman sees the bodies of dead people being stacked up in front of a Doutor coffee shop, he demands to know who is killing them so as such, Saiko hides her hammer behind her back and pins it on King Dedede (who was getting a soft drink at the time), causing the policeman to arrest him. As the gang rushed up the stairs, Axol entered his home and summoned a guard to protect it.

Boopkins wanted to see him, but SMG4 warned him of what could happen as a Waddle Doo demonstrated. The Waddle Doo wanted his "senpai" to notice him while holding a paper flower, but the guard then punched him into the sky, scaring Boopkins into wanting to quit. Bob then says he has a plan, but when he walks up to the guard, a sky-blue energy surrounded him causing Bob to go the other direction and ruin his plan. Saiko then says she needs to know how Axol bring anime to life when SMG4 has an idea: SMG4 and Boopkins would pretend to be assistants of "the most famous manga writer of the Mushroom Kingdom: Bobu-san" while Bob would be the said person and Saiko would be the "beautiful anime sculpture" he made. While the guard wasn't convinced, Axol was and he invited the gang inside.

In his house, the sink was jammed with dishes with two unfinished cup-ramen next to it with newspapers and manga on the floor as SMG4 and Bob pointed out. Bob then introduced Axol to his "bitches", much to SMG4 and Boopkins' displeasure. However, Axol was extremely impressed with their "beautiful anime sculpture", but eventually got so close that Saiko once again attacked. Axol then wanted to know how "Bobu-san got a "living anime creature" saying that his creations were mindless idiots who die in just a few minutes. The gang then admitted the truth saying who they really are and Boopkins mentions the ban of anime back home much to the shock of Axol. Saiko then proved it by showing news report of the A.S.S., Swagmaster69696969696, and Chris going up against the Anime Cartel led by Francis while a man was imprisoned in a cell on her phone. As such, Axol decides to help the gang lift the ban of anime with the help of his Inkweaver saying that they'll show them the joy of anime. While everyone else stands dumbfounded, Boopkins asks if he's great as the episode ends.


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  • Excluding the opening advertisement, this is the first time Mario is absent from a non-Guards N' Retards video since SM64: The BattleToads Justice Crew. This is because he was not sent to Japan like SMG4, Saiko, Fishy Boopkins, and Bob were and stayed behind to make money for the Anime Cartel. Unfortunately, Meggy forced him against his will to participate in the Splatfest.
  • Axol is the first original character introduced in 2019.
  • Axol would have probably stopped at Hibiya station. This is in reference to the fact that the Akihabara metro station is on the Hibiya Line of the Tokyo Metro, and the station seen where Axol got off at had a sign saying about an interchange with the Yurakucho line. Hibiya station is one of the two stations on the Hibiya line to interchange with the Yurakucho line (although commuters would have to go to Yurakucho station to do so because Hibiya and Yurakucho are only connected to each other, and not at the same station.)


  • Death Note: At home when Axol is busy at work he's standing/sitting on his chair like L.

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