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SMG4: The Mario Carnival is the thirity-eighth episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and thirty-first overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This video is the first video to use the Glitch Productions' newest logo. It was aired on September 8, 2018.


Mario and SMG4 go to the carnival! ... but this isn't just any carnival...


The video begins at a carnival owned by Bob who was showing off his prizes, with Mario interested in one of them, the Eggman Football. However, he got mad when he saw it at 100,000 tickets. Bob noticed Mario's interest in the football and said it was one of the rarest prizes he had to offer. Mario asked how would he even earn tickets and showed all he had: one giant pile of cash which was actually Peach Toadstool's money.

Naturally, Bob lovingly stared right at the moneybag saying that it would soon be his. Mario suddenly stopped his explanation upon hearing that, which Bob quickly brushed aside what he just said and explained how to earn tickets, which was by playing his rigged although he quickly corrected himself to say fun before adding that if one was lucky enough, they might even win the carnival's currency, Bob Tickets. Mario was naturally very happy and went to try out the carnival. Once he left, Bob checked his surroundings before deciding to restock. Turned out his prizes were actually garbage, with two notables one being the Majora's Mask from the previous episode and a bunch of bananas. Bob then mentioned that ever since Waluigi went insane and Wario disappeared, he was able to easily scam other people.

As Mario headed inside, he found SMG4 playing at a ring toss booth where the YouTuber was doing poorly and Bob who somehow got there first and when asked, said he was omnipotent, which although Mario agreed, was only because he was just as confused by the answer. SMG4 then requested for 700 more rings, giving a huge pile of money in exchange. Instead of just tossing the rings, he used a machine gun to fire at the bottles. Somehow, he failed with the same results as before, with Bob commenting that he also sucked at shooting.

As SMG4 was raging at over how he kept missing, Mario pointed out there was a fan blowing away all the rings. Upon hearing that, SMG4 angrily asked if it was rigged. Knowing he would get in trouble if he admitted it, Bob decided to pass it off by giving SMG4 10 Bob tickets. Calming down, SMG4 declared that he was one step closer to getting the Eggman Football. Shocked that SMG4 had also laid his eyes on the prize, Mario said that he laid his eyes on the prize. Seeing they were in a competition, Bob asked if it was War of the Fat Italians, which SMG4 replied it was not because it would be coming out later. With that said, the two went off to gather tickets.

After numerous games, SMG4 was about to play a fishing game when he found Tari playing the same game but failing at it. Knowing she was a good player, SMG4 asked her to help him, where although she claimed she was busy and that she was not good at carnival games, said she would help him if she got a duck from the game. Soon after, SMG4 fished up a duck for her and she kept to her promise.

Meanwhile, Mario was playing a game in which he must shoot the ducks, but his aim was so horrible that he missed every shot, causing Bob to taunt him although one of the missed shots hit him, knocking him down into saying he deserved that. As Mario berated himself, Meggy showed up and helped Mario win thousands of tickets with her excellent sharp-shooting skills. Tari then came in with SMG4 and due to the increase in difficulty on the request of SMG4, Tari scored more points than Meggy.

Knowing she had a competition with Tari, she quickly shot down the ducks after pressuring Bob to let her play for free and scored more points than Tari. That led to a shoot-off but as they quickly racked up a lot of points, Bob realized if that kept going, he would run out of tickets to give and quickly ramped up the difficulty to "POWER DRIVE", shocking the shooters. Both of them were shocked but Tari, after a while activated her cyborg skills to help her aim, resulting in her earning infinite points. At first, Meggy appeared mad but actually, she was in awe at Tari's skills, and even though she said she was a cyborg, Meggy wanted her to teach her how to shoot well like her.

Soon after, both SMG4 and Mario realized they had enough tickets. They quickly made a run for the prize cabin, only to discover that the tickets needed to buy the Eggman football was actually 100,000,000 tickets rather than 100,000. As a result, the two started crying on how they would never get the football (even though Bob tried to please them with a plastic toy comb but it did nothing in soothing them), only to see Meggy and Tari with a lot more tickets from playing the duck shooting game a few more times.

Happy, the two quickly bought the football and started running out of the carnival, accompanied by Meggy as they promised to share the prize with her. Tari then stated that while she was glad Mario, SMG4 and Meggy were happy, she was reluctant to join them because she did not like exercising. Bob then stated that there were enough leftover tickets for a convenient plot-placed rubber ducky. Tari happily bought the rubber ducky and joined Mario, SMG4, and Meggy as they ran out of the carnival.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters



  • Peach Toadstool (mentioned by Mario when he said all he had was her money)
  • Wario (mentioned by Bob as he dug in the trash for prizes)

Music used

Horrible Singing Can I sing a song for you?
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  • 0:00 - Glitch Productions
  • 00:06 - Pasta Pesto, Trabant 33
  • 01:36 - Shooting Gallery, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • 03:41 - Alfombra Roja, Little Island Leap
  • 05:10 - 3 PM, Animal Crossing: City Folk
  • 05:54 - Boo Merry Go Round, Super Mario 64
  • 06:15 - Lobby, Splatoon
  • 09:36 - Swoon.exe, Super Paper Mario
  • 09:59 - Pasta Pesto, Trabant 33(reprise)
  • 10:29 - Apple Kid’s Theme, Earthbound
  • 10:48 - Pokey’s House, Earthbound
  • 11:34 - Make a Home, View Points

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  • This episode reveals that Tari is a cyborg.
  • This episode also shows a rather out of character version of Mario. In most episodes, he is a selfish character who doesn't share or exercise, but in this episode, he shares an Eggman football with SMG4 and Meggy.
  • This is the first episode where the intro was updated for renaming their production name, "Glitchy Boy" to "Glitch Productions" since they didn't do a good job defining what "Glitchy Boy" is.
  • This is the first episode in which Meggy actually has a physical appearance in since SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus.
  • At 3:17, Bob said that there will be War of the Fat Italians 2018, but SMG4 said: "No, that's coming out later!". That counts as a fourth wall break.
  • At 10:48 to 10:56, Bob takes out his hood and shows his hair to both SMG4 and Mario. However, the camera shifts to both SMG4 and Mario, preventing the viewers from seeing Bob without his cloak, though a shadow shows that Bob indeed had a lot of hair.
  • The bag of cash that Mario is holding in 0:41 belongs to Princess Peach according to the red-capped plumber.
  • This is the first episode where Meggy and Tari meet.
  • After this blooper, Waluigi got even closer to the screen in the channel's banner.

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