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SMG4: The Mario Channel - Mario's Jackass is the twentih episode of Season 8 and the four hundred and seventh overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the fourth (and/or simply last) episode of the The Mario Channel series. It was aired on April 14, 2018.


This is Mario and welcome to jackass. We're gonna watch the SMG4 cast doing crazy and stupid stunts, all for Mario's TV show. Enjoy!


Welcome to Mario's Jackass!


The episode begins with Mario trying to host a new TV series, Mario's Jackass. Standing in front of a camera, he announced to the viewers that he planned on jumping over a car as a stunt.

After putting on a helmet for safety, Mario turned around and stood in the direction he thought the car was going to come towards him in.

However, the car instead came in the other direction and hit Mario from behind. Sometime later, Mario was watching the recorded footage on a TV while he recovered in the hospital.

He was impressed with the results so far, but still planned on making more episodes in order to become "world famous". Since he was still in a lot of pain from the last stunt (with his head even falling off twice), Mario decided that he should get other people to help him with his stunts.

The Bulldozer

For his next stunt, Mario went to the Mushroom Mall, where he spotted Luigi checking out ties in one of the shops. He was unsure of which one he should choose. Mario announced to the viewers the name of the next stunt, The Bulldozer.

Luigi initially thought that it was just a game, but when the ground suddenly started to shake, he wondered what was going on, and he looked outside the shop to find a literal herd of bulls stampeding towards him. Luigi panicked and made a run for it down the plaza, while the bulls proceeded to catch up to him.

They eventually passed by a shop containing two random bulls, both who were confused about what was going on. Turning a corner, Luigi spotted Old Man Hobo sitting on a bench, whom he placed in the middle of the path as a decoy to slow the bulls down. Just as Luigi was about to enter another area of the mall, two more bulls armed with machine guns blocked his path, forcing Luigi to make a detour to the Food Court.

He spotted an emergency exit and ran straight towards it, but jumped in another direction at the last second so the bulls rammed straight into the wall. Mario congratulated his brother for surviving the challenge. Just after he said that however, one of the bulls landed on top of Luigi, knocking him unconscious. Fearing the repercussions, Mario crawled away while he still had the chance.

Sentry of the Century

Sometime later, Mario was at a park, where Saiko Bichitaru was walking through after receiving a call from him. Irritated about being forced out here, Saiko questioned what Mario wanted with her. After hearing that he was making a TV show, she quickly became flattered, thinking that Mario wanted her to pose as a model.

However, the plumber revealed that she was part of the next stunt, Sentry of the Century, where Saiko had to face off against a Sentry Gun that he pulled out from a crate. As soon as Mario turned the Sentry on, it immediately started firing at Saiko. She did her best to dodge the bullets and eventually swiped a skateboard from a Robloxian to use as a shield.

She charged straight towards the Sentry and jumped in the air in an attempt to pounce at it. However, the Sentry suddenly blasted large missiles at Saiko, which sent her flying a good distance. Hiding behind a rock, she noticed Frankie nearby and grabbed the Mushroom child. Saiko then threw him at the Sentry, sending the machine in a state of confusion. As Frankie slid off it, he hit the power button, turning the Sentry off. Saiko was relieved that she won the challenge. However, after she heard Mario cheering for her, she gave him a threatening look, prompting the plumber to slip away.

The Hamburger Supreme

For the next challenge, Mario presented a gigantic cheeseburger to the viewers, which was part of the stunt, The Hamburger Supreme. Mario pushed the huge burger into Peach Toadstool's castle, where the plumber found Toad standing in his usual corner. Mario casually asked him to eat the entire cheeseburger, but Toad refused to do something so ridiculous.

However, Mario did not listen to him and proceeded to shove the burger in Toad's face in an attempt to force-feed him. He eventually has the Mushroom man pinned against the wall, and Mario managed to send both Toad and the burger out of the castle after ramming them both with his stomach. He looked through the hole he made, where he found Toad flattened and the cheeseburger rolling away. A brief montage played of the burger's journey, where it traveled through several locations before landing a steady job and settling down with a new life. The burger also ran over Old Man Hobo, who was still recovering from the Bulldozer.

The Pain Train

Mario eventually got Wario to participate in the next stunt, The Pain Train. For this challenge, Wario had to search through a train full of crates in order to find the one crate that was filled with money, while the other ones were filled with traps. Nervous, Wario started with a random crate, which turned out to be carrying a cannon. He barely dodged the shot and tried to search in another crate. This time, the thing inside is McCree, who immediately started firing at Wario with his pistol. The latter tried to evade the gunman by taunting him from behind another random crate.

Thinking that he went inside, McCree opened it up, only to find a dragon that proceeded to set him on fire. Continuing with the challenge, Wario opened up all the other crates in rapid succession, some of which managed to badly damage him. However, he was confused to find that the cash prize was not in any of the boxes. He turned and spotted Waluigi inside the engine (Thomas the Tank Engine), revealing that his brother has already stolen the money for himself. Furious, Wario got back at Waluigi by throwing McCree into the train cab with him.

The Flying Frog

Later on, Mario introduced the audience to the final stunt, The Flying Frog. He snuck up on Fishy Boopkins, who was having a rock picnic by himself. Mario asked the Spike to help him, but Boopkins politely turned him down, as he was perfectly happy where he was. However, Mario ignored him and proceeded to carry him away. Mario took Boopkins over to a gigantic slingshot and placed him inside. The latter begged Mario not to launch him, as Boopkins was afraid of heights.

However, the plumber assured him that he would be fine and to close his eyes and quickly sent him flying. While initially terrified, Boopkins opened his eyes once the adrenaline left his system, and he started to enjoy the experience of being in the air.

Down on the ground, two pedestrians spotted Boopkins in the sky and realized that he was about to crash into an airplane. Just as they predicted, Fishy bumped into one of the wings and sent the plane crashing down, much to his horror. It landed right on top of Professor E. Gadd's laboratory, just as the scientist was returning home with groceries.

Done with collecting all the footage, Mario was ecstatic that he had enough content and ran off to put it on the air. However, while he was walking down an alleyway, he was blocked off by Toad, who was armed with a baseball bat. Mario turned around to find Luigi, Saiko, Wario, and Fishy Boopkins surrounding him as well. While he initially thought they were having a party, all five victims quickly ganged up on Mario and set up another stunt as payback for all the trouble he caused.

The Screaming Italian

With Mario wanting to see his baby (camera), Boopkins introduced the audience to The Screaming Italian by launching Mario out of the same slingshot he was launched from. The plumber landed right outside the Mushroom Mall. Because he was wearing red, he was suddenly confronted by the bull stampede with Luigi, who was riding up front. Mario ran inside the mall to avoid them, but Luigi ambushed him from around a corner and head-butted him with a bull. He tried to hide inside of a nearby crate, but it was a trap set-up by Wario, resulting in Mario finding McCree waiting for him inside.

Horrified, Mario ran out of the box and headed down a corridor, where he barely avoided being crushed by Toad rolling on top of the giant cheeseburger. Finally, Mario decided to hide in a closet, only to be cornered by Saiko with the Sentry Gun. He tried to escape, but Luigi, Toad, Wario, and Boopkins had barricaded the door with both a bull and McCree. Saiko proceeded to open fire on Mario, and the rest of the group entered the closet once she was done. She questioned Mario if he was ready to apologize to all of them; however, his only response was to throw insults at them ("Eat My Mario P*nis") in the end. As a result, Saiko commanding the Sentry to fire at Mario once more time again.


Main Characters

Minor Characters


  • Robloxian debut (appears in The Sentry but was pushed off his skateboard by Saiko)
  • Frankie (appears in The Sentry and was used as a weapon to deactivate the machine)
  • Bullet Bill (Appears as a trap in The Pain Train)
  • Shrek (Appears as a trap in The Pain Train)
  • Eggman (Appears as a trap in The Pain Train)
  • Po (Appears as a trap in The Pain Train)
  • Elmo (Appears as a trap in The Pain Train)
  • Tiny Tiger (Appears as a trap in The Pain Train)
  • Toadsworth (Appears as a trap in The Pain Train as his outfit from SMG4: New Year, New Mario)
  • Rocks (Appears as a trap in The Pain Train)
  • Guy 1 (appears in The Flying Frog witnessing Fishy Boopkins crashing into a plane)
  • Guy 2 (appears in The Flying Frog witnessing Fishy Boopkins crashing into a plane)
  • Professor E. Gadd (appears in The Flying Frog witnessing a plane crashing into his laboratory after grocery shopping)

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  • At 3:51, the wrong title is used. In this case, The Pain Train was used instead of The Hamburger Supreme. SMG4 admitted it was an error as stated in the comment he made later on: "Uhh woops. I put pain train in twice.....It was SMG3 (poop emoji) Pls just ignore one".


  • This is one of the few episodes in which Mario is the villain.
  • This is also one of the few episodes in which Mario is smart.
  • It is unknown why Fishy Boopkins didn’t summon his father when Mario attempted to launch him with a slingshot. However, it was plausible that he needed a source of water in order to do so. However, Fishy Boopkins managed to get revenge on Mario by launch him with the same slingshot he was launched from.
  • The "compliation" of The Screaming Italian sequence and a sequence of The Mario Channel: MARIOBUSTERS were published twice in YouTube. The current version can be view here:


  • This is a parody of Johnny Knoxville's hit reality TV show "Jackass".

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