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SMG4: The Mario Hustle is the thirtieth episode of Season 8 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on July 21st, 2018.


Mario and friends try to earn money to save SMG4 from becoming a hobo. Each of their methods are... creative.


The episode starts with everyone doing their hobbies. Bowser was reading a book that explained how to steal dat princess ass, Luigi was playing on a 3DS and asking Saiko Bichitaru to play, which she disagreed, making Luigi a little sad, Meggy and Mario were playing soccer, and Fishy Boopkins was sitting near Bob doing nothing while the latter asked for donations to his "imaginary" kids.

Suddenly SMG4 arrived in a truck and he said he had a big problem, much to Luigi's panic. Bob asked if it was to hide a dead body which he claimed he was an expert at it but SMG4 replied it was even worse. He unloaded the truck to reveal a huge pile of rocks and exclaimed that he accidentally bought the entire pile, causing everyone to stare in confusion with Bowser even wondering how was that even possible. SMG4 then told what happened.

In a flashback, Wario and Waluigi were doing a scam where they claimed that the rocks were magical. All it was needed was to rub the rocks on the computer to make the user's videos even funnier. SMG4 somehow fell for the scam and bought a million of the rocks, where he later complained to his friends that they did not even work. Saiko then sighed, thinking it was painful to be alive while Meggy wondered how dumb SMG4 could possibly be.

He then requested that they helped him sell the rocks or he would be a hobo. Fishy Boopkins indicated that they should help him while Bob wanted something in return for selling the rocks. At first, SMG4 said that they would get his love but that did not entice them enough except for Fishy Boopkins, forcing SMG4 to instead give a shout out to the person who sold the most rocks on Twitter. That worked and the whole cast was soon selling the rocks.


Bowser was trying to convince some investors, a woman, a Scout, and a Heavy Weapons Guy, that if they followed with his plans, they would reap in profits. That was failing with the woman falling asleep and Heavy even commented on how he wanted to die, aiming a gun at his head. Realizing that his attempts to convince others were proving unsuccessful, Bowser came up with a different plan. He would sell the rocks as Chicken Nugget Rocks for $10 and dress up in a chicken nugget costume, which suddenly caused the investors to take interest and they unanimously Bowser money.


In an alleyway, Bob could be seen waiting for someone to come along, who so happened to be Wheelchair Koopa. He tried to get the Koopa's attention into buying some magical rocks but he was not interested. Bob then told him that the rocks could heal broken legs, which piqued the Koopa into seeing if it was true. Bob quickly made up a chant which made the gullible Koopa believed he could now walk on his legs but it naturally failed and now Wheelchair Koopa was lying unconscious. Bob then exclaimed that he must have stage 4 broken legs and needed to purchase the advanced DLC for $500 plus a $60 monthly subscription. Since the Koopa Troopa did not reply, Bob proceeded to take his money and left the rock there before leaving him be.

Fishy Boopkins

Fishy Boopkins made a mid-90's aesthetic like commercial selling the rocks as Boopkins rock for $59.99. He had a satisfied customer, Toad, on the commercial explaining how the Boopkins rock changed his life forever, which he did by throwing it at his girlfriend, Toadette, to shut her up. Fishy Boopkins also made a special deal where if they bought 3 rocks, they could get another one for free and begged people to go and buy the rocks.


Meggy was in a park in her university outfit explaining to the crowd consisting of a Monty Mole, a Koopa Troopa, a Goomba, Shroomy, and Toadsworth about a new revolutionary invention that would change history. Toadsworth asked if it would cure his back pain but Meggy responded it was not its purpose as it could do something even cooler. Apparently, the invention was using the rock as a multi-purpose sports equipment.

She showed what sports it could be used in, which did well as a shot put, a hockey puck, and ice skating shoes. However, it failed at bowling due to being not round enough, at baseball due to it smashing through the baseball bat, although debatable, boxing, as Little Mac just gave up when he saw her wear the rocks as boxing gloves, and at soccer due to Meggy injuring her foot her she tried to kick the rock. The crowd was happy and were eager to buy them, especially Toadsworth.


Luigi was attempting to sell the rocks as a new ice cream flavor, The kids, a Monty Mole, Bowser Jr., Baby Rosalina, and Baby Mario, all gathered around him for their ice cream but when Luigi said to get it while it was hot, they got suspicious, as the ice cream was not supposed to be hot. Luigi tried to convince the kids that it was tasty by eating one, saying it was earth flavored. The kids were staring bewildered at his stupidity when suddenly, Luigi started choking on the rock. The kids, however, saw it as proof of how delicious the new ice cream would be, cheered Luigi for testing the new flavor, and paid him.

Saiko Bichitaru

Saiko was carrying the rocks in a suitcase when she bypassed a Monty Mole. It questioned what was in the suitcase, only for Saiko to get angry at it and say it was only a pile of rocks, scaring it away. Once she was done, she turned to see a door and knocked on it. SMG3 opened it to see who was it but when he saw Saiko trying to sell something, he slammed the door on her. That only caused her to make a hole in the door.

He rudely told her he did not want what she was selling and to get lost, before boarding up the hole. As he went back into his house, she burst through the door, knocking him down and holding him by his throat. He finally gave in and asked what was for sale, which Saiko happily showed the rocks she was selling. That only caused him to laugh at her, which she countered by saying that because SMG4 bought a million rocks, he was way cooler than he was, causing SMG3 to buy two million of them.


Mario tried selling the rocks on the streets but even after a day passed, no one wanted to buy them. He even tried going to nearby passersby including a Wii Fit Trainer and the Unnamed fish, but he just scared them off. Mario then had an idea. He threw Frankie to the building's roofs along with some speakers before having him sing the USA National Anthem. Frankie did so with horrible chords, causing a huge crowd of angry people to come by to get him to stop singing, which included Martin Luther King, Jr., Goofy, and Hideo Kojima. Mario then advertised the rocks as a way to show their anger for $5, which the crowd happily took the offer to stop Frankie from singing any further.


The hustlers returned to the meeting place at the video's start with their cash just to see SMG4 had become a hobo who made friends with a rock called Hubert. He and Hubert started kissing, much to the disgust of both Mario and Meggy. Suddenly, the money was dropped near SMG4, surprising him. He exclaimed how the cast did it before taking the money into a truck, not even bothering to thank them. Both Bob and Mario wanted to be rewarded but SMG4 replied that it was his rocks so all the money belonged to him.

While driving away, the truck hit one of the spare rocks and caused SMG4 out of the truck before causing the vehicle to fly into the air to be destroyed by a passing airplane. SMG4 then cried with horror as he was once again a hobo and was comforted by Hubert while everyone else walked away extremely grossed wondering what was SMG4 doing with his life.

The video ends with Saiko getting the shout out due to her selling the most rocks (twice as many as SMG4 bought, making her the obvious choice).


Major Characters

Minor Characters




  • Toad throws a rock at Toadette.
  • The Wheelchair Koopa presumably dies after failing to stand up, though he appears in later episode.
  • Luigi dies from asphyxiation due he chokes by a rock. (later he survived at the end)
  • Angry mobs; along with Martin Luther King Jr., Goofy and Hideo Kojima throw rocks at Frankie.


  • This is the second time Meggy and Saiko are in an episode together. The first time was in SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario.
  • Meggy is back to her uniform from SMG4: Mario University.
  • This is the third time SMG4 references the infamous Mario x Meggy ship with them staring at each other shocked as SMG4 kissed his rock Hubert.
  • This is the second time SMG4 ditches the cast, the first was in High School Mario
  • When Boopkins sells his pile of rocks, he makes a face at 4:29, being a reference to the TheOdd1sOut's Boopkins drawing from SMG4: War of the Fat Italians 2017
  • This is the first non-cameo appearance of SMG3 since If Mario was in... Kirby Star Allies
  • After a long absence, Bowser finally sings his famous Chicken Nugget Song.
  • This is the second time the Team Fortress business appear, the first being in If Mario Ran Nintendo.
  • This is the second time Meggy appears in sports, the first being in SMG4: Stupid Mario Sports Mix.
  • This shows that SMG3 still has a strict rivalry with SMG4.
  • This is the third time someone ditches the SMG4 characters, the first was SMG4 and then Peach.
  • This is the second appearance of the SM64 Bob model. The first was in SMG4: Mario Battle Royale.
  • It is unknown how Saiko sold 2 million rocks even though SMG4 had only one million to sell.
  • SMG4 could have tried selling the rocks to Fishy Boopkins, since he has a ravenous appetite for rocks.

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