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SMG4: The Movie Audition is the forty-sixth episode of Season 7 and the three hundred and seventy-ninth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on November 18, 2017.


Mario and friends all act out famous movie scenes to try and impress SMG4 and get into his upcoming movie!


Gimme the acting role, or I'ma burn down your house.

—Mario to the receptionist.

The episode begins at Mario's house where he was shown watching The Ultimate Mario song remix and laughing. He suddenly received a notification and saw a video from SMG4 who was looking for actors to be in his new movie. Excited, Mario quickly headed to the audition site, which happened to be at Peach's Castle.

However, when Mario got there and demanded to be in the movie, the receptionist told him to queue up to register. Turned out the entire Mushroom Kingdom also wanted to be in the movie, making Mario mad as he now had to wait for a long time. Once the entire crowd was registered, SMG4 told them that if they wanted to be in his new movie, they would have to reenact several scenes from famous movies and only the best among them would be chosen.

Movies parodied

Titanic (1997): Starring Wario and Waluigi (Romance)

The "I'm Flying!" scene, which was reenacted by Wario as Rose DeWitt Bukater and Waluigi as Jack Dawson played out close to the original scene at first, albeit with Waluigi struggling to keep Wario in the air due to his obesity, and Old Man Hobo calling the two gay. Soon after, Dawson sees an iceberg, realizing that the whole ship was going to sink because of it. Before that happened, the scene ended.

The Lion King (1994): Starring Bob and Fishy Boopkins (Adventure)

Bob, as Rafiki, was going to see the new lion cub, Simba, portrayed by Fishy Boopkins. Rafiki tried picking up Simba, but then proceeded to throw him into the crowd below. He then stated that he deserved an Oscar for his "brilliant" performance.

Jaws (1975): Starring Mario, Luigi and Heavy Weapons Guy (Thriller)

Luigi and Heavy were on a boat when suddenly Mario, playing as the Great White Shark, attacked the boat. He proceeded to inhale Heavy so he could eat him, but spat him out because he tasted disgusting. He then inhaled the sandwich, found it delicious and left. Heavy then returned headless to flip him off and called him an a-hole.

Up (2009): Starring Toadsworth (Buddy film)

Toadsworth, as Carl Fredricksen, saw a Koopa Troopa and a Goomba come into his house to take him to a nursing home. He refused to go with them and proceeded to attach balloons to his home. Unfortunately, the balloons only lifted the roof, much to his dismay.

Aladdin (1992): Starring Swagmaster69696969696 and Chris (Musical)

Swagmaster69696969696, who was Aladdin, and Chris, who was being the male equivalent to Jasmine, were reenacting the scene, A Whole New World. However, Chris did not want to hear Swag sing, and after a while of hearing him sing, jumped off the magic carpet. Swag then called Chris an a-hole in disappointment.

Toy Story (1995): Starring Mario (Buddy film)

Mario, as Woody, introduced himself and said "HOWDY HOWDY HOWDY".

King Kong (1933): Starring Donkey Kong and Kamek (Thriller)

Donkey Kong, who was King Kong, and Kamek, who was Ann Darrow, reenacted the scene, Kong Battles the Airplanes. As the airplanes approached, Kong used Darrow as a boomerang to take down one of the airplanes. Another airplane, piloted by Patrick Star and SpongeBob, was going to do a dive-bomb onto Kong, but he took it out too. Activating his final form, Kong expanded his "dong" and used it to launch several bullet bills, causing Mugman to freak out.

William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (1996): Starring Peach and Bowser (Romance)

Bowser, portraying Romeo, arrived at Juliet's castle, who was portrayed by Peach Toadstool. Once Juliet spotted Romeo, he then said he wanted her to give him something, which intrigued her: her p***y. However, that only caused Juliet to get offended and head back into her castle. Romeo then cried and the song See You Again by Wiz Khalifa starts playing.

The Matrix (1999): Starring Mario, Toad and Meggy (Sci-fi)

Mario, portraying Thomas Anderson, and Meggy, portraying Trinity, were confronting Toad, portraying a Matrix Agent, who ordered them to not move. Despite that, Anderson moved, causing the Agent to go on a shooting rampage at Trinity first. The bullets missed her though as she successfully reenacted the famous bullet-time scene. The Agent then targetted Anderson, who, impressed by Trinity, tried to also do the bullet-time scene but only managed to bend back onto the floor, causing all the bullets to hit him easily.

Forrest Gump (1994): Starring Steve (Drama)

Steve, who portrayed Forrest Gump, reenacted the bus station scene with a Koopa Troopa, asked if he wanted a piece of chocolate, just like in the original scene. However, when he opened the box, a xenomorph warrior from Alien popped out of the box and roared in anger before attacking the Koopa with a crowbar. Gump watched him get attacked, commenting on how he wished he had Koopa's comfortable-looking shoes.

Back to the Future (1985): Starring Professor E. Gadd and Luigi (Comedy)

Professor E. Gadd, who portrayed Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown, and Luigi, who portrayed Marty McFly, were reenacting the scene where Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown commented on what would happen when the DeLorean hits 88 miles per hour. With that, Brown pressed a button and got both him and McFly into the car and started accelerating, killing a Goomba before "arriving in the future". In it, they crashed into a home with a man on a toilet. McFly then mentioned how the future was "sexy".

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005): Starring Teletubbies (Musical)

The reenacted scene, which featured the Teletubbies, had Tubbie Wonka leading Bowser Jr., a Monty Mole, and a Galoomba to his factory while singing Pure Imagination. However, once he opened the production door, which showed how the chocolate was produced (in this case, Tinky Winky taking a dump), both the Monty Mole and the Galoomba were shocked at the truth while Bowser Jr. thought it was cool.

Fast and Furious (2009): Starring Toad (Action)

Toad sang Ridin' Dirty badly while driving a pink car and running over pedestrians. Nearby, a guy asked a Policeman if he heard something that sounded like someone was suffering a stroke, which the latter replied it was probably nothing and left.

Harry Potter (2001): Starring Frankie (Fantasy)

In the first take, Frankie, portraying Harry Potter, was doing a Quidditch practice run. Suddenly, Hagrid appeared out of nowhere offering to teach Potter magic. Soon after, the You're a Wizard Harry meme plays. Potter also says: "I am going to gnaw through your arm Hagrid."

In the second take, Dumbledore was teaching the class how to use a magic wand by saying some magic words. One student did it correctly but blew up, worrying Potter. He then cast the spell on Dumbledore, sending him into outer space.

Super Mario Bros. Movie (1993): Starring Mario, Luigi, and Bowser (Sci-fi)

Mario, Luigi, and Bowser (the former two having their eyes being derpy) all did nothing due to the movie being based in the Mario universe, the same universe whose material that SMG4 used from, which meant it would be redundant to reenact a scene (also as a joke over the original movie receiving mixed to negative reviews and being a failure at the box office). Mario just goes, "It's a me, Mario! Hehehe!" in a high pitched voice.

Feeling happy with Mario's performance, SMG4 allowed Mario to be part of his newest movie.

Epilogue (2017)

In the movie, a robber stole a woman's purse. SMG4 quickly pursued the robber. While chasing the robber, Mario showed up and the movie was paused at that point. Back in reality, Mario pointed at himself in the movie and hoped that Luigi would be jealous because he did not get in, even though it was just a brief cameo. As Mario rudely mocked everyone who failed to get in the movie, Luigi shrugged at the camera (breaking the fourth wall) and left the house.


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Music used

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  • Mario's costume in the scene where he reenacts The Matrix alongside Toad and Meggy resembles his sprite in the 1988 NES video game Super Mario Bros 3

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