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SMG4: The New Smash Bros is a blooper uploaded on June 9th, 2018.


The new Smash Bros is arriving and there are a ton of new game modes in store...


The blooper starts in the Battlefield from Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS with Mario, Link, Captain Falcon and the Villager ready for a brawl. But to their surprise, there is no countdown. Causing them to wonder where is Master Hand. Suddenly, a portal in the air appears and out comes not Master Hand, but instead Crazy Hand. When asked about what happened to Master Hand, he replies by saying he has contracted a case of arthritis and is unable to host Smash Bros. Crazy Hand then opens up another portal, which sucks all of the fighters into a realm of his creation to play the new game modes, only they're unfair and made to just trash any contestant dumb enough to accept.


Crazy Hand pits Luigi against an entire army of Teletubbies, but instead of fighting them, Luigi runs away scared with the Teletubbie army chasing after him. Luigi then finds a Smash Ball and uses it to summon thousands of Weegee dolls from the sky. However, the move proves completely harmless and as a result, Luigi is out of the challenge.

Smashbasketball Edit

Bob is put in a challenge of basketball with Fishy Boopkins as the ball. After a successful strike, Bob declares himself the king of the game, only to be pitted against professional basketball player Michael Jordan. He is beaten with zero effort with a shot so powerful that Boopkins literally catches on fire and it destroys the hoop.

Targets Break You Edit

Crazy Hand puts a twist to the iconic challenge "Break The Targets" by making the targets into monsters with targets for heads. After one of them kills Toad as a example of how the game mode works out, Crazy Hand says "BEGIN!". Unfortunately, most of the challengers are killed while others escape.

Sandbag's REVENGE Edit

Another twist of the iconic "Home-Run Contest". Sandbag (who's using a giant robot) pummels Bowser into submission before knocking him out of the stadium. Crazy Hand then gives Sandbag a score of 10.

Coin Battle - illegal Edition Edit

Wario and Waluigi robbed a safe and must protect their money from the police. Crazy, at first thinks he's gone way too far after seeing the Wario Bros. cornered, but after they turn the tables and retaliate, Crazy decides it's all good.

ADVENTURE MODE but all the enemies are replaced with Japanese mafia Edit

Mario is put in a different version of Adventure Mode which is the same, except that all enemies are replaced with, exactly as the title says, Japanese criminals. Mario successfully overcomes them and hides in a pipe, but discovers that the underground is filled with mobsters too. As Mario screams in fear of dying, Crazy Hand simply laughs until the Master Hand shows up and pummels him. It is also revealed that Crazy Hand is Master Hand's brother. Master Hand apologizes to Mario for his sibling making him and his friends go through such insane challenges and decides it's time for some real game modes, with Mario agreeing.

Vs. Master hand. (Except he's overpowered cause he's sick) Edit

Master Hand is equipped with various gadgets to his advantage due to the fact he's sick. Annoyed, Mario jumps off the arena.


Major CharactersEdit

Minor CharactersEdit


Trivia Edit

  • The Villager is wearing his alternate costume from Super Smash. Bros for Wii U/3DS in this video.
  • The Japanese gangsters that appear in Adventure Mode are duplicates of Kazuma Kiryu from the Yakuza series of video games.
  • This video (probably) caused much negative emotion as it was uploaded when people expected it to be SMG4's 2 MILLION FAN COLLABERATION SPECIAL! (SSENMODNAR).

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