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SMG4: The Smash 5 Trials is an SMG4 blooper uploaded on March 17, 2018. The video was made to commemorate the announcement of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the fifth Super Smash Bros. game, which was released in December 7th, 2018 on the Nintendo Switch.


The NEW Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch just got announced and a lot of people want to be on the roster. What are they willing to do to get in?


The video begins with Mario checking his mailbox he found a smash card invitation. Mario then went to Final Destination where the entire Smash roster was. Mario starts dancing around. Luigi then feels embarrassed then compliment Link’s hair. He asks if Link is a girl now and Link put a bomb in his mouth. Mario continues to dance until Master Hand crushed him announcing there will be more characters in the roster. Fishy Boopkins was transported when he was playing with his doll. Bob was transported when robbing a bank. SMG4 was transported when reacting to Smash Bros. on Nintendo Direct, and Meggy was transported when fighting in the battle course. Then, Master hand announced some rules in which main characters must be in pair with other through courses and the trials begin.

Trial 1: SMG4 Vs. Break the Targets

In this trial, SMG4 is paired up with Link. SMG4 asks Link what his challenge will be, which Link points to a target, SMG4 says he is good at this so he hits the target, he then asks where the next target is, Link point to the target across the river, SMG4 now thinks all he'll have to do is swim, but Link pulls out a button which releases sharks across the river. SMG4 asks Link how he expects him to get across now, and the latter just flies up using his sword. SMG4 states that he has done stuff worse than this and decides to swim, so he jumps in the water and starts screaming while swimming, during this a pack of sharks reach SMG4 and latch onto his body, he is unable to reach the target so this trial was considered a failure, but Master Hand tells SMG4 that he can be a skin for Mario.

Trial 2: Meggy Vs. Board the platforms

In this trial, Meggy is paired up with Mario. Meggy, (Like SMG4 has just done,) asks Mario what her challenge is, Mario then tells her that all she has to do is jump onto some platforms. Meggy tries to jump but isn’t able to jump high enough to the platform. She then became sad and told Mario that she is sorry she isn’t able to be in Smash. Mario then told her 'not a problem'. He then throws her up high, causing her to land on the platform. Mario continues to throw Meggy from platform to platform. Master Hand said that this is technically cheating but he will allow it. Meggy ends up in the final platform and passes the Trial, and celebrates briefly before passing out.

Trial 3: Fishy Boopkins Vs. Home-Run Contest

In this trial, Fishy Boopkins is paired up with Luigi, who told him that he has to hit the Sandbag. He hits the Sandbag but it barely does damage. Fishy Boopkins is sad so he went and call his dad. His dad appears out of water. Luigi farts. Fishy Boopkins ask his father to hit the Sandbag so he hit some it and it hit far out. Master Hand is shocked on that and Fishy Boopkins passes the Trial.

Trial 4: Waluigi Vs. Grab the Coins

In this trial, Waluigi is paired up with Wario. Wario tells him that every time he hits him, money comes out. He says that he will keep doing this so they can get rich. At first, Waluigi likes this plan, but then realizes what Wario really meant as he aims a Ray Gun at him. Waluigi dodges a few shots then spots a Mr. Saturn. Wario prepares to throw a bomb but Waluigi throws the Mr. Saturn at it, blowing it up in his face. Waluigi then grabs a sword and jumps at him, but gets trapped in an assist trophy, ending the trial in a failure. Wario says he'll always be an assist trophy.

Trial 5: Bob Vs. Fighting Polygon Team

In this trial, Bob is paired up with Yoshi. Bob is getting ready for his challenge. Yoshi retreats for the Polygon team. Bob is confused, until he sees the Polygon team behind him. Bob attacks two with his hands, and does a spin move for a X504 combo. He does a split, killing two more Polygons. Two crates appear. The Polygon gets a hammer, and Bob, a flower. Now cornered, Bob attempts his final smash: he kicks the Polygon in the testicles and does a somersault, sending the Polygon into the air, causing it to drop its item, then Bob does somersaults, and catches the hammer with his hand. Using the hammer, Bob kills eight more Polygons. He thinks he's done, but Polygons pile up on him, but Bob tells them he has not showered in 24 years, disgusting them and causing them to get off him. Bob does a victory dance, but a Polygon shoots him off the stage, ending the trial in a failure.

Trial 6: Toad Vs. Bowser

In this trial, Toad is paired with Bowser, whom he needs to fight. Bowser activates a smash ball, turning him into Giga Bowser. Toad, now aware Bowser left him with no choice, summons his Ultimate Mushroom Mech. He enters the mech and screeches. His head is now the head of the mech. Giga Bowser and Mech Toad clash and fight, but Toad slaps Bowser, sending him flying, and possibly kills him, and thus, Toad passes the trial.


The trials are over, and Master Hand congratulates Boopkins, Meggy and Toad for passing. Bob complains he's not in because he is too OP for Smash. Master Hand officially welcome them to, and pauses to play a drumroll. The 3 passers seems excited, when they're actually revealed to be DLC characters for the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U port for the switch. Boopkins and Toad look on in disappointment while Meggy forces a creepy smile. Master Hand then breaks the 4th wall by telling the viewer to get the game at Nintendo eShop for $795, before waving farewell and reminding the viewer to buy amiibo.



  • The episode' idea refers to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate teaser on Switch announced on the March 8th, 2018 Nintendo Direct presentation, which caused a lot of reaction and enthusiasm from fans.
    • The thumbnail, as well as the part with Meggy, is also a parody of the scene from this teaser in which the Inklings were announced as playable characters for the Super Smash Bros game on the Switch. This part also became an exploitable meme on the Internet.
  • This is Bob's 34th appearance, Meggy's 11th appearance, and Fishy Boopkins's 35th appearance.
  • Bob is shown to be a good fighter.
  • The video incorrectly stated that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be a port of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and not a new game, though it was most likely a joke to make people laugh. Nintendo later stated that the game is brand new and not a port.
  • Despite the fact that Meggy is shown to not be good at jumping, in Mario's Challenge, she is shown to be able to jump extremely well.
  • Near the end of the episode, Ridley and King K. Rool can be seen among those who successfully passed the trials. Both of them were confirmed as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    • Banjo & Kazooie appear in the blooper as well and were later included in the game's DLC in September of 2019.
  • As of this episode continuing on, the word "f*ck" has been bleeped out and has been said most of the time, infrequently.
    • They would later around SMG4: Mario And... The Well start to bleep out the word "s*it." But would still make them say the word "shet" with no bleep and it still continues like that.

Music Used

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