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SMG4: The Splatfest Incident is the sixteenth episode of Season 9 and the four hundred and ninety-sixth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the eighth episode and first episode of the second half of the The Anime Arc. It was aired on May 4, 2019.


Finally, Splatfest day has come! But wait... things are... different?




I got a rival to save.


The episode begins with an advertisement, with Luke and Kevin beating up Mario for an unknown reason. They then notice the viewers and announce that the golden SMG4 vintage shirt is available until 7th May 2019. They say they love Mario before Luke starts beating him again.

The actual episode begins in the locker room where Saiko Bichitaru is getting Tari to chant her motto. After that, Saiko tells Tari to roar. Though she does roar, Saiko demands her to roar louder. Tari is about to roar, but she suddenly gets cut-off by Fishy Boopkins screaming. The camera pans over to the right, revealing that Boopkins is running from Mario shooting him with his Splatling. Mario tells Boopkins to stay still and let him practice, however, Boopkins tells him to leave him alone. Mario continues to shoot him; he tries to hide in the locker, but Bob is in there, sniffing his manga book.

Bob tells Boopkins to leave as he is having "Bob time" before Boopkins gets shot. SMG4 and Luigi arrive and asks the gang if they know where Meggy is. Tari says that she should be with of them, but Luigi then explains she's nowhere to be found.

The gang is shocked by this with Mario saying that the Splatfest is about to start. Saiko tells them not to worry; she might be training and forgot the time, but the Splatfest bell rings, with Luigi stating that they must go. However, Boopkins tells them that they'll be disqualified if they only have three people. SMG4 suggests that someone must substitute Meggy until they can find her. They ponder for a moment before deciding that Bob should be the substitute, much to his chagrin.

At the Splatfest, Luigi nervously asks who's going to lead if Meggy's not here but Tari insists that they're gonna be fine and that they must focus on their training. Callie and Marie then announce that Team SplatSquad will compete against The Octoposse, Mario, Luigi, and Tari are shocked by how they will be fighting against them already, except Bob, who brags that the Octoposse is not even that tough. As Callie prepares to start the game, Desti is even more shocked when she notices that Meggy is absent, making her furious.

The game starts and Mario, Tari, and Luigi prepare to battle the Octoposse, while Bob, instead of helping, sits back and watches. Tari is shooting paint over the arena when two of Desti's teammates jump out and prepare to shoot her. However, Luigi uses his Green Missile Attack to take the hit instead. Angered by this, Tari hits one of the teammates, while the other runs away. Another Octoposse member appears behind Tari on top of a cargo crate, preparing to shoot her, but Mario swoops in. Both the Octoposse team member and Mario have a little beam-O-war with their weapons until their weapons suddenly run out of ink.

The Octoposse member then morphs into an octopus to refill her ink. Mario tries to do the same, but since he's not an inkling, he hits the floor face front. Instead, he throws his Splatling at the Octoposse member when she reappears, giving her the middle finger while Tari believes that they actually stand a chance. After hitting a few of Desti's teammates, it seems like Tari, Mario and Luigi going to win, but Desti appears from behind along with her team and starts shooting the trio, sending them to their spawn points. Mario scolds Bob for not helping them and Bob responds by saying that he doesn't even know what a "Splatoon" is. Luigi decides that it was no use fighting without Meggy. The Splatfest ends and Desti's team wins the round for covering 70% of the map, although Desti is disappointed that she never got to truly beat Meggy. Callie and Marie then hope that the SplatSquad will make a comeback.

Back in the locker room, Mario, Tari, and Luigi are moping about their loss while Bob comments how the manga he's reading might send him in prison. SMG4, Saiko, and Boopkins arrive saying they can't find Meggy anywhere around the arena, shocking Mario and the others, who claim that something bad must've happened to her. An angry Mario quickly accuses Desti of having something to do with this, but Desti arrives, claiming her innocence, stating that she's been waiting to get back at her for last time and that fighting against Meggy's team with Bob in it was a disappointment (with Bob stating that it was fair), hence why she's going to help the gang find her. Boopkins suggests that they should start looking for Meggy in her house, which SMG4 agrees to.

At Meggy's apartment, Boopkins opens the door and discovers that it's strangely unlocked. The gang then enter her room, only to find the place in a complete mess, with furniture and household items in shambles, orange ink splattered over the each of the walls and floor, much to their shock and horror, with Mario commenting how it's even messier than his own room. Tari then says they were right about their earlier claim. Luigi then sees Meggy's Splattershot on the floor, saying that she would never leave it behind. Tari then points to a bunch of claw marks on the floor, Desti starts to believe that Meggy was kidnapped and wonders who could've done it.

Boopkins begins to smell something. He then sniffs around to the kitchen and discovers a Naruto DVD on the floor, to which Bob quickly assumes that Meggy was secretly a weeb before getting hit with a box thrown by Saiko, who tells him that it was dropped by the kidnapper. Desti starts to suspect that Axol was Meggy's kidnapper, much to SMG4's disbelief. Tari then makes a point on Axol's grudge against the Inklings, who made fun of him for being an anime fan. Mario agrees with her, but Boopkins reminds them that he helped the gang lift the anime ban and that Meggy gave her ink to Axol for his Inkweaver, but Luigi suddenly thinks that Axol took Meggy for her ink. Bob thinks that is ridiculous and asks what kind of person who loves waifus resort to kidnapping making everyone stare awkwardly at him, much to his annoyance.

Desti decides to leave and look for Axol, but Saiko blocks her path with her giant mallet, telling her that she would still be in Japan if it weren't for Axol. Desti angrily demands Saiko to get out her way, but SMG4, Bob and Fishy Boopkins side with Saiko, while Mario, Luigi and Tari side with Desti. Mario declares a civil war, which prompts both sides to fight each other.

Desti starts shooting at Saiko, who blocks every one of her shots and slams her mallet on the ground, knocking Desti off her feet. Mario and SMG4 prepare to fight each other in the kitchen, with the two repeatedly slapping each other, However, Mario pulls out a "meme" button and presses it, making it say "Pingas!", causing SMG4 to laugh hysterically, giving Mario the chance to kick him to the hallway. Bob attempts to attack Luigi with his "Duel-Wielding Waifu Jitsu" (hoping it would work this time) but Luigi casually dodges him, causing Bob to miss and hurt his ovaries again. In a small room, Fishy Boopkins calls Tari a bad friend and she begins to cry. Guilty about this, a teary-eyed Boopkins apologizes and runs off, only to almost get hit by one of Desti's gunfires.

Saiko tells Desti that she's wasting time if she goes after Axol. Desti sees that Saiko is quite defensive of him and accuses her of being involved, which offends Saiko, causing her to hit Desti up the wall, scolding her for accusing her of betraying her close friends and even blames Desti for being involved. Fishy Boopkins yells at everyone to stop fighting and focus more on finding Meggy. Desti tells Saiko's group that they can ignore all the clues they want and leaves, with Tari assuring Saiko and her friends that they should face the fact that the evidence leads to Axol. Before following Desti, Luigi then leaves as well, promising that they won't hurt him. Mario asks if he can stay with SMG4's gang, but is dragged away by Desti. Fishy Boopkins asks Saiko if they should go after Desti's group but Saiko insists that they already wasted their time and that they can search for Meggy themselves.

The next scene cuts to Meggy who wakes up to find herself chained to a wall in an empty room, wondering where she is. Just then, the door opens and a shadow of an unknown person comes and Meggy asks if it was her kidnapper. It doesn't respond but drops her some tea and croissants and leaves while Meggy demands it to come back. The scene then zooms out as Meggy is left in the room and the door closes, ending the episode.

During the credits, only the ambiance of the room can be heard instead of the Super Mario Land music.


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  • The Anime Arc: This video is the beginning of the 2nd part of the arc.
  • SMG4: Mario waits for pizza: Bob attempts to attack Luigi with his Double Body Pillow attack that he used from the episode, hoping it would work this time.


  • This is the first episode in 2019 where the traditional end credit theme doesn't play.
  • The channel banner has been updated since The Waluigi Arc with Meggy's face being vandalized by Francis by the time the video was uploaded. Thus making the (unofficially named) "The Splatfest Arc" or "The Missing Meggy Arc" the first arc to come immediately after another (The Anime Arc).
  • During the four-on-four fight, each combatant selects an opponent that has some sort of connection to them.
    • Both Saiko and Desti were antagonists and are known for being unfriendly, though Saiko is nicer than the latter.
    • Both Mario and SMG4 frequently fight each other, most notably in the War of the Fat Italians series.
    • Both Bob and Luigi are losers and are known to be the cowardly/weakling sidekicks and comic relief/joke characters.
    • Both Fishy Boopkins and Tari are sweet and friendly and enjoy anime.
  • This is the only time in 2019 that Bob used “Dual wielding waifu jutsu activate”, from SMG4: Mario waits for pizza.


  • Captain America: Civil War - When the protagonists glare at each other before proceeding to fight, it is a reference to Captain America: Civil War where the Avengers glare at each other before fighting. Plus Mario shouts, "Civil War!", which is a direct reference to this movie.

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