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SMG4: The Super Dudes is the ninteenth episode of Season 8 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on May 12, 2018.


Wario has the Nintendo Power Glove and is threatening the safety of the world! Can Mario and his newly recruited team of heroes stop him in time?


Call me Fat Man!

Mario to Shroomy

The video starts with Luke Lerdwichagul (via his avatar) advertising Amino (due to them sponsoring the video) and telling the viewers about the official SMG4 group in the app.

The actual video begins at Garry's Mall with King Harkinian walking by when suddenly Mario got thrown at him. Turned out that he was fighting with Wario over a Power Glove that was on display in a store over who got to keep it. Wario said that he would use the glove to scratch his a**. As the clerk said that the glove was on display, Wario did not care but accidentally killed him. Amazed by what the Power Glove could do (much to Mario's chagrin due to wanting to use said powers too), Wario proceeded to use the glove to blast Mario away, knocking him into a bread cart pushed by Po.


Wario can scratch his a** in a whole new way

Po then unintentionally proceeded to spill his content all over Shroomy, who couldn't simply eat the bread due to being on a low-carb diet. As Mario wanted to use the glove, Wario laughed, scratching his a** as he left the mall. Left angry, Mario was about to pursue him when he heard Shroomy's cry for help. Seeing the reason, Mario took out his cutleries (and being called Fat Man), he went and ate all the bread off Shroomy. Thankful, Shroomy then asked what would he do about Wario. Mario then decided to assemble a team and first tried The Avengers but quickly realized that name was already used before setting for an embarrassing name: The Super Dudes. Shroomy though reassured him that was a good name. Encouraged, Mario went off to find new members for the team (but not before stopping by a nearby hot dog vendor to get some hot dogs).

Later on at Mario's House, Luigi was admiring his new goldfish pet went Mario came in. Luigi wanted Mario's thoughts on his pet but Mario didn't care and asked for his Trash Bag persona. Luigi, remembering what happened the last time he used that costume, refused, saying that he long abandoned that life. Mario then just left the house like that.

At Bowser's Castle, Bowser asked Mario about needing his help. He replied yes and asked if he could breathe fire. Bowser said yes and asked if he could have a superhero name, which Mario also said yes to. Happy, Bowser settled on "Flame Boi".

In Mushroom City, the team was advertising people to join them when suddenly Wario entered via a button on the glove. Attempting to get the glove off Wario, The Super Dudes tried stopping him but they failed. Wario then proceeded to turn Heavy Weapons Guy, Peach Toadstool, Bowser Jr., and Professor E. Gadd into his minions with the glove before commanding them to attack the team. The team, however, fared well against the minions, forcing Wario to use it to grab a metal bar that Steve was working on, causing him to fall in a conveniently placed radioactive waste barrel, to use on Mario, knocking him off Heavy. As Mario called for Bowser's help, he was distracted by Peach who gave into the trap, causing him to be knocked down as well. Soon after, both Mario and Bowser were defeated.

Wario then left them to die to his minions before retreating via a portal. As Fishy Boopkins was carrying some groceries back home, he saw Mario and Bowser get attacked (even being jump scared by a transformed Toad). Not allowing his friends to be attacked, he screamed until he blasted out a sound wave that blew away the attackers (and the Toad). Happy about finding their third member, Bowser and Mario made him join, saying that saving the world was more important than anime, much to Boopkins' sadness.

Continuing along the road, Mario was updating Boopkins on the plan when suddenly, Steve, now transformed into Captain Steve, flew to them. Amazed they found their fourth member, Mario asked Steve if he was going to help them find Wario. His response was to throw a truck at them. Bowser thought they were to get in. Once they were, Mario started to drive off when suddenly, they were in the air. Turned out that Steve flew them to Wario's house.

In his house, Wario was using the glove to force Waluigi to punch himself, all the while mockingly asking his brother to stop hitting himself when suddenly, the truck landed on him. The team got off the truck when Mario realized Wario was nowhere to be found although they did find Waluigi. Enraged over their lucky survival, Wario transformed Waluigi into a giant. As the team engaged the giant, he easily defeated most of them until Boopkins used his sonic scream to knock down Waluigi. Using that chance, Steve punched Waluigi so hard in the groin that he managed to also return back to his normal size still holding his groin in pain.

Now enraged even more than before, Wario tried to get the glove to do something new and it did by disintegrating The Super Dudes into dust. Fortunately, Luigi, now redonning his Trash Bag persona, came in to save them. Although he stumbled and fell, he fell right onto Wario, knocking the glove out of his procession and reversing the disintegration. Now powerless, Wario could only internally break down facing The Super Dudes.

Later on, with Wario being hoisted up by his underwear, Luigi gave the Power Glove to Mario who declared that something should have been done, to begin with. Not very surprisingly, it was to scratch his a** too.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

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  • Avengers: Infinity War: This episode is a homage to said movie.
    • The video thumbnail is a reference to Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet in the movie poster with Wario and the Power Glove in a similar pose albeit flipped.
    • Mario using The Avengers as his new team's name before realizing it is already used.
    • During disintegration, Boopkins says: "I don't feel so good...", a nod to the line Spiderman/Peter Park said in the movie.
    • Luigi (as Trash Bag) arriving close to the end of the plot, much like Thor did in the movie, to stop the villain from winning. However, unlike Thor, Luigi managed to succeed albeit sloppily.

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