SMG4: The Super Dudes is a blooper uploaded on May, 12th 2018.


Wario has the Nintendo Power Glove and is threatening the safety of the world! Can Mario and his newly recruited team of heroes stop him in time??


In the GMod Mall, in a toy store, Mario and Wario are fighting over a power glove, even though the cashier of the store said the glove is a preview model, Wario triggered one of the gloves buttons, causing it to shoot an electric beam, killing the cashier. Wario now realizes that the glove can control the world, and proceeded to shoot an explosion at Mario and shoplifted the glove to fiddle around with it (and maybe scratch his butt too). After Mario landed on a cart with bread, he knew there will be trouble. The cart hit Shroomy and pinned him with all of the heavy bread there was, Fat Man (Mario) saved him by eating the bread, thanking Fat Man. Shroomy knew about the situation, and Fat Man decides to make a superhero squad, known as the Super Dudes, as thought up by himself, Fat Man then proceeds to ask other people for his help

Wario can scratch his ass in a whole new way

Fat Man asks his brother Luigi (holding a goldfish bowl) to join him in his fight against Wario. Luigi refuses as he doesn't want any flashbacks from Halloween. So Fat Man asks Bowser and he accepts Mario's request and calls himself Flame Boi. In the city, the two advertised themselves for any attention about their superhero squad, until Wario came out of a portal and destroyed their stand, with Fat Man's self-conscious notice, he was about ready to fight Wario, but with his glove, he prcivilianutton and any civilian around him has turned into one of the Wahs and was told to attack Flame Boi and Fat Man. Fat Man blinds by latching onto Heavy Weapons Guy's head, and Flame Boi sets the rest of the Wah's on fire. Wario notices the struggles of his minions, so instead, he uses his glove to send a metal bar to him and Steve who was building, fell into a radioactive barrel, while the metal bar is thrown at Fat Man, then calls Flame Boi for help, only to see he was distracted by another minion (Peach). That minion then struck Flame Boi, and the rest of the minions awakened to fight off the two heroes, until Fishy Boopkins came from shopping, seeing his few friends get beat up by mind-controlled civilians and gets jump scared by one. With his pure horror, he made a sonic scream, knocking back the minions, and saving the heroes themselves. Fat Man wants Fishy to join them, but Fishy only wants to watch anime, but Flame Boi convinced him that the world is more important than anime, so Fishy forces himself to join in (though he doesn't want to) the message and was called Sonic Boop.

Captain Steve joins The Super Dudes

Just as they were going out of the city, Steve, who has been plagued by the radioactive materials, came out in his stronger alter ego, Captain Steve. He then joins the three and brings in a truck for them to get in. While Mario drives the truck normally, the truck suddenly levitates with Captain Steve's power and flew them to Wario's house. While Wario is enjoying himself with his world controlling device, the truck suddenly busts in and ran over Wario, this time Fat Man came in with more. With Fat Man about to defeat him, he thought Waluigi is Wario until he notices Wario has been crushed by the truck. Wario then threw the truck off his house and proceeds to enlargen Waluigi to supersize to kill the heroes, but the heroes try to fend off the supersized Waluigi, until Sonic Boop with his sonic power caused the giant to fall over and Captain Steve finished off Waluigi by punching him in the groin, resizing himself to normal with horrible pain. Wario then finally has enough with the four and uses his glove to shoot a beam, causing our heroes the disintegrate slowly. They were pinned and can't do anything but to die in the dust until Trash Bag (Luigi) comes in to save the day. He fell onto Wario and the glove came off him and reversed the disintegration effect on the heroes, and they crowded upon Wario and wedgied him into the statue's spear. Then Fat Man later obtained the glove, only to use for scratching his butt




  • This video includes several references to the 2018 Marvel film Avengers: Infinity War.
    • The thumbnail depicts Wario in a similar pose as Thanos in the official poster, and with a planet that resembles Titan.
    • Wario has a powerful glove similar to the Infinity Gauntlet with buttons that act similar to the Infinity Stones.
    • Before calling the team the Super Dudes, Mario almost calls it the Avengers.
    • When disintegrating, Fishy Boopkins says, "I don't feel so good." Spider-Man delivered the same line in the film when he was about to disintegrate.
    • Wario uses the glove to cause the Super Dudes to disintegrate, just as Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to cause the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and half of the universe to disintegrate.
    • Trash Bag (Luigi) and Thor both arrive to incapacitate their enemies at the last minute. However, unlike Thor, Trash Bag is successful in doing so.
  • This is the 39th appearance of Fishy Boopkins.
  • Trashbag was Luigi's alter ego in the 2017 Halloween blooper.


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