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Stop It. This is not Okey dokey.
Stop it! This is not okie dokie!
WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of mild language, gun violence and character deaths. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

SMG4: The Tari Abnormality is the twenty-seventh episode of Season 9 and the five hundred and eleventh overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also a teaser to the Meta Runner series. It was aired on July 20, 2019.


Mario's discovered Tari’s secret ability...


Mario!! Were in the game!!

—Tari, after finding out about their situation.

The video starts with Luke Lerdwichagul and Kevin Lerdwichagul promoting their upcoming series Meta Runner.

The actual video begins at Peach's Castle, where Mario loses yet another match to Tari in Super Smash each other in the ass Bros. The former notices Tari's robotic arm and starts to inspect it curiously (Much to Tari's annoyance). This however ends up getting both himself and Tari stuck inside the game. As Tari starts to panic, Mario calms her down by telling her that he has been in multiple video-games and considers himself an expert. The two then see the game's version of Mario called Mango as their tutorial opponent. Mario attempts to talk with him. However, Mango attacks him aggressively, and chases Tari into a tree. Fortunately, Mario diverts him by lying that there is a naked Spaghetti party at the castle.

Mario and Tari then meet their level 1 opponent, the game's version of Luigi called Looege who resembling a Luigi Doll, which Mario easily defeats by kicking him into the water below and getting eaten by Morgan Freeman, allowing the two enter the castle. Their next opponent is Todd (A gigantic version of Toad), but Mario laughs at him being their level 2 opponent, believing he will be easy, but is proven wrong when Todd summons thousands of Toads to attack them. Overwhelmed, Tari discovers they must defeat Todd to beat the entire army, so Mario succesfuly breaks free and charges at Todd, defeating him and his army.

The two go higher into the castle and meet Bingus and Dingus, the game's version of Fishy Boopkins and Bob, as their level 3 enemy. Mario tries to attack him but Bingus is too fast while Dingus starts spitting rocks from his mouth, so Mario has the idea of calling Bingus' Mom. As the two started reconciling after not seeing one another for 80 years, Bingus' Mom asks if he cleaned his room yet, causing Bingus and Dingus to run away from the castle, and allowing Mario and Tari to proceed to the next room.

The two meet the game's version of Peach Toadstool and Bowser called Kek and Cringe as their level 4 opponents. Mario uses the fire flower and started throwing fireballs, but Cringe reflects the fireballs with a UNO reverse card, setting Mario on fire and throwing him back to his side of the room, where Cringe starts burning him alive. Tari tries to grab the Cringe's tail, but he effortlessly sends her flying with a head flick. Tari however, discovers she has to attack Kek to save Mario, and does so, defeating her and forcing Cringe to grab her and retreat.

Mario and Tari then proceed to the endless stairs room, where Mango (who's angry that Mario lied about the Spaghetti party) is the final boss. As he proceeds to attack the two, Tari asks why doesn't he think about anything other than fighting, causing Mango to speak about his horrible life, how he's been fighting for 56 years non-stop, how he is lonely, and how the developers keep nerfing him with each game in the series. While Tari complies with him, Mario disagrees and shoots him dead, thus completing the game. Both are then subsequently teleported out of the game, where Tari suggests playing a more chill game and they settle on Dark Souls despite its difficulty, ending the episode.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters



  • Bob (Mentioned by Tari's cyborg arm)


  • Mango, controlled by Mario, gets beaten by Yoshi who was controlled by Tari, as the two were playing Super Smash each other in the ass bros Ultimate. Later, as Mario and Tari get teleported in the game universe, he is shot by Mario.
  • Toad gets blown up by Tari’s gun in her arm PC.
  • Looege gets eaten by Morgan Freeman.
  • Todd got killed as Mario turned himself to a bowling ball and suicide bombed him.

Music Used

  • 0:48 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Menu Theme
  • 1:14 - Super Mario RPG: SuperPipe House
  • 3:16 - Super Smash Bros.: Character Select Theme
  • 4:33 - Super Smash Bros.: Peach’s Castle
  • 8:32 - Paper Mario: Angry Bowser
  • 8:36 - Super Mario World: Ending Theme
  • 9:00 - Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga: Joke’s End
  • 9:26 - Super Mario 3D World: Motley Bossblob



  • This blooper is a reference to Glitch Production's Meta Runner series due to its premise of warping inside of video games.
  • This is the first blooper to properly include Fire Mario, though the fireballs were reflected by a UNO reverse card, burning Mario temporarily until Kek and Cringe leaves the area.
  • This is Toad's first speaking appearance in a non-collaborative blooper since SMG4: Stupid Mario 3D World.
  • Tari's cyborg arm stated he was Bob's mom, though Bob has no mother.
  • Running Gag: When a villain gets defeated, the announcer says "Succ", with the "level complete" music from Super Mario 64 playing in the background.
  • This is the first blooper where Tari swears. The instances are:
    • "RUN B**CH" when Mango attacks Mario and Tari.
    • "Get that mofo" when Todd and his minions attack Mario and Tari.
    • "S**tttt" when Tari knows that Kek is calling Cringe.
  • This is the first time Tari appeared as a GMOD playermodel. Also the second time SMG4 used the the playermodel addon.

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