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SMG4: Waluigi's Time is an SMG4 blooper published on July 28, 2018. This is also the first episode of The Waluigi Arc.


Waluigi has been rejected by Master Hand for far too long...


The video starts at Nintendo HQ where Master Hand and a bunch of Teletubby Workers are working on the new smash game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Waluigi is outside the HQ.

*Flashback* Waluigi is on a bench with Fishy Boopkins eating Ice Cream. Boopkins says he is very hopeful he will make it into Smash. *Flashback ended*

Waluigi sneaks into the office and into the ‘Smash Corp’ room. Master Hand is bossing the Teletubbies around to work faster. Waluigi goes to talk to him, in which M. Hand responds, “The Assist Trophy meeting is over there.” Obviously, Waluigi is not having this, so he shouts his signature Wah as loud as he can. It ultimately sets the computer on fire. M. Hand agrees to talk.

In the C.E.O room, Waluigi is begging to be included in Smash. Master Hand says that to get in, he needs a Special Move, and asks what it would be? Waluigi thinks for a bit, and decides on WAH. It isn’t a special move according to Master Hand. He explains that everyone has to be unique. Now Waluigi has no ideas, and is utterly disappointed……

At the Wario Bros’ so-called house, Wario is munching on some KFC chicken, and wonders where Waluigi went. Waluigi arrives "home," and asks Wario if he is unique or not. Wario agrees, but when Waluigi asks about a special move, Wario thinks day and night, but then makes an excuse to get more chicken. Waluigi looks at his reflection on the pile of trash bags. He needs to have a special move. Waluigi digs in the trash bags, hoping to find something he can use. He finds a Swiss Army Knife, and settles on it. However, Bob shows up looking for some sugar so he can finish making his "hash brownies". Waluigi asks Bob if he has a special move, prompting Bob to show off his swordsman skills. Waluigi, seeing the knife has little appeal compared to Bob, throws the knife aside and runs off crying in frustration. Meanwhile, Bob still doesn't have sugar.

Waluigi walks down a residential street, commenting on everyone's special moves. Several characters demonstrate their special moves, or something close to it... When Mario shoots Luigi with F.L.U.D.D., Waluigi requests Mario to give it to him. Mario thinks it over, and despite Waluigi's best attempts at begging (a sad anime girl face, to be precise), Mario shoots him with F.L.U.D.D., and Waluigi angrily retaliates with a passing Bob-omb. Mario is one fire, but compliments Waluigi's "special move." He thinks maybe this COULD be his special move, until Mario unknowingly compares it to Solid Snake, Toon Link, and Samus Aran and their explosive antics, so Waluigi yet again struggles on the originality of his move. Luigi comments he imagined Waluigi as a dancer rather a bomber. Once again, Waluigi sees the potential with a fantasy dance sequence before busting a move for real. Luigi can't help but dance and accidentally activates the negative zone. Mario explains that Luigi slows down time when he dances as King Dedede is pulled into Luigi's special move, but Waluigi is not there.

Mario and Luigi find him sulking in an alley, and Mario tells him everyone has their special move; his is being naked. Luigi reminds Waluigi of all the sports games he's been in, to which Mario responds "Your special move will be smacking balls!" Walugi isn't amused, and the area goes black, with a single spotlight centered on Waluigi. Mario suddenly gains interest as he and Luigi watch from a couch to the side; Mario has popcorn for the occasion. Waluigi claims he just wants a special move that would make people know it's him, something unique, as Mario and Luigi have been in more sports games, so the ball smacking idea isn't unique. Luigi is moved to tears as he felt sorry for Waluigi, while Mario is unaware as usual.

Suddenly, Waluigi shifts character, and starts shouting 'Wah' louder and louder like he's something up. Mario claims that he broke, but Waluigi's 'Wahs' intensify, and a yellow aura appears around him while Luigi starts to panic. Waluigi 'Wahs' at the top of his lungs and seemingly goes Super Saiyan. The silhouette alone frightens Luigi, while Mario asks if Waluigi is suddenly Jesus. Waluigi reveals himself as a muscular, shaggy, shirtless, deity with a scepter featuring his cap and mock mustache. He now wears a headband similar to the visor he wore in Mario Tennis Aces, and wears pants similar to the overalls he normally wears, though he kept the shoes and gloves. Waluigi claims he's found his power: the power of rejection (not a stroke like Mario thought). He fires a ball of energy at Mario, which upon contact, explodes into black fire and Mario is suddenly very sad. Luigi reveals himself, and freaks out at Waluigi did; he made Mario feel the pain he felt his entire life. He then fires at Luigi before taking his leave.

Meanwhile, back at Nintendo, Waluigi floats through the halls past shocked Teletubby employees. Master Hand is playing with a toy, when Waluigi bursts through the door. Although he was pissed off at first due to the sudden intrusion, when Waluigi insists he found his special move, Master Hand agrees to have it tested out, and with a snap of his fingers, teleports himself and Waluigi to a digital arena. Waluigi prepares to fire, but Master Hand dodges last second, claiming he's not getting with it before he drags a random Teletubby employee as a test dummy. Waluigi fires away, and likely because of his terrible working conditions, the Teletubby is incredibly quick to break down in tears. Master Hand is awed at how "beautiful" it was, so he accepts Waluigi into Smash. Waluigi gets so excited, however, his powers disappear, and is once again demoted as an assist trophy. Waluigi is heartbroken, but then shouts no, and he is not having this. He then looks angrily at the screen, and is then partially obscured by the flames from his special move as the video ends.



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  • Waluigi is the only character that does not play in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, he remains as the Assist Trophy (according to Wario in SMG4: The Smash 5 Trials).
  • This is the 3rd appearance of the SM64 Bob Model. The first was Mario Battle Royale
  • It is revealed that this is a followup to SMG4: Stupid Mario Tennis Aces, as there is a flashback sequence of Waluigi having ice cream with Fishy Boopkins, which is an obvious reference to the end of Stupid Mario Tennis Aces, where Boopkins gave Waluigi the suggestion of going out for ice cream.
    • It's also revealed in said flashback sequence that Boopkins suggested in the first place that Waluigi go to Nintendo HQ and convince Master Hand to put him in Smash Bros.
  • This is the third time Nintendo Headquarters was shown in a video, the first as a small cameo in The Ultimate Smash Bros, and the second being If Mario Ran Nintendo
  • The assist trophy Meetup consisted of the new assist trophies, including Callie, Knuckles, Snoop Dogg, and Bomberman.
  • At 4:23 minutes in the video StupidMarioBros1Fan has a cameo getting hit by Princess Peach
    • The point of this might have been because the day this video was uploaded was his birthday July 28th, 2018.
  • The sequel of this blooper called SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus was released on August 4, 2018.
  • This is the blooper that begins ”The Waluigi Arc”.
  • According to the video ”The Waluigi Arc EXPLAINED”, the ending was going to be different: Waluigi secluded himself into a temple where he would return stronger than before and it would involve Desti.

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