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WARNING: This blooper contains scenes of mild language, arm decapitation and body burning. Viewer discretion is advised! (Don’t let your kids watch it!)

SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2019 is the fortieth episode of Season 9 and the five hundred and thirty-eighth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is the ninth episode of the War of the Fat Italians series. It was aired on November 2, 2019.


WOTFI 2019 IS HERE! And Mario & SMG4 are ready to duke it out once again. Only... it's all video game themed!?


It was first seen in the WOTFI 2019 ANNOUNCEMENT that there was going to be a War of the Fat Italians 2019.


The episode starts with Luke Lerdwichagul and Kevin Lerdwichagul wearing hats with Kevin wearing a Sonic the Hedgehog hat and Luke wearing a Mario hat. Then Kevin said that it was his Sonic OC SMG4 until Luke knocks it off revealing an SMG4 hat. Then they talk about the WOTFI 2019 Merch which was only available for 10 days.

The real episode starts with Mario playing SUPER SMASH EACH OTHER IN THE ASS ARCADE while SMG4 stares. Then Mario gets a high score of 4155. Then SMG4 plays and gets 65623. Mario gets mad and gets a new high score, causing SMG4 himself to get mad and set an even higher high score. This caused a loop until they both decided to get Nintendofan997 and drag him to the arcade while he was on the beach with FightingMario54321. Mario and SMG4 started complaining about each other to Nintendofan997 when he went to Tari (playing games) and used her arm to change the arcade into WOTFI and sucked both SMG4 and Mario into it. The game booted up and the challenges began.

Round 1: Who can survive being eaten by Kirby?

They got teleported in with Kirby standing there and dance in an easy way. SMG4 was visibly scared while Mario just laughed at Kirby. Kirby noticed, got mad and grew very big to start sucking things in. Mario and SMG4 started getting sucked in but SMG4 managed to grab a tree which has not been sucked in yet while Mario missed. SMG4's skin got pulled off revealing a skeleton. Mario was running for his life avoiding objects until a big boulder got sucked in Kirby's mouth which then flung Mario onto it. Mario thought he won but another boulder crushed him and Kirby inhaled them, causing Kirby turned into Cheeksqueek-like with Mario's head, saying that he want to die. This causing SMG4 to win on a technicality.

Winner: SMG4

Round 2: It's time for a good ols fashioned arm wrestling match.

It started when Doc Louis hit the bell and Mario and SMG4 arm-wrestled. Mario got mad and turned super saiyan, causing SMG4 to do the same. Outside, The Judge was wondering what on earth is going on when Nintendofan997 told him to take a hike. Mario had a flashback to Omochao telling him to hold down the B button. so Mario charged up but ended up detaching his arm, which Dr. Mario said it was not re-attachable, causing Mario to scream as he was also told that f*pping was out of the question. Once again, SMG4 was the winner due to such technicality.

Winner: SMG4 (cause Mario didn't pin SMG4'S hand & Mario's arm was removed.)

Round 3: Who can take Tari's duck without getting killed?

In Goldenrod City, SMG4 began by stealing Tari´s duck, but she made him feel guilty, causing him to have a heart attack and dying, failing the challenge. Mario fared better due to wearing a blindfold but as he couldn't see anything, he ended up running onto the tracks and naturally got run over by Thomas the Tank Engine, failing the challenge too. This ended up a tie on a technicality.

Winner: Tied (officially)/Mario (for actually stealing the duck.)

Round 4: Get Waluigi into Smash.

Mario went first. He started by smashing Waluigi into a ball before flinging him into what he thought was Nintendo Headquarters. However, it was revealed he threw it into Police Headquarters and that the Nintendo Headquarters was right next to it, causing him to fail the challenge.

SMG4 was next. He sneaked into Nintendo Headquarters via the wire drop. Quickly writing something down, he soon left just as Master Hand entered his room. He then saw what SMG4 left: A sloppily written letter from Sakurai saying that Waluigi has been accepted into Smash. Confused, Master Hand saw Waluigi still in a ball enter the room with joy. Due to SMG4 having better luck, he is considered the winner here.

Winner: SMG4

Round 5: Who can be the best Anime waifu?

Both SMG4 and Mario tried to impress Joker with their moves but he was not having any of them, causing him to shoot them with his gun. Naturally, both failed the challenge.

Winner: Tied

Round 6: Who can build a better Minecraft house?

As SMG4 was building his house, Mario decided to cheat. He first distracted Steve, the judge, with a chicken. Then, he stole a house from someone and put it near the competition. However, when the time was up, Steve said their houses sucked and left, causing both to lose the challenge.

Winner: Tied.

Round 7: Who can make SMG3 laugh?

On stage with only SMG3 as the audience, SMG4 went first with a cheesy joke. It didn't work. Then Mario hurt SMG4, causing SMG3 to naturally laugh. SMG4 tried hurting Mario back but SMG3 hated it. As he left dejected, he tripped on a rock, causing SMG3 to laugh once again. As Mario made SMG3 laugh more than SMG4, Mario won this challenge.

Winner: Mario

Round 8: Who can recreate Tari's Meta arm the best?

SMG4 went first, recreating the arm as much as possible. Mario though was barely started when he decided he needed to do something else. As SMG4's creation was completed, he and Heavy Weapons Guy decided to showcase Tari how his arm could easily beat 150 games in 5 seconds. However, the arm flung Heavy up to space, causing SMG4 to lose the challenge. Upon seeing what SMG4's arm could do, Mario, who somehow managed to create the Infinity Gauntlet complete with the six Infinity Stones threw it down the dustbin due to deeming SMG4's to be much better, forfeiting the challenge. Naturally, Thanos went by, saw the Gauntlet and decided to take it for himself.

Winner: Tied

Round 9: Who has the best impression of Meggy?

Meggy saw the attempts both tried and was bored. She decided that they both failed the challenge, resulting in this challenge being void.

Winner: Challenge being void

Round 10: Having a drawing contest against Axol.

Axol started by creating Ryu. SMG4 countered with Kermit The Frog. Ryu, however, beat him down. Mario then tried his creation but it naturally failed. As Axol celebrated, suddenly, Kermit defeated him, shocking Axol and letting SMG4 take the round.

Winner: SMG4

Final Round: Rap Battle

X decided it was time for both SMG4 and Mario to make up and started a song with them. Rather than listen to him, the two instead insulted one another. The rap ends with an angry X firing a bazooka at the two for not listening to him.


Games with Mario?

yeah I'd rather quit

actually he'll do that when we play WiiFit

y'know what, let's sit back

and watch him rage

as he spams his moves

and falls offstage


bro your FPS flair is just a joke

you trying to aim

is like having a stroke

How about Mario Kart

What do you reckon?

because when you play with me

you won't survive a second


ok this isn't really working it seems

discuss co-op games

work together as a team


if that's gonna happen I don't want to be alive


I brought poison for two




you know i'm happy

that games keep you home

or else you might give someone

your third chromosome


its good you play games

with lots of dating

cause if you tried the real thing

you's never see it coming

(Mario and Joker dance to "Last Surprise" from the Persona series in front of SMG4)


ok this is becoming

more of a mess

how about Animal Crossing

to relieve some stress


all the poor villagers

would lose their sanity

as they'd have to endure

this crime against humanity

Mario's more suited

for the world of Splatoon

Where he can roll around in paint

and eat paint like a goon

the simple answer is

your IQ is draining

just stick with Dr. Kawashima's

brain traning


bro why do you think

you'll be taken so seriously

when honestly your face looks like

an earthbound enemy

you talk down all lowly

but play games too slowly

thats why all the princesses

want Mario's ravioli

sure have fun

in your cute game of Pokemon

but try anything else

you're gonna get

dunked on


this is so frustrating

why all this hating?

is there seriously no game

that'll stop the debating


You need a game with lots of uzis

Fishy Boopkins

no no a game with WAIFU BOOBIES


a drawing game will help you

be more inclined

show your drawing skills and...



be sure to take breaks

in interval guys!

playing games for too long

Can strain your eyes


You gotta play fighting games

tear each other's skin!


actually let me join in!


I know you two are

feeling uneasy

thats why you should play games

with more LUIGI




Mario just go home

all you do is annoy

while i'm the switch

your the virtual boy

Mr. Game and Watch

show us the score

Mario - 0

SMG4 - 9


I'm sorry bro

I know you want more

but don't be salty

about your beaten highscore

stop being a child

go put on your big trousers

Mario's gonna win

So long gay Bowser


you guys got 10 seconds

to compliment each other

or I'm going to be making you

scream for your mother


hey man! what's with all this sass?


yeah dude. what got up your ass?




oh god, MARIO! I'm sorry for talking smack!


you too!! uhhh... I think you make a great snacc!


After the end of the challenges, everyone was expelled from the machine with Tari finally coming back from using her powers, which she stated that she avoided using for long periods due to making her giddy abelit briefly. As she headed out, she noticed a glitched television screen which eventually fixed and showed her counterpart from META RUNNER - Season 1 Episode 1: Wrong Warp but from her perspective. She then left being dazed which she pinned on using her powers for too long and decided to not play anymore games.


Main characters

Supporting characters

Minor characters

Cameos/non-speaking roles



Round Challenge Suggested by Winner
1 Who can survive being eaten by Kirby? SJG4 SMG4
2 It's time for a good ols fashioned arm wrestling match. Viger the Magnemite SMG4 (cause Mario didn't pin SMG4'S hand & Mario's arm was removed.)
3 Who can take Tari's duck without getting killed? Jiocion Tied (officially)/Mario (for actually stealing the duck.)
4 Get Waluigi into Smash. Disneyfan231 SMG4
5 Who can be the best Anime waifu? The_cribbs_crib Tied
6 Who can build a better Minecraft house? Eeve getting Peeveed Tied
7 Who can make SMG3 laugh? AllOut The3rd Mario
8 Who can recreate Tari's Meta arm the best? goodgamer 2019 Tied
9 Who has the best impression of Meggy? blueberry_swaplol Challenge being void
10 Having a drawing contest against Axol. tari_bluejay9 SMG4
Final (11) Rap battle Nintendofan997 Nintendofan997


Mario SMG4 Tied
1 4 4


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