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War of the Fat Italians 2017 is the fortieth episode of Season 7 and the three hundred and seventy-first overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This is also the seventh installment of the War of the Fat Italians series.


War of the Fat Italians is a long-running annual series on SMG4 where we get you fans to post a bunch of challenges for Mario and SMG4. They then duke it out to see who can do them better.



In the boxing ring from Donkey Kong 64 during SMG4 and Mario's introductions, along with X on a cloud, the fat Italians start fighting. While they were fighting, SMG4 knocks Mario out. WOTFI logo appears with Mario and SMG4 to the corners.


1. Bob's Rap of Doom

As the instrumental "Growl" plays, if the very instant Bob starts rapping, Italians' heads explode simultaneously, much to his dismay.

  • Winner: Tied
  • By: HazamaDude

2. Waluigi's Tacos Eating Contest

At Waluigi's Taco Stand in Mushroom City, SMG4 starts to eat the tacos and eats 182 tacos. Mario scoffs at his performance and opens his mouth impossibly wide and devours the entire stand (and Waluigi) in a single gulp; eating 7,324,654 tacos in total.

  • Winner: Mario
  • By: Mario's Princess

3. Keeping Hat Around Soldier the Longest

Soldier shouts that the duo will "give him that hat". SMG4 ran to the bathroom and Soldier show she up in the toilet. SMG4 ran out the bathroom and Toadsworth came asking WTF. Mario decided to buy some weapons and Soldier knocks the store owner (Koopa) out leaving Mario to grab the Fire Flower, burning him with it, and running away. SMG4 went around the road to find a telephone and Soldier disguise himself as a telephone. He notices Soldier's disguise and hits him. Mario then saw Peach yelling for help. Annoyed, Mario asks what's wrong, but it turns out to be Soldier in disguise, upon which he steals his hat. SMG4 taunts Mario as Soldier tackles him.

  • Winner: Tied (Disregarding Soldier tackling SMG4 at the very end)
  • By: Ender41948

4. Animate Better

SMG4 takes a while to create a single frame of animation about him bonking Boopkins. Looking over at Mario who is randomly throwing computers he freaks out that Mario may win, and calls for help from "TheOdd1sOut". Mario shows a derpy "Pelo style" animation of Mario destroying SMG4. SMG4 shows "TheOdd1sOut" animation of him complaining the struggle is dealing with the MK residents. After the two frames play, each clearly prefers their own animation. Mario probably was the victor since SMG4 cheated by calling for help.

  • Winner: Mario
  • By: Bubgun 45

5. Beat Luigi for Doing Absolutely Nothing

Luigi stares the Italian by doing absolutely nothing while SMG4 tries meditating, but loses by having a meme breakdown a few seconds. Mario tries putting himself into a coma by throwing a rock at a wall and bouncing it off to hit his head. 

  • Winner: Mario
  • By: Cold Wolfen

6. Survive Bob and Boopkins' Science Class

At school, Bob brings in zombies he found in the dumpsters and tells the Italians to "start poking them with knives". He throws the zombies at them. Mario gets to work straight away, but the zombie he's working on is angered by his belligerent attitude and attacks him. SMG4 manages to distract his zombie long enough to try to crawl out of the room, but by this time Boopkins has started the "Rocket Science" section, sending a massive firecracker soaring into SMG4 and knocking him away from the door. Bob then begins hurling Bunsen burners. Mario, still being distracted by the zombie from earlier, catches fire instantly. SMG4, still being burned by the firecracker in his ass, is running in circles, but this is stopped when Bob hits him with a "SCORE". Finally, Boopkins attempts to teach them how to defuse bombs that the Italians scream.

  • Winner: Tied
  • By: Luke (GameCubeDude)

7. Make Bowser Cry First

In the city, SMG4 starts by kicking Bowser into the path of a taxi cab. Next, he fires Waluigi Launcher onto his Clown Car, then he pushes his food off the table he's sitting at. Finally, SMG4 swings Bowser by his tail, but none of this makes him cry. Mario tells Bowser that "he's adopted" and makes him cry.

  • Winner: Mario
  • By: ThePikaPlayer

8. Have the Best Pickup Line

Mario begins with something classic, and SMG4 jumps to memes. Mario proceeds to offer rides on his "PINGAS EXPRESS", and SMG4 makes the subway-footlong joke. Mario tells a Goomba that she's adopted, SMG4 calls a lady in a car a parking ticket, and Mario compares a Teletubby to a doorknob, before losing the metaphor and yelling "GIMME DAT BUTT!"

  • Winner: SMG4
  • By: SpringTrapZana

9. 1v1 Battle with Meggy

Inside a Paris Metro subway or Châtelet station, Meggy states that the rule is: "If either of you can land a shot on me, you win!". Both proceed to run. Mario hides behind a corner and attempts to corner jump her. He almost loses in the process. SMG4 runs once he realizes Meggy has seen him, and ends up in a train tunnel, with Meggy on the other side. She fires, and she misses, and SMG4 then attempts to jump the gap, getting hit by a train in the process.

On the way back, Mario attempts to ambush Meggy, missing every shot. Finally, Mario fakes surrender, to get Meggy to drop her guard, whereupon finally shooting her in the back... except that she saw it coming, and fought back accordingly with a "Nice try."

  • Winner: Tied
  • By: Aron Playz

10. Make Bob Popular

Mario makes an advertisement for people to call Bob by making a sign saying Bob sounds like Morgan Freeman. SMG4 markets Bob as a cleaning rag called "Bob". An advertisement continuously shows people cleaning objects like cars, floor, and much more. It ends with an offended Bob screaming for someone to call 911.

  • Winner: Mario
  • By: JustAWeeble

11. Triple Round: Survive Link's Singing the Longest, Teletubbies Having a Baby, and Buttsex Spy the Longest

Mario and SMG4 are doing the three questions with Mario mad. It is unclear who won this round.

12. Steal Boopkins' Body Pillow Waifu Without Dying


Boopkins enjoys the picnic at the beach with the body pillow waifu while Mario starts by stealing the pillow while Boopkins is distracted and replacing it with a cardboard stand up with the Heavy head Boopkins notices, while Mario is running with the pillow he turns around to see Boopkins with a tank which he is blasted away. SMG4 dresses as a Pillow with his face on it, he claims that he is the body pillow's father and that she needs to go home. Well, Boopkins thinks it's a Limited Edition Waifu Pillow and starts to chase SMG4 along the beach.


Legend: A - stealing the pillow; B - staying alive; C - completing the challenge


  • A: Success
  • B: Fail
  • C: Fail


  • A: Fail
  • B: Success
  • C: Fail
  • Winner: Void
  • By: The Blue Azumarill

Rap Battle (Epilogue)

In the boxing ring, seen in the beginning, Mario and SMG4 are seen in a spotlight. The audience is watching everywhere until...



S to the M to the G to the 4

That's a name I'm sure you heard of before.

Filled to the brim with rhythm and flow

A sexy a** man from head to toe

Now I don't want to mention but just pay attention

Cause I'm about to kick your a** to the next dimension

If you think you're gonna win then you're deranged!

Because ever since the beginning, nothing's changed!

An overweight plumber won't ever stick

You need a man like me who's EXTRA THICC!

Try and take a swing but you'll never be the king

You're gonna be knocked out with a RING RING RING!


OH BOY, YOU'RE BACK, am I living a dream?

I get to redestroy this stupid a** meme

What you gonna do, you stupid dingus?

Sit at your computer and yell out PINGAS?

You're weak and pathetic and never athletic

Dr. Mario thinks that you're a diabetic

As you sit at your computer all day long

Doing crap all except expanding that dong!

Now go home and cry to all your little fans!

While me, Mario, I got much better plans!

You're such a big fool and this may sound cruel,

But sorry Glitchy, I've already won this duel!


HAHA, that's funny but we've only begun! I've brought some help to show you how it's done!


Mario, my paisano, it's time to stop,

If you keep this up, my ears are gonna pop!

You do nothing with your life, except saving Peach,

How about you try some exercise or maybe even bleach!

Sorry bro, but every diss here is true,

Looks like for once, you're player two.


Oh no, it's Luigi, I'm so afraid!

I can't stand losers who's never gotten laid.

You rap like a mom, it's really freaking dumb.

Just go back home and keep sucking on your thumb.

Now I've got a rapper who you don't want to cross!

C'mon, Fishy Boopkins, show 'em who's boss!

Fishy Boopkins

Hey SMG4! You're stinky and fat!

And um, crap, I also hate your hat?

I'm sorry, that was really mean!

Oh man, it's not easy being green!


I'm sorry Fishy Boopkins, but that rap was invalid. Cause I'm not going to listen to some stupid salad!

Boopkins: Hey!


Is this your best Mario?

Cause it's sounding weak!

You're gonna end up adding to my winning streak

Here comes my next rapper

Things are looking dire

Give it to em' E. Gadd and spit hot fire!


What's up, b**ches, this is my rapping debut!

Looks like this rap, could use some higher IQ!

Mario, there seems to be a lot of tension,

Don't fret boy! Have this new invention!

Use this mic, it'll help you refute!

But that's only because it'll be on mute!


Shut up, you stupid wannabe Edison!

Go home and take your old people medicine!

Now I'm gonna need someone as cool as spaghetti!

I need the one, the only, the bad a** Meggy!

Meggy Spletzer


It's such a shame!

You boys are lame!

Just raise your game, raise your game, baby


give up, yeah!


Woo wat up b**ches

It's Bob time!

Giving out hot beats like Busta Rhyme

B**ches get ready, here comes the hook

Check out my Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook

Bob: What?

As soon as Bob finished singing, everyone who rapped stared at Bob because his rap was horrible after interrupting it. Bob, not knowing about his bad rapping skills, asks the others why they are staring at him.

  • Winner: Void

This message from Big Man Tyrone asking the viewers who they think won the war.


Main Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters



  • This is the first time SMG4 cheated in a War of the Fat Italians video.
  • This is the first time the new second Glitchy Boy intro was used.
  • This is the first time Meggy, Boopkins, and Bob have appeared in a WOTFI episode.
  • This is the first time Meggy had a voice actor. She was voiced here by Chobby Toast.
  • E. Gadd was animated and voiced by TaitherZ.
  • This is the first time TheOdd1sOut appeared.
  • One of the challenges in this video was commented by GameCubeDude, a popular SMG4 reactor.
  • This is one of the few (if not the only) SMG4 videos to have guest voice actors, animators, and famous YouTube guest stars all in one video.
  • Unlike other WOTFI videos, there were two trailers promoting the upcoming video. One was uploaded on the SMG4 channel, while the other was uploaded on TheAwesomeMario.
  • This is the first time SMG4 used Source Filmmaker, but he only uses it in WoTFI trailer videos.
  • The rap battle music was actually PSY's "Napal Baji", albeit with its pitch adjusted.
  • SMG4 says: "Ever since the beginning nothings changed!" with the year 2014 on the portrait of Mario despite the fact that Mario's first appearance was in 2011.

Music used

  • 00:07 - We Are Gonna Fly Now; Bill Conti
  • 00:53 - Slot Machine; Super Mario 3D World
  • 01:00 - Growl; EXO (Instrumental)
  • 01:16 - Waluigi's Taco Stand; SilvaGunner
  • 01:22 - It's Tricky Song; SSX
  • 01:38 - Lost Horizon; Highlander
  • 01:52 - Fight Against an Armed Boss; Super Mario RPG
  • 02:10 - Gracie Grace; Animal Crossing
  • 02:17 - Latin Lesson; SpongeBob
  • 02:58 - Creative Exercise; Mario Paint
  • 03:24 - Cancer
  • 04:22 - Monkey See Monkey D'on; The Simpsons
  • 04:28 - Potion Shop; The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (SilvaGunner rip)

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Episodes 552 2019 Was The Biggest Year Of My Life
Season 10
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