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SMG4: Wild, Wild Mario is the fourty-fourth episode of Season 7 and the TBA overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

McCree makes his debut in this episode. It was aired on November 4, 2017.


Mario has found himself in the Wild West! Joined with Sharp-eye Meggy, Reload Toad and other friends, a wild, wild adventure awaits them!


The episode begins with a train traveling in a western themed area. In it, Mario was a passenger of the train on a "vacation" after Bowser said he would look after Peach Toadstool, especially since his "vacation" was a trip to nowhere, a place he always wanted to go to. Suddenly, the train pulled over and Mario wondered why. Turned out it was Shroomy and he needed help and for good reasons too: the town the train stopped at, Mushroom Mesa, was being attacked. Mario, offering his services of being a qualified idiot, wanted to know who was attacking the town. Turned out that the Wild Wahs gang has robbed the town's bank. Just as Shroomy finished explaining the situation to Mario, the bank doors burst out and one of the bank guards, an Engineer was thrown out already dead. Soon after, Wario and Waluigi celebrated their easy criminal act with Dr. Koops wanting someone to stop them. Sure enough, the town's sheriff, Toadsworth, was ready to arrest the Wario brothers. However, Wario threw some money at Toadsworth who then pretended nothing was wrong and headed back to his office.

When Shroomy witnessed Toadsworth heading back to his office, he pleaded with Mario once again to help save the town. Mario, however, wanted some food, causing Shroomy to accept that the town was doomed. The plumber turned around to notice a nearby horse cart and hoped it had food. He entered it and stole the occupant's clothes before throwing him outside. Just then, the cart went off. As the Wario brothers left with their loot, a shot was fired towards their direction. Turned out it came from Sharp-eyed Meggy. The Wario brothers stared at each other for a while before laughing. Meggy wondered what was so funny. Eventually she fell for their trap: In this case, being easily grabbed by their henchman with a Dong Surprise, Sir Dong, who was just Donkey Kong with a Bower Hat and a monocle, before being dragged to Wario and Waluigi.

As they celebrated their easy robbery once again, Wario was suddenly run over by the horse cart Mario was driving, surprising Waluigi. Shroomy, who was known as Slingshot Shroomy in Mushroom Mesa, took the opportunity to knock down Waluigi with his slingshot. Donkey Kong, who was shocked to be ambushed got distracted, allowing Meggy to kick him in his genitals, causing him to be in pain. Wario declared it was not over and he would be back with a bigger gang. Before leaving, he asked for Mario's name, which he replied with the futuristic name Optimus Prime 3000 rather than a western name. Once the Wild Wahs gang was gone, Meggy thanked Mario for helping her while Shroomy was understandably worried that the town would be besieged by a huge number of Wild Wahs gang members. Mario was still hungry, which gave Meggy an idea to check the local saloon for reinforcements, much to Mario's dismay.

In the saloon, several activities could be observed: sitting at the tables drinking, a piano being played, a bartender, who was Luigi, doing his job, and some fighting. Once inside, Meggy told them to split up. Mario took that opportunity to get something to eat from the bartender. The first candidate encountered by Meggy was McCree who was high. Meggy asked politely but they had a staredown. Suddenly, McCree was in a very drugged stated who although managed to speak properly, soon collapsed on the table, causing Meggy to slowly move away from him. The next two candidates, Woody and another cowboy, encountered by Shroomy were in a middle of a fight and were too busy engrossed in their fight to take notice of Shroomy, who proceeded to walk away thinking they would never find reinforcements. Suddenly, he saw a dart game and proceeded to play it. The fourth candidate, Luigi, who was encountered by Mario who wanted to give his order to the bartender, was surprised to see his brother in the saloon. Mario asked why was he a bartender and he replied that it was his 53rd part-time job. He had to do so because of Mario's damages, which also explained why he did not appear very frequently in the videos. Mario then commented that it was very convenient that all his friends were here dressed in western clothing too.

Just then, an outburst was heard, which turned out a cowboy was mad that Shroomy scored five bullseyes in a row and thought he was cheating. Shroomy denied it, saying it was only because he practiced a lot of in boys scout games and said the cowboy was just a sore loser. Meggy refused to let this go down like that and kicked the cowboy out. That only caused the entire bar to gang up on them. One attacker, a Cataquack missed and hit Woody, resulting in the initial gang-up turning into an all-out bar fight. As Mario was eating his fries and wanted ketchup, Luigi, hiding underneath his bar counter, gave a ketchup bottle to him. Just as Mario was about to use it with his fries, he heard Meggy needing help and saw Woody as the reason. Not going to let him assault her, Mario used the bottle to ram it up his butt, causing Woody to go berserk until a shotgun could be heard being fired. Everyone turned to the direction of the sound to see that it was Toad who fired the shot. Dr. Eggman realized it was Reload Toad the bounty hunter, causing everyone except for the main SMG4 cast members and McCree to flee the saloon. Toad heard that Mario, Meggy, and Shroomy were hunting for the Wild Wahs gang and offered to help for not just the large bounty for their capture but for a personal reason too: They kidnapped his wife, a giant pile of candy. Toad was also impressed with how Mario foiled the Wild Wahs gang's plan and said he had potential, causing Mario to get confused. He then asked Luigi if he wanted to join them. Initially, Luigi declined due to what he deemed the mission was too dangerous but after turning to hear MeCree make a very inappropriate comment, he changed his mind.

As the cast members headed out of town, Toad mentioned how they needed more fighters. Then, Mario heard a commotion. A Koopa Troopa was then thrown out of the building with Fishy Boopkins, who was Lady Boopkins, being the reason. He wondered if they were all here to see him but Mario said no and Meggy corrected that they were actually looking for additional fighters to take on the Wild Wahs gang. Boopkins declared that he did not know how to fight but knew someone who could. Mario questioned why Boopkins was in a dress with Luigi equally as confused. Boopkins then mentioned the fighter's name, Wild Bob, one of the best Native Americans that lived out in the Wild West in the Badlands and was willing to take them to meet him. Suddenly, Mario grabbed Boopkins and tried to get him out of the wig he deemed was stupid, just to be interrupted by Toad who told him to not waste any more time and to get onto the horsecart, much to Mario's disappointment.

A montage of the horsecart played out headed to the Badlands played out and soon, the group reached the location. Mario wondered if they all knew what was Bob doing but they were equally as confused. Mario then asked Bob himself, who asked what brought them to his home in a strange manner, which caused Mario to ask why was he speaking like that. Bob then showed him a pipe that he used to speak that way and said he had to try it. Fishy Boopkins then told Bob they were here because they needed reinforcement to defend Mushroom Mesa from the Wild Wahs gang and that his native American skills would help them. Bob asked what would he get from helping them and Luigi replied there was a huge bounty for their capture. Bob declared he was uninterested due to having no need for money and said he was one with nature by playing in the bushes. Toad told the group to not waste any more time with Bob but Mario saw what Bob did as fun and went to join him. Meggy then asked if they should just leave the two alone which the group agreed.

The following day, as Bob was doing a rain dance, Toad asked if he had time to consider what they said yesterday. Bob agreed because it was better than to try to make rain appear, resulting in everyone putting their hands together, except for Bob who realized he had no hands. As the group made their way back to Mushroom Mesa to meet up with the Wild Wahs gang, a montage of the group walking to the place played out, with Reload Toad, Slingshot Shroomy, Sharp-Eye Meggy, Luigi... (who was walking around in a circle), Wild Bob and Lady Boop, and finally, Optimus Prime 3000 himself. Wario declared that the town was in dead meat with Mario disagreeing. McCree then commented that it was high noon but then a random person declared that it was actually 12:30, causing McCree to wonder why his life was a lie.

After a while, Wario gave the order to fire, and the shootout began. The Wild Wahs gang fired upon the group, who all scattered except for Luigi, who cowardly dodged the shots. Mario then thanked Luigi for distracting them. As Bob and Boopkins were looking for where to attack, they came across a low wall. Bob commented on how cowboy guns were nothing to natives and proceeded to do a chant. However, a few more shots caused Bob to fire wildly into the sky, knocking down a tree that crushed the gunners who shot at them. As they celebrated, two more of the Wild Wahs gang members turned up, forcing them to run. As they headed to another part of the town, they saw a guard they needed to get past, but Boopkins said he would use his "womanly charm" to get past. He attracted the guard and tried knocking it out but it failed. Bob then fired an arrow at its head and killed it, saying "Close enough".

As three Goombas were firing away, Toad appeared and prepared to kill them. The surprise attack killed two of the Goombas. Just as Toad was about to kill the last Goomba, he took out his wife and threatened to kill it with his gun if he got any closer. Distressed, Toad dropped his shotgun, pleading with him not to hurt the pile of candy. Suddenly, a rock was shot at the Goomba's gun, disarming him. He was surprised to see Shroomy was the one. However, that allowed Toad to put his shotgun at his head, subsequently killing him. Shroomy said that they showed him before attempting to take a lollipop from the candy pile, just to have his hand pushed off by Toad.

As more Wild Wahs gang members were killed, Donkey Kong was horrified and tried escaping, much to Wario's protest to ditching him and Waluigi. Meggy then saw him trying to escape and realized she could not let him do so. She asked for Mario's help, who agreed after shooting a Monty Mole distracted by a newspaper to be used as a jumping platform. Just as Donkey Kong rode a horse to escape, Meggy jumped onto a roof and shot down a bucket that hit the horse's head, causing it to go insane and kicking him off where he landed on a pipe very hard. Apparently, that caused his groin area to be severely damaged, causing him to yell in pain and faint painfully, resulting in Mario and Meggy laughing at his demise.

While both Wario and Waluigi were shooting at Luigi, Waluigi realized they should aim at someone other than Luigi, who was still fine amidst scared among the bullet holes. Wario thought of it and then realized why were all his men dead. Then the entire group proceeded to surround Wario and Waluigi and locked them up with Donkey Kong, who was still in pain.

As Shroomy said they had to always be ready to defend Mushroom Mesa, Bob did not want to do any more of that kind of thing and suggested playing in the bushes with Mario happily agreeing to that. The video then ended with the group, called the Stupid 7 by the narrator, walking into the sunset never to be met again with the possibility of still playing in the bushes to that day. McCree then showed up and commented that he had AIDS.

Deleted Scenes

Please see Mario's EXTRAS: Wild, Wild Mario#Plot for the deleted scenes.


Main Characters

  • Mario (alter ego: Optimus Prime 3000)
  • Shroomy (alter ego: Slingshot Shroomy)
  • Meggy (alter ego: Sharp-Eye Meggy)
  • Luigi
  • Toad (alter ego: Reload Toad)
  • Fishy Boopkins (alter ego: Lady Boop)
  • Bob (alter ego: Wild Bob)

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters



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  • This episode has a lot of similarities with the 2004 animated Disney movie Home on the Range, as both are western comedies about a new person in town trying to find a criminal.
  • This is the first time Meggy attacks with a K.O. sound.
  • It appears that Toad's candy addiction was taken to the extreme, and he now refers to it as his wife, similar to how Mario sometimes refers to spaghetti as his girlfriend or wife.

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