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"SMG4 10th Anniversary Song" is a song in the video The SMG4 Movie: 10 Year Anniversary Special made by SMG4's Gang to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the SMG4 series.


Key: Mario - SMG4 - Luigi - Fishy Boopkins - Heavy Squid (with Meggy filter) - Tari - Bob - Axol - Shroomy - Saiko - Melony - Group

Insane profane themes with spicy memes! Everywhere ya look and see,
Clever bright minds

Like me!

Stories That won't bore,
With skits or arcs or wieners stuck in doors!

Something for everyone,
On SMG4!

It's full of laughter!
And good pasta!
Prepare to lose IQ,
When you're with the crew!

Time to say cheers,
Hold our tears to these amazing 10 years!

This decade dreams came true!
And we want to say,
Thank you!

Every single quest,
You guys were with us that's why you're the best!

We had some good times,
Maybe did...some crimes.....

And there'll always be more,
Worlds to explore!
Thank you for watching SMG4!



  • It is sung to the tune of the Super Mario Land theme, which is used as the outro in SMG4's videos.
  • At one point, a machinima replica of the poster for the film is shown, with Heavy Squid in Meggy's place, due to the fact that Meggy was on vacation at the time of the ten-year anniversary.

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