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SMG4 Christmas 2017: The XMAS Discovery is the fifty-first episode of Season 7 and the three hundred and eight-sixth overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on December 23, 2017.


Mario and friends each show Meggy what they think Christmas is all about. That is until Meggy makes her own HUGE discovery of what Christmas is...


The episode begins with Mario and Luigi decorating their house for Christmas. After Mario places a bear trap in the fireplace, the doorbell rings, making Mario think Santa has already arrived. When Mario opens the door, he's shot with a Splattershot by Meggy, causing him to fly backwards and scare Luigi. Meggy then taunts Mario by saying he's too slow, and then requests for him to train with her.

Mario refuses, saying he's busy decorating. Meggy then asks if they're having guests, causing Luigi to ask what she thinks they're doing. She replies by saying "Worshiping some fat old hobo?" This confuses Luigi, and he tells her that they're celebrating Christmas.

Meggy then acts puzzled, and Luigi asks if she knows what christmas is. He then goes on to say that Christmas is a time of joy and spreading happiness, only to be interupted by Mario saying it's all about the presents. Meggy then states that her home doesn't celebrate Christmas, causing Mario to drag her out of the house, saying that he'll show her what it's all about. As they're leaving, Luigi yells to Mario not to take Meggy to a toy store, upsetting Mario.

Mario actually listens to Luigi, and instead takes Meggy to Peach's castle, where SMG4 has just finished putting up the lights. He then turns them on, causing Meggy to look up in astonishment, along with Mario and Luigi praising SMG4's work. SMG4 then proclaims that he's a god of light, but then falls of the roof, tangling himself in the lights. Mario is then seen laughing and Meggy to be shocked as Luigi goes to help him. SMG4 (after being rescued) asks them if they're going to help decorate, but Luigi says they're showing Meggy what Christmas is. This shocks SMG4 and cuts to Meggy sheepishly smiling and rubbing the back of her head. SMG4 then states that Christmas is all about the decorations and brings them inside.

The camera pans through the main room, showing how well decorated it is, along with a Santa statue dabbing and Toad wearing a present box like a shirt (which he remains in for the rest of the video). Mario then attacks the Santa statue, asking it where his presents are. SMG4 then boasts about how much he loves decorating and says he started back in October. The camera then cuts to Meggy looking around in amazement. Before SMG4 could say anything else, he's cut of by Peach saying 'Hey!', who then claims that decorating isn't as fun as shopping. She's then shown flipping out in a variety of stores due to their sales, along with Toad carrying all her purchases before falling over. 

Mario is then shown saying that Peach gets too excited for all this, but then turns around and finds the toy store, making him excited enough for his head to grow and mouth to expand. The camera then shows the Sniper standing at the register, who is startled by a noise, which is revealed to be Mario pressing his face against the window.

Mario then looks at all the toys, saying that Santa can get him any of them. He's then shown playing with a toy dinosaur and toy robot. The camera then cuts to the Sniper with bold 'WTF' text next to him, implying that's what he's thinking. Mario is then shown to have gathered many other toys, along with SMG4, Luigi, and Meggy standing outside.

The camera then cuts to SMG4 and Meggy when she asks him if that's a part of Christmas, which SMG4 replies by saying "if you're five or really high". The camera then cuts to Luigi, who's startled by Wario's laughter. Wario is then shown to be a mall Santa that asks for money, with Waluigi wearing green overalls and a red shirt, along with a fake beard. A cop then asks if Wario has a licence, which he responds by saying he's on the naughty list now, causing the cop to panic.

The camera then cuts to Meggy and Luigi standing on a balcony, with her pointing out 'that fat old guy' to him. He then tells her that he's Santa, a person that brings everyone presents and makes dreams come true. This causes Meggy to run down and see him excitedly before Luigi can explain that it's not the real one. We then see Goombario asking 'Santa' for a multitude of toys before being insulted and kicked away. The next kid (Frankie) then asks for him to be his best friend, to which 'Santa' says no and throws him away. He then complains about the kids' lack of money.

Meggy then approaches and asks if he can help her win the Splatfest. 'Santa' then asks her for ten-thousand coins first, which she happily hands over, surprising him. He then sees Meggy giving 'puppy eyes' and preforms his 'magic Santa spell', which is just him pulling out a candy cane. Meggy looks at him blankly, Waluigi acts concerned, and 'Santa' acts confident. Meggy then says his trick was cool and asks if she'll get special powers. 'Santa' says yes, and then leaves to spend time alone with his money. Before he leaves though, he celebrates a little too hard, causing his fake beard to fall off. He then tries to put it back on as Meggy gives him a death stare and walks toward him slowly, asking if he lied.

Before Meggy can do anything, Waluigi steps in front of Wario, saying that she 'can't do sh!t', before being launched into the ceiling by Meggy's uppercut. This causes Wario to say that he sh!t his pants and run away screaming, leaving the coins behind. Meggy then throws four of tree toppers stars at him, all of which he barely avoids. But one star hits the entrance's emergency close, trapping Wario in the mall. He still runs away, running past SMG4 and knocking Luigi over before stopping to put his beard and hat back on. We're then shown Mario, still playing with toys, hear Wario's voice and see him go past the toy store's entrance. Mario then attacks him, confusing him for Santa, and says what he wants for Christmas. Meggy then skids to a halt and laughs as SMG4 and Luigi stare in shock and confusion respectively.

The scene then cuts to Wario hanging upside-down on a tunnel's ceiling, with Waluigi trying to get him down, and Mario and Meggy high five as SMG4, Luigi, and Peach look on. Meggy then looks to the sky as it starts snowing, and also shows everyone else's reactions. Meggy then catches snowflake and asks what it is, admiring it. Mario tells her it's snow, and that you can do lots of stuff with it, he then gets on a sled, which barely moves. Swagmaster and Chris then pop up from behind a fence and Swagmaster says that Christmas carols are needed, causing Chris to panic. Swagmaster then procedes to sing 'Jingle Bells', causing SMG4 to panic and Peach's head to explode.

It then also shows that SMG4 and Luigi have caught fire and that Mario's head is bleeding. Meggy merely complains about the 'horrible screeching noise'. Then Fishy Boopkins shows up and tells Meggy that Christmas is about playing in the snow with your friends. The scene then transitions to a much snowier neighborhood, and shows everyone having fun. Meggy builds a snowman that has Mario's head, and Mario makes one resembling a goomba with her key features (beanie, goggles, headphones, and tentacles). Boopkins is making a snow angel and Toad trying his best, but only making a circle. Meggy is sled racing against two teams, SMG4 and Peach along with Mario and Luigi. Due to SMG4 being in front of Mario and Luigi, he flips them off, making Mario angry and redirect their path to go off a ramp, which sends them through Shroomy's window. Meggy holds a mistletoe over Mario and SMG4's heads, causing them both to puke, making her laugh.

Everyone is then shown gathered around a fire happily until Luigi gets hit with a snowball thrown by Bowser. He then states that Christmas is all about throwing snowballs at people and does a little dance, but stops when a snowball hits his belly. The thrower is revealed to be Meggy, with Mario taunting him. Bowser then screams "Snowball Fight!" and rapid-fire throws snowballs toward Mario, who uses Boopkins as a shield that eats them. Toad is then shown trying, and failing, to fire back. Wario and Waluigi then show up, also rapid-fire throwing, also aiming for Boopkin's mouth. This causes his head to explode from over-capacity, sending Mario backwards. SMG4 and Peach are then shown firing back and Wario and Waluigi, who both expertly dodge their throws. SMG4 is then hit in the face and sent flying backward. This causes Peach to call in a tactical nuke, which is dropped by Toadsworth.

The nuke doesn't do anything however, as it is made of snow. Bowser, Wario, and Waluigi look at each other confused before one of them hits Peach in the face. We're then shown Toad, Luigi, and Meggy taking cover, with Luigi cowering in fear. Meggy then stands up and starts running towards her competition, with Luigi telling her that she can't win alone. Bowser is then hit with a snowball, presumably thrown by Meggy, who is then shown running towards them, with Wario acting Confident and Waluigi taunting her. She then says that they messed with the wrong squid before slipping on ice and falling on her face. This causes Mario, Luigi, and Toad to recoil in shock, while also showing SMG4 writhling in pain. Wario then taunts Meggy by calling her cocky before hitting her with a snowball, which they celebrate about. Meggy is then shown to be giggling, and when Wario asks why, she asks where their Christmas spirit is. This makes everyone laugh happily, save Wario, who's very confused.

Meggy then looks happily at all of her friends and says that she found her own meaning of Christmas. Everyone then races to Peach's castle for dinner, getting more encouragement by Mario saying "Last one there has to give me their dinner!".

After everyone runs of screen, Bob falls from the sky in Santa's sleigh, complaining that he didn't get to say what he thinks the meaning of Christmas is. He then throws Santa (who is most likely dead, as Bob is holding a sniper rifle) onto the ground and says Christmas is all about Santa. He then asks everyone to "go on a crazy Christmas adventure just like 2015". He then realizes that he's alone and says "Look's like it's the strip club for us, Santa."




  • This is the second time Meggy attacks with a K.O. sound. The first was Wild, Wild Mario.
  • Mario's face looks a bit different when looking at the Toy Store and Wario with the fake beard.
  • Swagmaster69696969696 and Chris appear again. (only cameo)
  • Meggy's giggle is voiced as there are no laughing voice clips for Inklings.
  • Bob only appears in the ending. (only cameo)
  • During the mall scene, while Wario is performing his "magic", between when Meggy is staring at Wario and when she is excited about what it did,  you can notice that her model has been changed. 
  • Fishy Boopkins actually wears a Squid Nordic.
  • This is the first Christmas special to feature Meggy, Fishy Boopkins, Bob, Swagmaster69696969696, Chris and Shroomy.

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