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Here, Smg4 Goes to japan simplified!

SMG4: The Japan Trip

< SMG4: The Japan Trip

Saiko Bichitaru: here is one of the many famous temples in Japan!

SMG4: WOW! (takes a picture)

Bob Bobowski: Looks like the last 50 temples we have looked at! (Gets kicked)

Saiko: Appreciate my culture, you filthy gaijin!

Fishy Boopkins: Uh, Saiko, this is cool and all, but can we go to Tokyo City?

Bob: Yeah, we’re only in Japan for a day, I wanna go see anime waifus!

Saiko: ugh fine...

Saiko: only if one of you pulls the cart

Bob and Boopkins: Dibs, not it!

SMG4: Goddamnit!

Bob: Faster, horsey, faster!


Boopkins: Thanks for showing us around, Saiko!

Saiko: Yeah, well, think of it as thanks for taking me here all the way from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Boopkins: Yeah. If anime ban doesn’t get lifted, I just might live here!

Saiko: You should. Japan is great

Bob: Faster, you stupid fatman.


Bob: SMG4, you ass, I could’ve gotten a boo boo, If I had died. I would’ve never talked to you again!

Bob: Oh, hi!

Boopkins: Uhh, the Japanese folk don't look too happy to see us.

Japan Folk 1 (helmetless Chargin' Chuck): I'm gonna kick your ass.

Saiko: Hey! We’re sorry... We’ll pay for all the dam-

Bob: Holy dick balls, look at that!

Saiko: Wow! We’re right next to Akihabara, the anime town.

Boopkins: ANIME TOWN?!

Bob: Yea! boooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Boopkins: Yay!

Boopkins: This is the best day of my life.

SMG4: Well, I’m glad that you’re enjoying it, because this is the last stop for the day.

Bob: Holy moly, look at all the 2D ladies!




Saiko: hmm... I’m going to miss this...


Boopkins: Ooh, they got all my favorite manga here!

SMG4: Wow! This is amazing.

Bob: This is hot.

(Monty Mole sings "Carol of the Bells")

Monty Mole: Oh my god, she looks so realistic!

Saiko: What the hell is your problem? I am real!

Monty Mole: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just thought you were one of Mr. Axol’s creations!

Saiko: What?

Monty Mole: Look!

Axol: Yes! Yes!

Boopkins: Oh my god, it’s him! It’s Axol!!

Bob: Who’s Axol? Sounds like a deodorant brand lol.

Boopkins: What!?! You don’t know who he is?

Boopkins: He’s only the most famous Japanese comic artist in the entire world! His manga Nova Explorers is one of the highest selling comics of all time!

Boopkins: Bob?

Bob: (to Birdo) Hey, baby, you’re looking sexy, wanna hang out?

Birdo: (Shoots an egg at Bob.)


(Axol signs Bob-omb, Galoomba and Dr. Eggman)

(Now he signs Mecha Koopa, Snowman)

Boopkins: Uh hello Mr. A-

Boopkins: Oh man, I guess he’s busy.

SMG4: Come on, I’ll help get him to talk to you.

Boopkins: Oh yay!

SMG4: Hey! Come on! Excuse me!!!!

(He signs Yoshi's and Bully)


Axol: Now LET’S DRAW!

Axol: You guys are in for a treat.

Saiko: What...What is he doing?

Boopkins: He’s using his special drawing pen.

SMG4: Special drawing pen? What does that do?

Axol: Put on a show for them!

SMG4: Did he just...bring anime characters to life???

Bob: Holy tits, maybe he can draw me some waifus babes!

Saiko: Anime...characters life??

Axol: Thank you all you lovely people! But for now I must say 'sayonara!'

Boopkins: No senpai! Wait!

Boopkins: Oh, there he is! Senpai!!

Bob: Mr. Axol. Can you please draw me 2d-

Bob: Holy dicks!

Axol: Train station please!

Boopkins: No Mr. Axol. Come back!

Saiko: After that Snorlax!!!

SMG4: Hey! Get down from there!

SMG4: Aha!

SMG4: Alright Let's do this!

Boopkins: (screaming)

Boopkins: Aha!

Policeman: What's going on in here?

Boopkins: Yay, let's go see him.

SMG4: Boopkins wait! Look!

Boopkins: All right, guys, let's pick it up.

Bob: Don't worry guys. I have a plan!

Bob: Okay, I'm out of ideas.

Saiko: No! I need to know how he makes anime characters come to life!

SMG4: Hang on...I may have an idea...

SMG4: Excuse me!

SMG4: Greetings! I am an assistant of the famous manga writer from the Mushroom kingdom!

SMG4: Bobu-san!

Bobu-san: Sup, homie?

SMG4: As proof, look at this beautiful anime sculpture that he made.

Boopkins: Ah!

Axol: Is that a fellow manga artist?!

Axol: Let him in!

Bobu-san: Oh hell yeah boy!

SMG4:'s a bit dirty in here...

Bobu-san: I know right? Reminds me of my house.

Axol: Welcome to my domain...

Bobu-san: Yo! I am Bobu-san the famous manga artist. These are my bitches. Bitches say hello.

Boopkins & SMG4: Hello.

Axol: Woah!

Axol: So life like!

Axol: So much more detail than my creations!

Saiko: Personal space douchebag!


Axol: Bobu-san, tell me your ways.

Axol: How did you get such a high quality living anime creature?

Saiko: Who you calling "creature"?!

Axol: Mine are all just simple minded idiots that only last for a few minutes.

Axol: Well...?

Bobu-san: Um...

Bobu-san: I'm a level 99 weeaboo.

Bob: Ow. Hey! What was that for?

Saiko: Look, he's not actually a manga artist and we're not his assistants.

Saiko: We just really wanted to ask you some things.

Boopkins: I'm sorry for tricking you senpai. Things have just been so horrible since anime's been banned back home!

Axol: Wait, what did you just say?!

Saiko: Yea, the Mushroom Kingdom banned anime. Look!

Kermit: We enter week 3 of the anime ban with the Anime Secret Service pressing down even harder on everyone's favorite Japanese cartoons.

Axol: Very well it is decided.

Axol: Green frog!

Boopkins: My name's boopkins.

Axol: You have been done a great injustice!

Axol: It is my goal...

Axol: No, it is my destiny!

Axol: To save you from oppression and return glorious anime to your kingdom!

Bob: Does that include waifus?

Axol: Of course!

Bob: Yeah boy! Time to tickle my pickle!

Saiko: If you're making anime legal, that means I can go back to the Mushroom Kingdom!

Boopkins: Oh we are destined to meet you Axol senpai! But what's your plan for legalizing anime?

Axol: Leave that to me and ol' Ink Weaver here!

Axol: Yeah, we'll show them the joy of anime!!!

Boopkins: Isn't he great guys?