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SMG4 MEGA COMPILATION | 5 years of retardedness is a Ssenmodnar blooper by SMG4, made to celebrate his being on YouTube for five years. It makes heavy use of clips from past videos. Internally, it is a Ssenmodnar video (because it appears in SMG4's Ssenmodnar playlist), and the first video in the series not to include Ssenmodnar in the title.


Five years ago, SMG4 uploaded his very first video to YouTube. Now, we look back at some of the most famous and some of the craziest scenes of past videos, from 2012-2016!



The Nyan Mario scene from a Ssenmodnar video appears, with Mario reacting to how long ago it was. Seeing this again, his mind explodes. After a special intro, the skits begin.



  1. Toad can be seen doing some type of roleplay with his dolls. It can be presumed to be a parody of the ending of a Super Mario game. However, as soon as he sees SMG4, he screams.
  2. Mario and SMG4 are screaming. The reason why is because their truck is flipping over in the air. Surprisingly, the truck manages to land right-side up. Sure, they made it, but they are still scared as they continue their journey.
  3. Wario fires the Waluigi launcher towards the screen.
  4. Steve pretends to be a helicopter. He then soars through the sky, but gets shot down by two people on the castle grounds.
  5. The Waluigi Launcher passes Donkey Kong. Wario is confused, but then he is blasted away, probably by the big ape.
  6. Mario in retard mode, saying "Let's have fun!"
  7. A guy doing retard talk.
  8. A plate of spaghetti running away from Mario, with the plumber chasing it.
  9. Mario is having a sweet rave party.
  10. A police officer saying "Stop right there!"
  11. Mario is facing SuperGoldStar2 at IKEA. He then punches the register and retardedly goes away. The cashier only looks at him.
  12. Stacy is also doing a retard talk.
  13. Mario saying "Be an man!"
  14. SMG4 asks someone to call the police. Then from behind the door, the SMB theme plays a little bit before being cut off by a punch.
  15. Mario and a tubby chef are fighting over food, that being tubby custard and spaghetti.
  16. Lime90 telling Mario to shut up. Mario agrees, but then he runs around like crazy, making airplane-like noises.
  17. Steve, notably naked, says his name.
  18. The Tubby Chef dragging Mario away.
  19. Mario says "Be a man! Do the right thing!" Then he punches Luigi.
  20. A treasure chest opens. Out comes a Justin Bieber magazine, which makes Mario scream in horror.
  21. King Bob-omb is dancing, because he is the winner of a battle.
  22. Mario eats a mushroom, then his head shrinks because of that. Mario is pissed and says that usual "mama f**ker" thing.
  23. Mario looks for the princess. Then he gets blasted away by Peach, who says that she is on her period.
  24. A Spindel is rolling down a path to the tune of Chamillionaire's "Ridin' Dirty." Mario ends up getting squashed by it. The Spindel then douches swag glasses.
  25. Mario is in his process mode, but the program Mario.exe crashes, pissing off the narrator.
  26. Mario says "Sparkly shoes!" Everyone around him goes crazy upon him saying that.
  27. Mario looks at SMG4's keyboard and sh*ts on it. SMG4 the goes "Oh what the f*ck?!"
  28. The phone is ringing. Mario then shouts into it "WTF YOU WANT?!" But then, the phone goes silent, making Mario wonder what went on.
  29. Steve plays the piano like a madman, with the mansion going on fire. Then it shows him simply playing some random keys.
  30. Wario and Waluigi look up at something, and then they are surprised at what they see. They then run away from what they saw. You are incorrect if you said anything but chain chomp.
  31. Mario is flying, but then gets shot by a rainbow. He then falls down as a result of the explosion. The bob-omb who shot the rainbow then tells him "Taste the rainbow, motherf**ker!"
  32. A man tells the viewers that they should be nice and kind to others. He asks a guy near him if he agrees. The answer: "Nooooooo!"
  33. MarioYell1's phone is ringing. Lime90 tells (and eventually screams at) him that his phone is ringing, but MarioYell1 sleeping cannot hear him.
  34. Mario is singing the birthday song. In the middle of that, it shows SMG4 getting attacked by an old man on the plane with Mario wondering where the food is. The song part of the skit gets interrupted once more by a clip of Wario and Waluigi running away from a chain chomp until it was tea time, to which the three sit down and have a picnic. Then finally, Mario finishes the birthday song for Ryan.
  35. Mario is dancing to "You Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer, but he is replacing "Ya can't touch this" with "Mama F**ker!"
  36. Steve is flying on a piano and is going to Mexico.
  37. Wario is in a kart and everything around him suddenly goes insane. He is then seem freaking out while saying "OMG YESSS!"
  38. The song playing is "Do u believe in magic?" Mario says "I believe in magic" and jumps out a window.
  39. There are 3 Blueman5s saying "Hello" but Mario joins naked, and says hello, messing up the performance.
  40. Naked mario shows up on someones computer and causing the guy to run away
  41. FrPurple and Stacy are still freaking out.
  42. Mario is still making airplane noises continuing from skit #11.
  43. SMG4 is on fire and says "Haha! I'm on fire motherf**ker!"
  44. SMG4 says "umm" and Mario is walking by Dr. Mario and falls off the table. Mario says "Oh no! I've fallen and i cant get up!" and Dr. Mario says that he doesn't see anything wrong.
  45. Bowser is screaming at spike balls.
  46. BlueBlueBob7 joins them and is saying retarded things.
  47. Starman3 shows up on SMG4's computer and says "Da"! Causing SMG4 to freak out and scream.
  48. A screen says Please Stand By
  49. Mario is gibberish. Toad says 'No. She is a b*tch.
  50. Wario says "Yes! OMG!" and blows up.
  51. Mario is in his van saying "WHAT THE F**K IS THAT?", causing peach to look away, and Mario runs her over.
  52. Po the teletubby made tubby custard but Mario is getting chased by a bunch of Teletubbies who steal Po's custard causing him to say "You son of a b*tch!"
  53. The baby sun tells the teletubbies to f**k Mario up.
  54. Mario is still making airplane noises which causes Lime90 to swear.
  55. Mario is hitting his head on a door.
  56. Bowser is in the bath tub. Suddenly he hears a beeping noise and says "WTF" before he explodes.
  57. Mario is banging on a keyboard to get a password and typing a bunch of random crap. The password is right, shocking him.
  58. Mario asks Peach if she has cake. Peach says "NO!" and then laughs. Mario kicks her off a cliff.
  59. Bowser Jr. states that mario can't get past his guards. They are koopa troopas. This is what they say: My A** itches. Wow! double rainbow. Which way to the bathroom? Am I a boy or a girl?.
  60. A Minecraft snowman says "I am snowman you shalll give me hugsz". A Minecraft chicken appears in front of shocked Mario and SMG4 saying "I am a duck!"
  61. Luigi is on a cliff and says "He's gonna make it!" Mario then jumps and falls into the canyon and explodes. Luigi states it is close enough.
  62. Toad says "Chickens!"
  63. Waluigi driving his kart while making sexy poses but gets hit by a sign.
  64. Slenderman is in a bed and says "YEAHHH!"


  1. A Mario head is on a drink machine and puking out purple liquid. And burps.
  2. Lightning hit a chair and it turns into Colonial Sanders and is singing and everyone freaks out. Old man hobo wearing a wizard hat says "10 Points to Gryffindor!" while steve says, "Yay!"
  3. A retarded Peach says "Mario the power of the tacos has been restored to the castle. Thanks mario." as she kisses Mario and says "This doesnt mean I like you you have cooties, shut up."
  4. The telletubbies are tripping balls, and thus all fall over each other. This is a PSA telling everyone to not do drugs.
  5. Chica is on the phone saying pizza until Dr. Eggman hits him with his crowbar Then he says "penis" into the phone. Mario who is on the phone says that he doesn't have any penis.
  6. Shy Guy shows slices of bread which shocks Bowser and Mario. He then puts it into the toaster and freaks outs saying "YEAH TOAST!". The toast comes which hits Shy Guy.
  7. Mario and Bowser are given a challenge to make a copy of Peach. Bowser ends up making a copy of Zero Suit Samus, and Mario ends up making a copy of a wierd, screaming Peach. Both are these were made by transforming rocks into the said characters.
  8. Shy Guy asks a Shy Gal to bring him that @$$. This proved to be a hallucination, as the Shy Gal is revealed to be Gourmet Guy. Gourmet Guy agrees to do so, leaving Shy Guy screaming in horror until Gourmet Guy sits on him.
  9. A guy in a white suit tells Mario about the world of Pokémon. Before he finishes his sentence, however, Mario sings, "B*tch do I look like I care? No!"
  10. Mario casts a spell on a Woody doll to make it come alive. It does, but soon ends up molesting the magician himself.
  11. Mario is asking Bowser to give him that butt. They chase each other around until Gourmet Guy crushes Mario.
  12. Tinky Winky presents Mario and Bowser "the candy man" while singing the song of the same name. Mario then asks Bowser, "Who the hell is that guy?"
  13. Based on a scene from the movie Frozen, Luigi is asking Mario to build a snowman with him. Mario is about to rape his brother until SMG4 pops in, forcing him to rephrase his sentence to ask him to go away. Luigi then sadly goes away.
  14. Hagrid appears in SMG4's room, dressed up like Mario. SMG4 then screams "Don't f*cking go into my closet!"
  15. Chris questions the noise that is being made in the prison, until Luigi runs him over. The green driver also gives him the death stare, but soon crashes into the wall ahead of him, causing yet another explosion.
  16. SMG4 asks Shy Guy what he wants, and then Shy Guy goes crazy for toast. Mario ends up being the cashier for a while and asks who can do some awesome cooking.
  17. Justin Bieber is doing an audition to replace Mario, until Mario himself shoves him off the set.
  18. A bowl of spaghetti is offended that Mario is cooking ravioli and proceeds to shoot the chef.
  19. Dr. Eggman is seen thrusting his pelvis in front of Sonic, scaring the blue hedgehog.
  20. Some random dude appears, saying that SMG4 invited him to be in a video. After questioning Mario about the random guy, SMG4 proceeds to push him out.
  21. One day in Telletuby Land, Dr. Laa-Laa Robotnik made a bowl of tubbie custard. The real Dr. Robotnik is freaked out by this and proceeds to get rid of Laa-Laa.
  22. A portal computer system crashes, and Mario celebrates its defeat.
  23. Toad decides to eat some cookies. However, the bullies from Lethal Lava Land appear, and run him over.
  24. Mario celebrates beating a boss in Mario Simulator, and gains one exp and one awesome point.
  25. Mario and Weegee scream at each other, then Mario asks "What the hell is that?!"
  26. Mario gets shocked by Swag Tubby, and the swag meter is filled up.
  27. Luigi is upset that Peach didn't take note of him saving her, and thanks Mario instead. Luigi then asks why no one pays attention to him before getting run over by a train.
  28. Waluigi is sleeping next to Weegee, declaring himself "totally not gay."
  29. Mario is going through a weird dimension.
  30. Steve summons Justin Bieber, and the latter appears in a very huge state, asking "Who dares summon me?"
  31. Swagmaster69696969696 introduces himself to Chris, much to the latter's annoyance.
  32. The Steve-Dorie hybrid makes an appearance, scaring two people on the ground.
  33. Mario rages at Toad Simulator.
  34. Luigi gives Mario a death stare via the TV.
  35. Mario wispers to a dead Peach that he meant to say that he would love her 5ever, which means more than 4ever. Lik if yoU ;-; everytim.
  36. Po presents a group of villains a parody of California Gurls. Pikachu gets so disgusted that he shocks himself.
  37. Po is seen in a club making love with some ladies. Laa-Laa, however, because she wasn't invited, is mad and proceeds to punch Po and rape the ladies in the club.
  38. Well, what do you know? Mario is a Tellytubby now!
  39. Kirby sends Wario and Waluigi into some bazzar land with his rainbows.
  40. Waluigi is making love with his rubber ducky. Wario gets annoyed and chases his brother around for waking him up.
  41. Toadsworth is seen dressed up as Peach. Bowser ends up confusing him for the princess, so he captures him. Bowser and Toadsworth are then see going into the distance.
  42. Mario and Luigi are weirded out by some MLG Mario Kart 64.
  43. A Chain Chomp asks some stranger "How can I help you?" This guy he is asking turns out to be Sonic, which makes the Chain Chomp asks "WTF is a Sonic?" However, the two eventually become friends on Facebook.
  44. Mario declares that he has saved the world. The world itself, however, explodes.
  45. Chica is excited when here pizza finally arrives, but is pissed when the price is announced. She then decides to stuff the pizza delivery guy into an animatronic.
  46. Dr. Eggman is seen playing Dance Dance Revolution, with Sonic and Mario looking on. The skit then crashes, declaring that Ssenmodnar 7 has stopped working due to too much awesomeness.
  47. Mario decides to join the MLG gaming party while a horrified Luigi looks on.
  48. The narrator of a nature channel points out two Luigi dolls having sex with each other.
  49. Mario (as Foxy) tears up Toad's head. Chaos commences and Mario intially apologizes, but the apology is actually empty, with Mario donning sunglasses.
  50. Wario gives Mario by shaking his fat @$$ at him, interesting the red plumber. SMG4 has no idea what is going on.
  51. Luke is trying to get Mario out of a portal, while the red plumber jumpscares a bunch of people playing SM64. Luke then pulls Mario out of the computer.
  52. A koopa makes fun of a goomba, until Captain Steve punches the bully into the sky. An old lady gets shocked at the incident, while Steve says it will serve as a lesson to the bully.
  53. Mario poops out an airplane out of his butt, but he doesn't realize it until SMG4 coments about it.
  54. Mario and SMG4 are running away from the Chain Chomp, who just broke loose from the pole he was attatched to.
  55. Mario is seen looking at himself in the mirror, but then Luke knocks him out in a sneaky attack.
  56. Peach asks SMG4 to help. SMG4 uses his cannon piness to help, but Peach gets thrown into the air.
  57. Some guard comments on how everybody wants to smell like titty sprinkles. An explosion occurs after that.
  58. SMG4 and X perform Hello by Lionel Richie, but the rope SMG4 is attatched to breaks and he falls flat on his face.
  59. Peach poops out a long pipe that sends Mario into the galaxy.
  60. Steve strips in front of an interviewer, who comments on how "interesting" it is.
  61. Waluigi recieves a win and gets sunglasses.
  62. Luigi saves an old woman crossing the street, but the woman gets run over by Mario.
  63. Mario shows his swag to Waluigi, Luigi, Wario, Shy Guy and Yoshi, by pooping out a kart.
  64. Mario says "oh, boy!"
  65. Mario is seen humping Samus for coins, only to get noticed by Steve and Peach.
  66. Luke comments on the weird mod of Sonic Generations he is seeing. A Toad mod, to be in fact.


  1. Mario does a spooky face.
  2. Chica is on the phone ordering 10,434 pizzas, which totals up to 1,340,523 coins. Chica only has 24 coins (she stole Mario's cash card), and realizing that she can't get all of the pizzas, she goes insane.
  3. Steve makes a crappy story.
  4. Steve tells Rosalina to show him her gentitals. Rosalina then asks if Steve will be the father of her babies, to which Steve responds, "LIKE A BOSS!"
  5. Robitnik hacks an existing Sonic game and turns it into Revenge of the Pingas. Sonic himself screams in horror as he witnesses the game's creation.
  6. Luigi Dances to Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire. Mario can be seen looking through the window of his brother's house.
  7. A deformed Sonic asks SMG4 to kill him. Sanic then notices the Sonci and proceeds to rape him, with Mario and SMG4 slowly walking away in disgust.
  8. Toy Bonnie and Mangle play the piness game.
  9. Wario and Waluigi make their debut into the golf tournament, but Wario gets hit by a golf club.
  10. An epic fight scene with SMG4 and Mario fighting some Teletubbies. They then corner the captain, who responds accordingly.
  11. Dr. Mario prepares to perform a medical examination on Wario. He says that it will be fine at first, but tricks him and ends up accelerating with him across the whole hospital.
  12. Frankie makes a Mario head, which Dr. Eggman questions about. He then sees Mario, who morphed his own face. Dr. Eggman shoots Mario in the face, with Frankie being declared the winner of the game.
  13. Mario inserts a bomb into Snorlax, causing him to accelerate along with Mario and a guest before crashing into a wall.
  14. Waluigi goes crazy for a golfing tournament, and scares off a golfer during the process.
  15. Some guy laughs at Pikachu, and says that it is nice to meet him. However, Pikachu shocks him instead.
  16. Waluigi does some sexy dance moves.
  17. At a club, a dealer asks if Mario knows how to play the game. Mario insists that he does. The dealer then asks the red plumber to place his chips down, but Mario, clearly understanding hoe the game works, places a bag of Doritos instead of the poker chips, annoying the old man across him.
  18. Toad is singing a parody of A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton, with Toadette walking next to him. Toadette then makes a sandwich as part of the song, but once she does, Toad kicks her off.
  19. An inverted Luigi doll enters the room with an evil laugh. SMG4, Mario, and another person is seen wearing fake Luigi heads, much to the confusion of the doll.
  20. Bowser plays rock simulator. He compliments the graphics and the rock, and calls it the best game ever.
  21. Waluigi and Wario try to make some love. He then gets noticed by Luigi and Wario, and the latter punches him off the log.
  22. Mario is riding the roulette wheel, with the old man demanding him to get the f*ck down from there.
  23. Villager notices that he found a bag of Doritos that someone gave to him as a present. This triggers his Christmas spirit.
  24. Mario plays a game with Steve, in which the latter is trying to kill him, and the former is randomly appearing from one of the four pots. Steve eventually gets so angry that he kills himself. Mario then taunts the dead Steve guy.
  25. Animatronic Mario demands Phantom Chica to stop saying pizza, but Chica refuses to listen to him. Mario then throws Chica onto the Puppet's birthday table, thus ruining his birthday. The Puppet rages as a result of this.
  26. Bowser breaks into some ceremony and demands Peach to marry him. However, he accidentally kisses Eggman, and the two freak out.
  27. Mario and Luigi run away from Springtrap. Mario falls down, but Luigi leaves him behind.
  28. Mario is dressed up like a frog, and shows a sign declaring his love to Toadette. Toadette is shocked and prepares to kill Mario, while Toad looks on with a horrified expression before walking away.
  29. Eggman is covered in rings, which suddenly turn into clones of Tails. Upon the transformation, Eggman freaks out. Sonic then tells Tails to shut up.
  30. Mario goes naked out in the city, while the nearby residents freak out and run away.
  31. Luigi gives a Boo a death stare. SMG4 is shocked, while Mario runs away, calling Luigi a weirdo.
  32. Mario declares that SMG4 has had his time, and that he will shove a pair of chopsticks in his @$$.
  33. Mario and Toad are makin' some love tonight.
  34. Bowser is seen kissing a Peach doll, which annoys the real Peach. She then punches Bowser in the face, who screams in pain.
  35. A group of police corner Mario and Franklin Clinton.
  36. A boo scares Mario and SMG4 with a face of Justin Bieber.
  37. Toadsworth sees a plane draw the words "I <3 you Toadsworth." The elder Toad then celebrates, declaring that senpai noticed him. Toad then holds a gun against his head.
  38. Trevor Philips asks Mario if he is a man or an ugly chick. Mario is offended and throws a pan at Trevor.
  39. Bowser, Bowser Jr., Mario and Wario are in a theatre watching some movie. At one point, Bowser pukes because of a disturbing moment.
  40. Mario is on the phone with Luigi, who declares that he made lots of spaghetti. Mario then celebrates, but the Villager appears, ready to kill the red plumber. Mario then freaks out.
  41. Bowser flys into the sky, easy like Sunday morning. He is then seen spazzing out in his sleep.
  42. Toad throws a tray of food at King Wooptedoo, scaring Queen Stephe. Mario and Luigi then declare the throw a nice shot, much to the Queen Stephe's annoyance.
  43. Bowser is seen reading a bedtime story to the lumas, but Kirby is not amused by the story he is telling them.
  44. Luigi introduces his gang to Queen Stephe, with the latter commenting, "where the f#ck do we find these families?"


  1. Yoshi walks the dinosaur, which causes King Boo to spaz out at his epic dance moves and explode to reveal a secret path.
  2. Swanky Monster is seen performing the Big Gay Dance, scaring Mario.
  3. Kermit taunts Mario by saying that he will shove his middle finger up Mario's butt. Mario then gets pissed and beats Kermit up, which results in a mini explosion.
  4. The Teletubbies are about to raid Luke's house, but Luke himself, disguised as a Telletubby, tries to communicate with the raiders before part of his disguise falls off. The real Telletubbies then start shooting at Luke.
  5. Mario is telling Luigi about the game Supah Pokeman Go. An ad appears asking the user to find single Bowsers in their area, which causes Luigi to run out of the room in fear.
  6. Mario and Bowser are seen trying to create a love scene from a movie. Peach, who happens to be in the audience, witnesses this on the big screen and asks the two to kiss. Bowser asks Mario to notice him, but Mario refuses and punches Bowser off the set.
  7. Toriel baked Mario a pie. Mario is then seen dancing naked on the table, causing Toriel to freak out and chase after Mario.
  8. Mario is ready to play Pokemon Go, but goes into dismay as soon as he sees that he has to go outside. Meanwhile, Luigi is seen putting his head in a furnace, trying to burn his eyes after seeing the single Bowser ad.
  9. Mario is seen running away from Woody and Toad, and the three end up riding on motorcycles. As Kermit is also about to chase Mario, he ends up with only a wheelchair, and prepares to slowly chase Mario.
  10. Papyrus cooked Mario some spaghetti. Mario is so happy that he attacks Papyrus. The skeleton asks Sans for help, who replies that Mario is simply showing affection. After a while, Papyrus finally throws Mario against a wall.
  11. SMG4 is a wallet inspector.
  12. A bunch of Demo Bunnies are seen chasing SMG4.
  13. Whie playing Pokemon Go, Mario's Nokia detects a nearby Zubat. However, Mario is unable to catch the Zubat, so he throws his phone against a tree. The phone then rebounds and hits Mario.
  14. Mario throws a bunch of Pokeballs as he tries to capture the Zubat. Upon finally capturing the Pokemon, 25643 Pokeballs were wasted.
  15. Kamek sings "Good morning to you!" to his master. That is, Bowser. The leader of the koopas then runs away in horror.
  16. Luigi hears the doorbell ring. He opens it, only to witness a feminine-looking Yoshi standing at the door. Luigi then closes the door on Yoshi.
  17. Wario and Waluigi dance and shout to "Turn Down for What."
  18. Mario's Pokemon Go game brings him to the gym. He runs across the gym, shouting, "You'll never make me excercise!"
  19. Finally, Kermit catches up to Mario after struggling on his wheelchair. He then defeats Mario, saying, "You can't do sh*t bro!"
  20. A naked Mario transforms into a body builder, and he runs into Dr. Eggman.
  21. Bowser is singing the chicken nuggets song.
  22. SMG4 walks into a crazy asian, who wants to battle with him. Luke throws a plush Snorlax at the crazy asian. However, this is uneffective, and the crazy asian chases Luke with a knife.
  23. Bob gives Mario a creepy baby doll. However, the red plumber throws it at Donkey Kong, which causes the big ape to capture him and punch, drag, and kick him around. Bob tries giving DK some bananas, but DK continues to stretch Mario like and accordion.
  24. Luke witnesses one Robotnik do a mating call to another Robotnik. They are then seen making babies, which Luke calls a remarkable moment.
  25. Chica's Cupcake is seen battling a spaghetti monster. Everyone but Toadsworth celebrates.
  26. A blue spy tries to perform "surprise buttsecks on Mario." The red plumber then runs away, and finds somewhere that the blue spy doesn't see.
  27. Admiral Ackbar suddenly pops out of a brown box, declaring, "It's a trap!" Mario is shocked and is soon blasted away.


After the last skit plays, a message plays to thank SMG4's viewers for five years on YouTube, and to stay tuned for many more years of retardness and fun. After the original "Snooping as usual I see" video appears as a bonus clip.



Removal of video

In 2019, YouTube blocked users from watching the mega compilation due to the presence of content from WMG, making the video impossible to watch. Currently, a reupload exists, as does all reaction videos.


  • Some of the flashbacks appear in the wrong category (e.g. PORTAL M4RIO: If Mario Was In Portal was made in 2016, but appears under a booper made in 2014).
  • SMG4 began making videos in 2011, but bloopers from 2011 do not appear in this video.
    • The reason being that SMG4 hates them.
  • This is the final video to use the original outro. However, it uses a clip from SM64: Ssenmodnar 8 (150k Special) rather than the previous video.

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