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Glitch Productions Presents...

(Meggy is laying on her bed at night)

Meggy: Last year ... was rough.

(Flashback of her still being an Inkling)

Meggy: Life used to be simple...

Meggy: Wake up, go about my day...

Meggy: And then train... and train... and train.

Meggy: Until that fateful day...

(She turned into her squid from and swims into a paint can, which is closed by a Piantas who were transporting paint to the Mushroom Kingdom.)

Meggy: The day that I met that red goofball.

Meggy: I'm really thankful. Because of him, we've had so many good times together.

(More flashbacks)

Meggy: And I've made so many friends among the way.

(More and more flashbacks)

(Back to reality)

Meggy: But like I said...

(Flashbacks of the Anime Arc)

Meggy: Last year was rough...

(Flashback of Desti being stabbed by False Sephiroth)

(Meggy rise from the bed because of thinking this. She looks at the "Splatfest Champion" poster which is hanging in her room)

(Flashback of Desti telling Meggy that she better win the Splatfest for her in her final moments)

Meggy: But this is a new year.

"(Now, we cut the flashback and return to the present.)"

Meggy: And this one belongs to me!

(In the next day, Meggy, Tari, Mario, and Luigi are in an unknown training area for their last training before Splatfest. Bowser, Shroomy, Saiko, Boopkins, Bob, Axol and Toad are also seen on the bleachers.)

Meggy: So this is it huh?

Luigi: Seems that way

Tari: The final challenge!

Mario: Time to dieeeee!

(Mario takes out his gun and jump up to the air)

E.Gadd: No no no stop stop stop!

(Mario falls down and hit his p*nis)

Mario: My p*nis!

E.Gadd: You guys are here to test out my new inventions remember?

E.Gadd: The Ink Boi 3000!

E.Gadd: To stand a chance in this competition, you guys need to swim and move around like inklings!

E.Gadd: That's why I made these bad boys to even the playing field.

Meggy: Pfft.... I don't need a stupid invention to help me at Splatfest.

E.Gadd: Nonsense! Don't think it as help.

(He gives Meggy the Ink Boi)

E.Gadd: Think of it as giving you the same power as the rest of those Inklings!

E.Gadd: Now! I've given you each an Ink Boi as well, I ran out of surfboards, so you each have an household items. They should all still work the same though hoho!

(Luigi is playing with his chair, Tari is holding the keyboard, and Mario puts his lawn mower on his head and his head is destroyed)

Mario: Yep, that's a lawn mower.

Meggy: This is insulting...

Tari: Aww c'mon Meggy. I know you are not an Inkling anymore, but there's no shame in getting a little help.

Meggy: No that's stupid!

Meggy: I know I'm a human but my skills are still as great as ever!

(SMG4 is standing at a tower in the observation area, holding his megaphone)

SMG4: Alright! Enough of your yappin'!

Meggy: And I definitely don't need a stupid gadget to help me.

E.Gadd: Welp suit yourself Meggy.

(E.Gadd walks away)

SMG4: Tomorrow is the big tournament!

SMG4: Splatfest!!

SMG4: And this is going to be your final training section.

(The rest of the gang who are at the observation area cheer)

SMG4: It's a 1-hit kill round. You get hit, you are out.

(He take out his gun)

SMG4: Now let's fiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

(He shoots his gun too hard and falls off the tower)

(Meggy, who is holding her Splattershot, is rushing into the middle of the arena. Just until she found Mario, who is sitting on his lawn mower is behind her. Meggy immediately shoots him and Mario use his Ink Boi to dodge the attack. And he swims in the ink and jump up in front of Meggy to ambush her. However Mario is shot by Tari right before he can attack Meggy. The watching gang are all surprised because that.)

SMG4: You're out!!

(Tari smiles at what she have done until she notice Luigi is above her, grinning and holding his weapon.)

Luigi: Weegee time!

(Luigi swings his weapon in 360 degree to attack the girls. Meggy dodges his attack and Tari uses her Ink Boi to escape.)

Luigi: Oh man this is pretty tiring...

(Meggy attacks Luigi in behind)

SMG4: Luigi's out!

(Meggy smiles but just then realizes Tari is above her.)

Tari: It's over Meggy!

Tari: I have the high ground!

Meggy: You can't beat me, I taught you everything you know!

(She attacks Tari, and Tari use her Ink Boi to dodge the attack once again.)

Fishy Boopkins: Aww man she's too slippery.

Bob: Meggy better starts using her Ink Boi soon.

(Meggy hides in a corner near Tari, then Meggy suddenly throws a bomb to surprise Tari. However, Tari dodges her attack. And counters Meggy.)

SMG4: And Meggy's out! Tari wins!!!

(The gang cheer)

Tari: Man, these Ink Bois really do make a difference!

E.Gadd: Of course! My inventions can't be beaten.

Shroomy: Oh god jez the show was amazing Tari! Yeah!

Saiko: Yeah! You kicked ass out there!

(Meggy sees the gang cheering for Tari, she feels a bit jealous)

Fishy Boopkins: You guys did really well too!

Mario: Thanks! Mario's gonna kick everyone ass tomorrow!

Luigi: Yeah, I have a good feeling about this Splatfest.

Tari: Hehe yaaay!

Tari: What do you think Meggy?

Meggy: Yeah, whatever...

(The whole gang are surprised at Meggy's reaction)

SMG4: Meggy... are you ok?

Meggy: Yeah I'm fine...

(The gang are still worried)

Mario: Woo! Who's ready for a pre-competition party at Meggy's???

Bob: Hell yeah, let's party!

(The gang run off. Meggy looks at her Ink Boi, wondering if she should use it)

Mario: Hey Meggy!

Mario: Let's-a-go! We are waiting for you!

Meggy: O-oh right!

(The gang is enjoying the party in Meggy's house.)

(Mario and Tari are playing video games)

Mario: Oh boy, I love Splatoon 3!

(Boopkins is singing Calamari Inkantation with his terrible voice and Bob is rapping with his deadly rapping skill. Sakio is playing her electronic guitar and Shroomy is playing his banjo. SMG4 is chatting with Luigi and Axol)

SMG4: And then he told me to make a 40 minute movie. And I was like "A movie?" and I went to cry for 10 hours.

(Meggy sits on a sofa, holding her drink she seems to be worried about something. She walks away and left the party room. Only Axol notices it. Meggy goes to her bedroom, looking at her phone on her bed. She looks at Desti's picture.)

Meggy: Am I really ready for this?

Meggy: I know I promise you I'd win Splatfest, but... can I?

(Flashback of Desti funeral) Meggy: I promise you I'll win splatfest...

Meggy: for us.

Meggy: And this is the last Splatfest last chance.

Meggy: I guess I have no choice but to win!

Meggy: Don't you worry.

Axol: Hey, uhh, Meggy.

Axol: Just wanted to check in and see if you were doing ok?

Meggy: Oh, Hey Axol!...I'm fine.

Meggy: Was just a bit tired after today.

Axol: Right!

Axol: Uhh do you want to maybe...

Axol: Come and chill with us?

Meggy: Uhh...

Mario: Yeah Meggy! We gonna play Pin The Tail On The Boopkins next.

Meggy: Really?!


Mario: Hey Boopkins!

Boopkins: Huh?

Mario: Guess what time it is?


Mario: Come on! Do it for Mario's morale! Tommorrow is Splatfest day!!!

Luigi: Is it too late to go back?

Luigi: You know, I'm not that good now that I think about it-

Mario: Luigi!

Luigi: Huh?

Mario: Don't be such a bitch.



Meggy: We are more than ready for this. I know we are.

Meggy: There is no way we can lose! And since-

Tari: Hey Meggy...are you ok?

Meggy: Huh...yeah. I'm fine...

Meggy: Alright guys. Its time.

Mario: Time to kick some ass.

Tari: Bring it on!!!

Callie: Welcoooome everyone to the last final Splatfest!

Marie: Yes, According to the bosses, Splatfest just isn't "cost-effective" anyone.

Callie: So as payback, we've gone and spent all the company's money on making this... THE BIGGEST. SPLATFEST. EVER!

(Audiences cheering loudly)

Marie: That's right, we have spared no expense in making this Splatfest, Super special!

Callie: This Splatfest is going to be very different from what we're normally used to.

(Marie blows a whistle)

Marie: For Round 1, we have... The Splatfest Course!!!

Callie: Teams only have 20 minutes to brave this dangerous course, Everyone who makes it to the end will advance to the second round!

Marie: We also have a TON of competitors this time around!!!

Mario: KIDS GONNA DIE TONIGHT! (Mario is seen wearing boxing gloves)

Callie: For today's round though, there is to be NO fighting! This is a match of agility and skill ONLY!

Marie: So anyone who breaks out into a fight will be disqualified.

Mario: Ohh... (Mario takes the gloves off.)

Callie: Get hyped folks! We will begin in just a few minutes while the audiences piles in.

(Meggy is doing a quad stretch, while Mario whispers to her.)

Mario: Psst. Yo, Meggy, Now would be a really good time to take out Ink Boi.

Meggy: Nah, I don't need it.

Mario: Hmmm...

Tari: Hey guys, looks like we have a cheer squad!

(SMG4, Fishy Boopkins, Bob, and everyone else are cheering for the SplatSquad in the bleachers, except for Toad.)


Bob: Yeah, go get them! Do it for Bob!

(Toad, sitting next to Bowser, silently does nothing, since he doesn't even wanna be there.)


Meggy: Hehe, we have quite the friends, don't we?

???: Pfft... a team of humans?

(Meggy reacts in a shock and wears a murderous expression)

???: Guess they'll let anyone enter Splatfest now.

Meggy: Who... said that?

Killer Ink Leader: We did.

Killer Ink Leader: And we can't believe they let a bunch of HUMANS join.

Meggy: Why don't you get lost before I tear you a new ink hole?

Killer Ink Commando: Meggy Spletzer?! What happened to you?! What a freak! Hehehehe!

Killer Ink Sniper: What's wrong? Couldn't cut it as an Inkling?

(Killer Ink starts laughing.)

Mario: HEY STINKY! LOOK AT THIS! Ooooohhh...... (Mario bird flips Killer Ink)

Luigi: L-Leave Meggy alone! She's still tough and talented, even as a human!

(Killer Ink starts laughing even louder)

Tari: It's ok Meggy, we'll show during the competition.

Meggy: Yeah. It's almost time...

Callie: ARE YOU READY?! (The competitors are ready.)

Marie: IS THE AUDIENCE READY?! (The crowd cheers.)



(The first obstacle)

Leader: Give up before you embarrass yourselves, humans!

Luigi: Just ignore them, Meggy. Let's just worry about us. (Luigi, Mario, and Meggy slide down the pipes.)

Mario: Nice one!

Meggy: See? I can handle myself perfectly fine! (Tari is still at the top.)

Tari: G-guys? Did I tell you I'm afraid of heights?

Luigi: Don't worry, Tari! Just use your Ink Boi and you'll be fine! (A terrified Tari closes her eyes.)

Mario: Tari? You made it over already.

(The second obstacle)

Luigi: What? There's nothing here. (He's wrong. Dangerously wrong!)

Mario: Well, this seems safe.

Meggy: Don't worry! We got this, guys! (Meggy makes it through.)

Luigi: Just play it cool, Luigi. (The terrified plumber makes it through. Mario also makes it through, but gets decapitated in the process. Tari makes it through off-screen.)

(The third obstacle)

Mario: There's no way we can throw that far! (Tari throws the Zapfish plush and uses her weapon to make the shot, completing the challenge.)

(The fourth obstacle)

Mario: (Sees the Inklings writhing on the ground in pain.) What a bunch of babies. (The SplatSquad make it through with ease.)

(The fifth obstacle)

(Tari uses her Ink Boi to make it through. The Mario Bros. simply jump on the platforms. Meggy falls into the lava, setting her butt on fire. However, just like Mario, it gives her a boost and she lands in front of Mario.)

Callie: How'd she...

Mario: Awww. She's learned well from Mario... (Luigi is confused.)

(The final obstacle)

Tari: Guys, there's the finish line! (30 seconds left)

Luigi: Mamma-Mia! We only got 30 seconds left! Let's go!!!! (Tari and Luigi make it through, but Mario wasn't launched far enough.)


Boopkins: Mario, watch out! (Mario jumps on an Inkling and makes it across.)


Meggy: No! I can get through this!

Tari: Come on, Meggy! You got this.

Luigi: MEGGY LOOK OUT! (The leader of Team Killer Ink pushes Meggy into the pit! The villains make it through. An angered Mario charges at them.)

Mario: ALRIGHT! LEMME AT 'EM! LEMME AT 'EM! (Luigi holds him back.)


Tari: GUYS! MEGGY!! (Meggy uses her bombs to propel herself upward but she hits the wall. Tari grabs her arm. Luigi is holding on to Tari's legs, and Mario is doing the same to Luigi, forming a chain.) I got her! Pull us up! (Mario does so.)

Meggy: Thank... thank you guys... (The timer blares.)


Marie: What a spectacular performance and amazing display of skill!!

Callie: Congrats to our 8 remaining teams! (Killer Ink, SplatSquad, Ink Brigade, Hale Hydro, Kelp Buds, Coral House, DrownZone, Splooj) Rest up folks because we'll be back tomorrow with Round 2!!!!

Callie and Marie: Stay fresh!

Leader: Pfft... you guys actually made it?

Killer Ink Thug: Quit while you're ahead, human. (Meggy, pissed off, tackles Leader.)

Mario:: MAMA FUCKER! (Mario attacks Thug.)

Luigi: WHA! GUYS! NO!!


Marie: Don't do it again or you will be disqualified!

Meggy: Fine... (She walks off.)

Mario: Wait for Mario! (Leader and Thug are unconscious.)

Meggy: JUST WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?! It shouldn't matter if I'm human or not!

Meggy: Discriminating against me and my friends. I'M GONNA DESTROY THEM TOMORROW!

Meggy: Maybe some ice cream will help me cool off...

Meggy: I'll have one Scallop Vanilla ice cream.

Crusty Sean: Sorry Ma'am... We do not serve humans.

Meggy: Huh?! Why not!?

Crusty Sean: Health and safety regulations ma'am.

Meggy: That's stupid! Well I don't want your stupid ice cream anyway. I'm gonna take my business elsewhere! (Everywhere she goes, she sees no humans allowed signs. She starts to lose it. But then...)

??? Hey, you.

(Being shocked Meggy turns around and sees someone. And that someone is her past Inkling self.)

Meggy (Inkling): What's wrong? You look you've seen a ghost.

Meggy (Human): Y-You? No wait. But you're me! You can't be here!!!

Meggy (Inkling): Do you really think you'll be able to pull this off... in your current state?

Meggy (Human): Of course! I'm just as good as I ever was!

Meggy (Inkling): Are you though?

Meggy (Inkling): I would have jumped over that last obstacle no problem.

Meggy (Inkling): You on the other other hand...

Meggy (Human): I still made it in the end.

Meggy (Inkling): Yeah, but only with your friends' help.

Meggy (Inkling): Admit it. We need to use that Ink Boi!

Meggy (Human): No! I don't need that stupid thing! I'm perfectly capable on my own.

Meggy (Inkling): Alright then. If you really don't care winning then suit yourself. See ya.

Meggy (Human): HEY WAIT! Come back here! We're not done yet!-

The next day...


Marie: In today's round, we're playing something special we like to call... TOWER DEFENSE!

Callie: We've already held first match earlier today and Killer Ink has already won and have moved to the finals.

Callie: For this 2nd and final match! We have four teams in total competing for last spot in the finals.

Marie: Now the rules, This is a battle of points. The first team to score 100 points win!

Callie: But Marie, how do we get points?

Marie: I'm glad you asked Callie. (Presses a button.)

Squidward: What are those Neanderthals up to? (Callie presses a button. A sentry appears and incinerates Squidward.) AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

(Scoreboard shows the Squid Sisters earned 1 point)

Callie: This is tower defense so an INFINITE wave of monsters will be coming at the teams.

Marie: Each kill is a point. Simple!

Callie: But watch out though! (Callie pulls out one of the Splat Dualies pistols and shoots Marie)

Callie: If you get splattered, your team will lose 10 points! NOW WHO'S READY?!

(Axol looks worried.)

Meggy: We got this, guys!

Marie: LET THE GAMES BEGIN!! (The four teams fight the monsters.)

Tari: Hey! We're winning!


Meggy: Get our of here! (Shoots the Inkling, but misses.) Damn it. Just focus on getting points! (The Ink Brigade is in the lead.)

Tari: Guys. We have to start taking other people's kills too. Otherwise, we won't stand a chance.

Meggy: Ok! Spread out! (The fight continues. The four teams battle amongst each other as the monsters continue to fall. Meggy gets hit, costing the Splat Squad 10 points.)

Luigi: OH, NO!!!

Meggy: Crap, sorry guys!

Mario: Don't worry! Just keep murdering! (The fight continues. Mario destroys multiple monsters at once.)


Luigi: Oh, man! Guys, look! We're so close to winning!


Meggy: GUYS! GO GO GO! (Suddenly, Mario sees something suspicious. Unfortunately, the match ends.)



Callie: WHAT AN EPIC BATTLE! Ink Brigade, you'll be moving to the finals!

(Ink Brigade cheers in victory)

Meggy: I can't believe-...Desti, I...I LET YOU DOWN. *crying*

Mario: No Meggy, it's not your fault it's-


Luigi: Meggy... we...

(Meggy runs away from her team and leaves the arena)

Tari: What is it, Mario?

Mario: Mario smells something fishy...

(Scene cuts to Meggy being on the roof of a skyscraper)

Meggy: *Crying* I'm...sorry...

Axol (Desti's voice): Don't be sad...

Meggy: WHAT?!

(Meggy shockingly turns around sees Axol behind her)

Axol: I said don't be sad...There's not much else I can really say.

Axol: But, maybe I can take your mind off things?

Axol: Hehe, I got the Professor to give ol' Inkweaver a little upgrade too.

Meggy: I...I don't think now's a good time Axol.

Axol: Nonsense! Now is the BEST time to kick back and just have some fun.

Meggy: Screw it. (She and Axol surf on ink.)

Meggy: I missed what this felt like...

(Scene cuts back to the Tower Arena, Mario, Luigi, and Tari are seen investigating the place.)

Luigi: Why are we back the the Tower Defense Arena?

Tari: Yeah...I really feel like should be with Meggy right now.

Mario: Hmmmmm...

Luigi: Mario!! Mario!!

(Mario searches the arena, until he stumped across a controller.)

Mario: AHA!!!

(Mario presses a button, and a cannon appears, shooting out Squidward dummies)

Mario: I KNEW IT!

Tari: Fake Squidwards and an illegal trap?!

Mario: Mario thought he saw something fishy!

Luigi: What...What does this mean?


(Meggy and Axol returns to top of the building)

Axol: So you feel any better?

Meggy: Yeah...Just wish I didn't have to rely on this stupid thing...

Axol: There's nothing wrong with relying on it...I'm the greatest manga artist in the world!

Axol: But even I need the Inkweaver to unlock my true potential. (Axol pulls out a piece of paper on the floor, uses the Inkweaver to draw and summoning Ryu.)

Meggy: It's not the same... (Ryu eventually fades away and disappears.)

Axol: (frustrated) Well why not? I mean, you already use a Splattershot when competing. What's the difference between that and an Ink Boi?


(Meggy throw the board on the floor)

Meggy: I could just do things...normally...

Axol: ...You're right. You're not an Inkling anymore. But you never stopped being you.

Axol: You're just Meggy... and that's all the world can ever ask of you.

Axol: Being an Inkling's overrated.

(Axol picks up the Ink Boi and hands it to Meggy.)

Axol: Just be the best Meggy you can be...

Meggy: The best I can be...

(Flashback dream sequence)

Meggy (Inkling): Admit it. We need to use that Ink Boi!

(Back to scene)

Meggy: Thanks Axol...

Axol: Anytime...Beanie girl.

Meggy: Wish you had taught me this lesson before I lost Splatfest though.

Axol: Yeah...I'm sorry about that.

Callie and Marie: MEGGY SPLETZER!

Meggy: Yes?

Callie: Congratulations, you are back in Splatfest!

Meggy: WHAT?! But how???

Callie:Well... (Mario runs her and Marie over, followed by Luigi and Tari.)

Mario: Mario can answer that!

Luigi: We investigated the Ink Brigade.

Tari: And we figured out they cheated the last game with an illegal trap.

Mario: Hey, Mario did all the work! I wanted to tell Meggy!

Callie: Yeah... so the Ink Brigade got disqualified.

Marie: And as the runners up in points, you guys go to the next round by default. (Mario celebrates.)

Tari: Hear that, Meggy?

Luigi: You still have one more chance!

Meggy: I still have one more chance... I still have one more chance!!!

Tari: Aw, Meggy, if you cry, I'll cry! It'll be okay!

Luigi: Yeah! We're your friends, we'll do anything to help you achieve your dreams.

Meggy: Thank you guys so much! I don't know how to repay you!

Mario: Just do your best, okay?

Meggy: Let's do this!

Callie: See you! Hope you're ready for the GRAND FINALE!!!

Meggy: Oh, we'll be ready. And we're gonna win!

Soon she is back with Inkling Meggy and they high five each other. Seconds later, Inkling Meggy fades. Being determined, Human Meggy is ready to win. But then...

???: Hey.

Meggy turns around and sees Desti. She looks the same but her hair shadow covers her eyes.

Meggy: DESTI?!

Desti: So you actually managed to make it to the grand finale, huh? How does it feel to be so close fulfilling your lifelong dream?

Meggy: I couldn't care less about my dream. That's not why I'm here.

Meggy: I'm here because I made a promise to you... and I'm going to keep it.

Desti: I know you will.

Another day passes...



Callie: To end it all off, the final round will be... TURF WAR! That's right, there's no better way to end this than in the same way it all started.

Marie: Standard Rules. A timer will be set. The team to cover the most land in ink by the end wins.

Callie: Now let's introduce our final competitors! We have... SplatSquad!

Marie: And on the other side, we have... Killer Ink!

Meggy: Can't wait to finally kick their butts.

Mario: Mario's gonna kill some bitches!

Callie: Are you guys ready?

(Crowd cheers)

Marie: Then let's.... GO!!!!!! (The teams fight. Meggy takes out Commando. Tari takes out Thug. Sniper takes out Luigi. Mario takes out Leader and a revived Commando. Suddenly, Tari, Mario, and Luigi all get taken out.)

Meggy: GUYS!!! (Killer Ink surround Meggy. They attack, but Meggy avoids them. Using her bombs, she takes out Commando, Sniper, and Thug.)

Marie: Triple kill!

Callie: 1 minute left!!!!!! (Leader attacks Meggy.

Leader: What's wrong? Tired already? (In Desti's voice) That all you got?

Meggy: I'm just getting started. She throws her Splattershot.) CATCH! (Leader catches the Splattershot. Meggy then kicks the .52 Gal out of Leader's grasp and grabs her Splattershot.) Thanks for holding that for me. (She takes out Leader and the crowd goes WILD!) (Fifteen seconds left.) (Mario, Luigi, and Tari are pinned down by Commando and Thug, but Meggy takes them out.) (Ten seconds left.) (SplatSquad go all out. Luigi takes out Sniper.)

Leader: NOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Meggy leaps off a platform with her Splattershot aimed. Desti as a ghost appears and aims her Blaster as the screen fades to white. The timer blares.)

Callie: AND TIME IS UP!!!

Marie: Please wait while we tally the scores! (The gang and Killer Ink wait.)

Callie: And the winner is...

Callie and Marie: TEAM SPLATSQUAD!!!!

Mario: WOOO!

Tari: OH MY GOSH... WE WON!?

Luigi: I don't believe it!!! (The crowd cheers. An angry Leader kicks Thug.)

Meggy: We won? We won... Desti... (The gang run over. SMG4, Saiko, and Axol lift Meggy and Tari off the ground. Bowser, Bob, and Shroomy do the same for the Mario Bros. The champions are tossed into the air.)

SMG4's Gang (sans SplatSquad): SplatSquad! SplatSquad!

SMG4: We're so proud of you guys!


Axol: Never doubted you for a second.

Bob: Let's celebrate! Where all the chicks at?

Boopkins: Guys! Party at Meggy's!

Shroomy: Oh, golly-gee! Let's go!


(At the apartment, the gang stand around a golden trophy depicting a squid.)

Boopkins: Was it scary? How'd you find it?

Mario: I only broke 5 bones this time!

Saiko: Who knew you could hurt people so badly, Tari? (Tari grins at her friend.)

Luigi: Yeah! I'm really proud of us! We pulled off something amazing together!

SMG4: Now that you've won, this is probably it for Splatoon-related adventures! Unless... (Before SMG4 could finish, Bob pushes him aside holding a boom box.)

Bob: Enough yapping! Let's get this party started!

Shroomy: Put your hands in the air! (The gang dance.)

Axol: Congrats again, Meggy.

Meggy: Hey, Axol... thank you.

Axol: Me? I didn't do much, that was all you!

Meggy: You... you really helped me discover a lot about myself and what I really wanted.

Axol: Hehe, well I'm glad you were open to accepting help in the end.

Meggy: Thank you.

Axol: No problem... Meggy.

Meggy: I'll be right back.

(On the roof...)

Desti: Well if it isn't little "Miss Splatfest Champion." How does a scrub like you manage to win Splatfest? (The shadow cover disappears. Now we can see Desti's eyes.)

Meggy: Well you see i have these thing called "friends".

Desti: Though I'd understand if you don't know what those are.

Desti: ...So what are you doing to do now?

Meggy: What do you mean?

Desti: Oh come on. All I've seen you for the past few months is train for Splatfest and be sad.

Desti: And as much fun as it's been to see you cry because of me... You gotta move on with your life.

Meggy: I know. It's hard to forget about you.

Desti: Well, let me make it easier for you then.

(Desti hugs Meggy, who returns the embrace.)

Desti: Goodbye Meggy. Thank you for keeping your promise.

Meggy: Good...Goodbye Desti.

(Desti smiles and fades away)

Mario (offscreen): HEY, STAND STILL!

Boopkins (offscreen): No, leave me be!

Meggy: Hey, guys! Let me join! (She joins the game.)

Boopkins (offscreen): Help me, Meggy!


Boopkins (offscreen): No, not you too!

Meggy (offscreen): Come here, Boopkins!!!

Saiko (offscreen): Get him!

Tari (offscreen): Careful!

Luigi (offscreen): Wah!

SMG4 (offscreen): YEAH, GET HIM!

Bob (offscreen): Get his green ass!

Boopkins(offscreen): GUYS!

And as we look at the sun, we will always remember the victory of the SplatSquad.

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