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SMG4 N' Pals: Seaside Stupidity Part 1 is a video by SMG4. It is the first video titled SMG4 N' Pals, and as the name suggests, this video is one of two parts of a bigger video. It revolves around SMG4 and his pals finding a way home after a monster destroys their cruise ship, and meeting with a Spike.

Fishy Boopkins makes his debut in this episode.


SMG4 and his peeps are cruising in the ship, but after a sea monster comes and ask SMG4 N' Pals to be friends, but they start attacking it, The sea Monster starts to cry and swims away, But it accidentally tips over the ship which causes everyone to panic in horror, after when they all fell out, the ship sinks into the bottom, now they're stranded in the ocean, until they met a weird Spike named Fishy Boopkins Will SMG4 and his peeps find a way home with the help of Boopkins? Not on this first part, to be continued.


SMG4 had invited his homies on a cruise together, where everyone was having all sorts of fun. X was relaxing on a chair, while FM54321 went into "police mode" when he saw an old man "jaywalking." At the same time, Mario and SMG4 were having dinner, and after running out of money Ben decided to trade in his mom for gambling purposes. But suddenly, a Dorrie appeared in front of the ship, wanting some friends of his own. He asked the gang if they wanted to be friends with him, but they attacked with their weapons, causing the Dorrie to cry and swim away.

Unfortunately, while swimming away, the Dorrie "went all helicopter" and accidentally tipped the cruise ship, causing it to sink with SMG4, Mario, X, Cube, Ben, and FM54321 as its only "survivors." While they were stranded in the ocean, the group was greeted by Fishy Boopkins, a Spike who granted them with the ability to breathe and swim underwater, and also turned Ben into a mermaid for some reason. With their newfound abilities, everyone went under the sea to head towards land.

Upon swimming underwater, Mario noticed a fish that was caught on some fishing hooks and tried to get it free by using a TNT block to blow up the fishing line. Later, the line went up to reveal that the fish was actually caught by Bowser, who got blown up by the TNT that Mario attached to the hook. Afterwards, Fishy Boopkins continued to guide SMG4 and his pals towards land, only for Ben to swim away in an attempt to find his "sea people."

Ben then saw the shape of what he thought was a whale, or "his family," but SMG4 didn't think that the incoming "whale" was a whale. Eventually, the "whale" drew closer and revealed itself to be a submarine with Thomas the Tank Engine's face, of which Fishy Boopkins informed everyone that the submarine was the "Teletubmarine," or "the infamous pirate ship of the sea." The peeps tried to swim away from the approaching vessel, but it sent out a Bullet Bill which managed to successfully hit them, knocking everyone out in the process.

After being knocked out, SMG4 and his homies woke up inside the submarine, trapped in a cage while being surrounded by Teletubbies serving as the ship's crewmembers. They were then approached by a mysterious figure who wanted to capture the rare Fishy Boopkins over the years, who revealed himself to be the leader of the submarine, an admiral named A.S.Swipe. Swipe immediately ordered one of his crew to take Fishy Boopkins away, while the rest of the gang were sent to "Sector 2-SX-C."

A.S.Swipe was later seen partying with some of his fellow Teletubby crewmembers; they were all dancing to "Work" by Rihanna featuring Drake.



  • This is the first video titled SMG4 N' Pals.
  • The penguin seen with FM is the same one that SMG4 gave him in SM64 Bloopers: Can the Villager come out to play?.
  • This is the first appearance of a Spike since Sonic the Derphog: The Evilness of Eggman (?)
  • Fishy Boopkins is the only character in this video that has voice acting. Everyone else has lines on screen.
  • At 5:52, The Puppet from FNAF 2 can be seen in the teletubmarine.
  • This blooper marks the debut of Fishy Boopkins as a member of the series' supporting cast.
  • The Teletubmarine's external appearance is portrayed by the Undersea Battleship Atragon (known in the east as Gotengo)

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