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"SMG4 TOUR ULTIMATE (Major Announcement)" is an announcement video for SMG4's next tour.


The video starts off with an SFM animation featuring Frankie, laughing as he scrolls through multiple SMG4 videos and memes. He stops and murmurs to himself, "Oh I really wanna meet SMG4...." At that exact moment, SMG4 shoots himself out of the screen and screams that he can finally do just that. This scares Frankie, causing his head to explode. Then at that moment, SMG4 considered if he should stop doing this.

Luke and Kevin jumps inside the frame and says that they are officially announcing the SMG4 Tour Ultimate. For this leg of the tour, they are visiting the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeastern United States. And then an artwork is displayed on the screen with a large text on the top that reads: "SMG4 TOUR ULTIMATE". It also has a picture of SMG4, Kevin cosplaying as Link, Tari cosplaying as Fox McCloud, and Fishy Boopkins as Pikachu. Then Luke and Kevin explain what would happen in this tour, just like the previous leg, Luke will be creating an SMG4 Video in 30 minutes, and with suggestions coming from the fans.


8 JAN Asbury Park, NJ House of Independents

9 JAN Washington DC City Winery

10 JAN Charlotte, NC Evening Muse

12 JAN Orlando, FL The Abby

13 JAN Atlanta, GA Vinyl Music Hall

14 JAN Nashville, TN City Winery

17 JAN Dallas, TX Trees

19 JAN San Antonio, TX Tobin Center

21 JAN Houston, TX Scout Bar


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