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SMG4 TRIVIA CHALLENGE 2: Super Extra Hard Kaizo Edition is a video uploaded by SMG4.


The SMG4 Trivia challenge is back and harder than ever. Can you answer these SMG4 related questions before SMG4 himself?


Questions, Answers & Luke's Answers


  • Who's the character that says notice me senpai (Funny fun toon :3)
  • In Mario in cuphead what sound did you used for Mugman? (The Gold Lego Brick) (Misspelled)
  • In "The Mario Channel: Mario's Challenge", Who were the remaining five (six) challengers that were running to the elevator? (MarioSonicKirbyFan15)
  • In "If Mario was in Team Fortress 2" Heavy, Medic and Pyro were taking a break, What was Pyro eating? (Blud YTP)


Luke's Answers