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SMG4 Theatre: Mr. Joey goes to the theatre is a video made by SMG4. It features SMG4 using GMOD to create an improvised story, which is set in a theatre. The main character is Mr. Joey. It features other random characters as well. All of the screenplay was done by SMG4. This video was uploaded on August 17, 2016.


Mr. Joey is upset with his life due to his wife constantly leaving him, so he watches a play. However, this particular play stars his wife herself, as well as another actor named John Cena. John Cena then begins to beat Joey's wife up for a wrestling scene, much to Mr. Joey's enjoyment. However, the owner of the theatre, Mr. Dickingson, arrives and threatens to fire the two for only performing for one person. His face then becomes distorted, so he sees his therapist, Ms. Goobly. However, he then begins to mistake seeing his therapist with raping his therapist. Just then, Vladimir the Heavy Weapons Guy walks in and is annoyed at Mr. Joey. The two begin fighting, and then Mr. Dickingson arrives. He then gets hit so hard that his babies fly out of his briefcase. Mr. Joey then takes over the theater, much to Vladimir's disappointment. Mr. Joey then flops over on his wife, ending the play.



  • This is the first video known as SMG4 Theatre.
  • This is the first time SMG4's nephew, Max, appears.
  • John Cena was erroneously misspelled "Don Cena" at some point in the video.
  • This video is probably a pilot for Hobo Theatre on the Hobo Bros gaming channel, as it retains very similar elements, as examples, the curtain in the thumbnail is similar (or possibly reused) in early episodes of Hobo Theatre, the concept was nearly the same in both shows, and SMG4 would team up with somebody for each series, but that person was different for both series.
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