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SSENMODNAR 12 - STOLEN SPAGHETTI EDITION is a blooper created by SMG4 on July 1, 2017. It is the latest installment in the Ssenmodnar series, and marks the return of the series since October 21, 2016. Additionally, it is also the first episode of Ssenmodnar to fall under the Glitchy Boy name.


Come on a crazy journey of stupid skits as Mario searches for the person who stole his spaghetti!



Mario tells all of his viewers that he is about to embark on an amazing journey around the world, and to find the bastard who stole his spaghetti. He therefore created the Mario Blimp in order for him to go on his journey. As soon as he takes off, he begins to discover what the Mushroom Kingdom is up to. He then takes out his binoculars. The screen then switches to the viewers looking at Mario's binoculars from his point of view. As soon as Mario asks if the viewer is ready, the screen zooms into the right side of the binoculars.

During the title screen, a colorful Ssenmodnar title is seen. Dr. Robotnik can be seen dancing to what appears to be a mash-up of the Ssenmodnar theme and some other rap music. After dancing for a few seconds, the skits begin.


  1. Toadsworth asks his students what 2 + 5 equals. Frankie decides to answer the question, but he sings the Alphabet instead. Angered, Toadsworth attacks Frankie.
  2. SMG4 is coming out of FM54321's room, thanking him for letting him make memes in there. When FM goes in, he finds that his room is full of memes, much to his disgust.
  3. Yoshi is seen eating some fruit, when Luigi comes up to him. He then shows Yoshi Baby Mario in a banana costume. Yoshi says his mind is telling him no, but his body is telling him yeah. He then eats Baby Mario, causing Luigi to scream.
  4. In a parody of the classic PSA This is Your Brain on Drugs, the effects of watching SMG4 videos are metaphorically described.
  5. Kermit The Frog asks a blue Toad named Joey if he could sing the Alphabet song. Joey says yes, and so Kermit request him to sing it. Joey sang A to F before he says "Cookie Monster" and giggles. Kermit gets mad and sings that he is going to make the world deaf from all of Joey's screams. Joey then gets shocked and offended by this.
  6. Bob has his own skit in which he and Fishy Boopkins are doing a parody of Jake Paul's "It's Everyday Bro". Bob does the first few lines. Boopkins then begins, but he can't sing well because he doesn't have lyrics. Bob then gets angry and attacks him, knocking over the camera in the process.
  7. Dr. Mario tells a man that he has brain cancer. This announcement causes despair to fall over the patient. However, Dr. Mario then tells him that it was a prank and celebrates before he notices the patient has vanished. The patient himself is seen outside jumping to his death.
  8. SMG3 is walking singing like Elmo when Picolas Cage comes to him while pointing a gun at him. The pickle made SMG3 promise that he'll eat fruits and vegetables. Once SMG3 is terrified and agrees, Picolas backs up.
  9. Hagrid kicks Harry Potter in the testicles and calls him a "faggot". (Or as Harry calls them, his "English tea bags")
  10. On SMG4 Street (a parody of Sesame Street), Luke Lerdwichagul is teaching about the letter M. He shows a few objects that start with M before Mario interrupts him. (Since M stands for Mario) who believes Luke doesn't know the alphabet. Luke ask if he has anything that starts with M and Mario shows a cabbage. Luke and Mario then start a fight.
  11. It's bedtime in Teletubbyland. The Teletubbies go to sleep, except for Po; who does not want to sleep. She instead rides her scooter across the town. However, she goes so fast that she speeds into a police officer. Alerting every officer in the area. Another officer is seen holding a stop sign, only to get run over. A breaking news report then shows the chaos Po is causing. The narrator says it's time for Tubby Toast. Po hears this and gets overexcited. She speeds all the way back to her friends' house, hitting a recovering police officer in the process. Po arrives home just in time to eat toast, right before police cars plow through her house, killing Laa-LaaDipsy and Tinky Winky right behind her. Po then triumphantly holds a Tubby Toast in her hands.
  12. On the SMG4 and Mario show, SMG4 and Mario both have a song battle trying to say that one person is better than the other. Both have their own insults to say at each other. When Mario ends the song Do the Mario, a picture of Captain Lou Albano doing the Mario is shown.
  13. Back to the Animal Channel, the show follows Fishy Boopkins again. This time hunting for rocks. Since he is only "as menacing as a roll of wet toilet paper", Boopkins only eats rocks. Boopkins tries to go against the narrator's words by saying that he is menacing, but he just likes the taste of rocks. The narrator then calls Fishy Boopkins a "little sea cucumber", but Boopkins claims that his insults don't hurt him and proceeds to eat his rocks. However, he gets a stomachache after he eats one of his rocks. The narrator says that eating rocks causes slight stomach discomfort. Upon which Boopkins vomits spike balls violently. The narrator concludes with the words, "What a shithead."
  14. Continuing from Welcome to MARIO STREET!, another fight is shown again between Luke Lerdwichagul and Mario. This time, however, a "To Be Continued..." screen is shown before the fight can continue.
  15. Heavy is seen doing the Kazotsky Kick, but to the tune of Take On Me by A-ha. Soon enough, Albus Dumbledore and Dr. Eggman joins the fun. (Although the wizard and Heavy dance on Eggman before the doctor can begin his dancing)
  16. In this episode of Moments With SteveSteve is shown pulling prank calls on three different people. He manages to dupe them all, but the third is enraged by his prank call and threatens to break into his house and kill him. Because of this, Steve gets nervous as someone knocks on his door. The guest is revealed to be Kiddy Kong selling cookies. Steve, in panicked self-defense, shoots the ape with a bazooka sending him flying into the air.
  17. Continuing from the 15th skit, everyone is now doing the A-ha/Kazotsky Kick. Heavy then appears, and a text in red saying "THERE IS NO ESCAPE".
  18. Bob is going to Vidcon 2017 while asking the audience to check all of his social media accounts, but is then blocked off by Donkey Kong, who would not let Bob in. Bob then tries to convince Donkey Kong that he is more important by showing his Instagram to the guard and making fun of his shoes and tie. Donkey Kong is then triggered. Bob then asks why no one loves him. Donkey Kong then reveals a message saying that "No one gives a shit". Bob gives up, saying that the message is fair enough.


Il Piantissimo finds a spot that makes him say that the coast is clear. He then can finally eat his lunch in peace. The lunch is revealed to be Mario's stolen spaghetti. As soon as he spots the spaghetti, Mario lands in a park and charges at the purple man. Il Piantissimo tries to explain to Mario that he is poor, but to no avail. The purple man escape and Mario chases after him until Picolas Cage stops him, who, just like he did to SMG3, demands Mario to eat his fruits and veggies. However, Mario kicks him away and begins his chase again. Il Piantissimo is then shown stealing Po's scooter and diving away, while Mario later takes the car where Bob and Fishy Boopkins are once again singing "It's Everyday Bob". He tries ramming into Il Piantissimo and his scooter twice, before crashing into the singing Kermit. The purple man then goes off laughing until he crashes into Harry Potter. As Il Piantissimo regains his bearings, Mario advances towards him menacingly. Il Piantissimo then tries a last ditch effort by calling some gang members, but he ends up calling Steve instead. It is then revealed that Mario took away the Piantissima-Phone and swapped it with his own phone. Mario takes his spaghetti and ties up Il Piantissimo, thanking the purple man for "playing his game" before walking away. Apparently, Il Piantissimo believes that being tied up isn't so bad, even with Heavy staring at him, until Heavy does his A-ha/Kazotsky Kick on top of him. After the dance starts, the video ends, with Heavy dancing his way through the entire credits sequence.



  • 00:07 - Mario Party 5 - Dream Country
  • 00:31 - Mario Party 5 - Sky Presents
  • 00:58 – Banjo-Kazooie - Mumbo's hut
  • 01:20 - Yoshi Story - Let's Try!
  • 02:03 - Kermit Sings - Jackfilms
  • 02:17 - It's Everyday BRO - Jake Paul
  • 03:02 – brentalfloss, composed by Hiro ‘Hip’ Tanaka – Dr Mario Victory
  • 04:44 - Ice Cube - Gangsta Rap
  • 05:06 – Sonic X – Main Theme
  • 05:21 – (Super Mario World Piano cover – possibly Piano Synthesia; needs verification)
  • 05:51 - Pokemon Snap - Gallery
  • 06:30 – Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure - ROUNDABOUT
  • 06:34 - A-ha - Take On Me
  • 07:08 - WarioWare DIY - DIY Shop
  • 07:59 - SH***YFLUTED Cover - Take On Me
  • 08:05 - Gavin Luke - Bring Out The Love
  • 07:34 - Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Groose's Theme
  • 08:48 - Super Smash Bros Melee – All Star Rest Area
  • 08:57 - Super Mario RPG - Let's Try
  • 09:09 – Stefan Netsman – Smashing Punks 17
  • 10:00 - Paper Mario - Bullet Bill Blaster, Go Faster!
  • 10:34 - WeAreTechno - Take On Me (Techno Remix)


  • This is the first Ssenmodnar video with the Glitchy Boy intro.
  • The first skit is a JusReign skit.
  • The second skit references Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd, the 2003 prequel to the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber.
  • At the end of Skit #6, Fishy Boopkins says he had only one day to write the song. That is the same amount of time it took to write It's Everyday Bro".
  • Harry Potter's phrase from skit #9 and the end is taken from Smosh's video If Movies Were Real.
  • Skit #14 references the To Be Continued memes.
  • One of Steve's prank calls is a John Cena prank call, which is a running gag.

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