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Episode begins outside Peach's Castle, with Mario standing next to the Mario Blimp with his jaws opening wide.
Mario [speaks in Italian] Hello, all you sexy viewers! Today, Mario is gonna go on an amazing adventure around the world! [grunts] ...and find that bastard that stole Mario's spaghetti! (Get that Mama F*cker! MAMA F**K!) ahaha... I mean we gonna go sightseeing... (Ahaha... Way to go...) In my MARIO BLIMP! :D (HA HA! Okey-Dokey!) [jumps into the blimp] hehe... Letsa go see what stupid stuff we can find! (Mama Mia, here we go!) [the Mario Blimp flies into the sky] (Wah hah!)
Mario [in the sky flying in his Mario Blimp, humming the Mario theme] Okay! Lets see if I can find and murd- (Okie Dokie! [gibberish] I'mma gonna get you!) Aaaah... I mean discover what the Mushroom Kingdom is up to. (Yahooo... wahuhuhu...)
Mario takes out his binoculars
Mario Okey-Dokey, [screen then switches to the viewers looking at Mario's binoculars from his point of view] are you ready?
The screen zooms into the right side of the binoculars.
During the title screen, a colourful Ssenmodnar title is seen. Dr. Eggman can be seen dancing to what appears to be a mash-up of Mario Party Mini-Game Instructions theme and "How Low" by Ludacris. After dancing for a few seconds, the skits begin.
Start of first skit
Toadsworth [turns to the students] Okay, does anybody know what 2+5 is?
Frankie [raising his hand] Oh teacher, I know!
Toadsworth Yes?
Frankie [singing the alphabet] A, B, C, D, E...
Toadsworth [pushes all the tables of the whole class] NO you dumb sh*t!
Start of second skit
SMG4 [comes out of FM54321's room] (no sound) Hey thanks for letting me use your room to make memes. [walks away]
FM54321 checks his room
FM54321 Oh my god...
The screen zooms into his room covered in memes; cue dramatic impact.
FM54321 Sh*t everywhere... [zooms in, FM goes insane] THERE'S SH*T EVERYWHERE! [screen switches into an another view of his room] DAMMIT!! [screen switches again] Look at what he did! He sh*t all over the wall!! [screen switches] Oh my god! (Filthy Frank: Oh f*ck yeah!) [screen switches into the windows, showing dat boi (dart frog) meme dabbing] THEY SH*T ON THE WINDOWS?! [screen switches] MY HOUSE IS FULL OF SH*T! (Filthy Frank: Dude, you just got pranked!)
Start of third skit
Yoshi is shown eating some fruits, then Luigi appears.
Luigi ohoh, [Italian] Hey Yoshi!
Luigi [shows a Baby Mario in a banana costume] Look at this cute costume I got for little baby Mario! (Go Weegee! Oh yeah! Yah!)
Yoshi [zooms in, Yoshi starts to go insane] My mind's telling me no... but my body,... my body... is telling me YEAH! [Yoshi's face switches into his meme form] *Nom* [eats the Baby Mario] Yoshi! [Luigi screams]
Start of fourth skit
Narrator [a sentient brain is shown] This is your brain. [brain switches to wearing glasses and smoking, dancing and singing 'Afro Circus' from Madagascar 3] This is your brain on SMG4.
A message appears, saying "Don't do SMG4, kids.", with the Terminator theme plays.
Start of fifth skit
Kermit The Frog Can you sing the alphabet?
Joey Yes. Yes I could.
Kermit The Frog Let's hear you sing the alphabet,
Joey [sings] A-B-C-D-E-F-... Cookie Monster! [giggles]
Kermit [triggered] You. Stupid. B*tch! [asks Joey in Mario's voice] Can I sing a song for you? [singing] Oooooh... I'm gonna make the whole world deaf, from all of your screams. Doo dalla doo dalla doo! [faints]
Joey is seen shocked and offended by this
Start of sixth skit
Intro of "Superbobglitchy4" with the text "Superbobglitchy4 prezents" along with a slowly spinning Bob and a terrible flute version of the 20th Century Fox theme
Start of "It's everyday bob" (Ft. DJ Boopkins)
Bob Yeah! [Bob is seen singing on the microphone while Fishy Boopkins is standing next to a cardboard of an anime girl] It's Bob time b*tches! Get a load of this hot beat! [Boopkins dancing] It's everyday bob and I'm here to wreck the slobs. Ten subscribers in six months, never done before, passed all the losers, UH! [SMG4 is shown frozen with his jaws opened] SMG4 is a whore :D [throws himself at SMG4, literally] It's everyday bob. It's everyday bob. It's everyday bob. I SAID ITS EVERYDAY BOOOOB!
Fishy Boopkins You know it's Fishy Boopkins and... Uhh... sh*t! Bob! What rhymes with Boopkins?!
Bob You were supposed to write (Boopkins: Wuh!) your (Boopkins: Ugha!) own lyrics, you little scrub!
Fishy Boopkins But you only said we had a day to write this song!
Bob Fight me right now (Boopkins: Ugha!) prepare your anus [Bob hits Boopkins] (Boopkins: Aha!)
Start of seventh skit
Dr. Mario Sir, I'm afraid you have brain cancer...
The patient slowly lowers his head as a sad song plays and the background zooms in
Dr. Mario JUST KIDDING! [jumps high, with the "PRANK'D" text shown] [in Filthy Frank's voice] AUGH! Pranked baby! HAHA! HAH! Gotteem! P-P-P-PRANKED! [Dr. Mario realizes the patient is gone, then switches to his normal voice] Hm? Hey, where did everybody go? [the patient is shown falling off from the window, screaming]
Start of eighth skit
SMG3 is walking while singing in Elmo’s voice.
Picolas Cage [points a gun at SMG3; cue dramatic impact] Surprise motherf*cker!
SMG3 [terrified] Huh!
Picolas Cage Shhh... [screen zooms out] [speaks silently, threatening SMG3] Eat your fruits and vegetables...
SMG3 Okay... Okay we will!
Picolas Cage Good... [slowly goes back to his old position]
Start of ninth skit
Rubeus Hagrid You're a faggot, Harry. [kicks Harry Potter in his crotch]
Harry Potter [falls on the ground] OW! [struggles in pain] Oh, my English teabags...
Start of tenth skit
The logo of SMG4 street is shown in the center of the screen, then goes to the bottom-right, along with Luke Lerdwichagul comes out happily then notices the audience.
Luke Lerdwichagul Oh! [turns back to the audience] Hello there! Welcome to SMG4 Street. And today, we're going to be learning about the letter M. [A big white M appears in the middle of the screen, then disappears] So what starts with the letter M? Well, I know. [takes out a melon] Melon, [takes out a bag of mushrooms] mushrooms. But most importantly, M stands for-
A Mario plushie controlled and voiced by Kevin appears
Mario MARIO!
Luke Lerdwichagul Mario... I told you not to interrupt me [puts his hat down] while I'm talking to the kids...
Mario You don't know crap about the alphabet! Let me help you!
Luke Lerdwichagul Okay, okay. Fine. What starts- [puts his hat back on] You know any objects that start with the letter M?
Mario Oh I know! [leaves the screen and later appears holding a cabbage] Here you go!
Luke Lerdwichagul [screen zooms into his face] Mario, what is that?
Mario It's a cabbage, you retard!
Luke Lerdwichagul [takes the cabbage down] That starts with the letter C, you dumb sh*t!
Mario F*ck you!
Luke Lerdwichagul What?! [holds onto Mario] You wanna- [starts a fight with the Mario plush, then ends up laughing]
Start of eleventh skit
Narrator One day in Teletubby Land, it was time for the Teletubbies to go to bed.
Laa-Laa, Dipsy & Tinky Winky [gibberish] Go to bed!... [throw themselves onto their beds, literally]
Po Aw hell naw!
Narrator But Po didn't want to go to sleep...
Tinky Winky Shut the f*ck up and sleep!
Po F*ck you!
Narrator Po wanted to ride her scooter.
Po [notices the scooter outside the room] Scooter! [runs to it, and starts to wear some swag along with the gangster music playing in the background]
Narrator Po is going very fast on her scooter. [Po knocks off a dancing police officer, which appears to be an another Tinky Winky]
Tinky Winky [falls down onto the ground] Oh! Sh*t! [calls in Spongebob's style]
Tinky appears in an another place trying to stop Po with a "STOP" sign
Tinky Winky Too fast! Po!
Po [knocks off Tinky again] B*ATCH!
The breaking news "The Po-po can't stop Po" is shown with some Teletubby gibberish, showing Po passing tons of police officers without any problem
Narrator [the Teletubbies at home wake up] Then it was time for Tubby Toast.
Po [eyes grow wide] HOLY SH*T! [runs down the street back to home, singing] Gotta go fast! Gotta go fast! [knocks off the recovering Tinky] Gotta go faster! Faster! Faster! Faster! Fast-
Following the sound of the door closing is Po, who is now in the house, is about to eat the toast with the other Teletubbies
Laa-Laa, Dipsy & Tinky Winky TUBBY TOAST!
Po takes the toast into his hands, and right after that, a police car crashes into the house, but it does not kill Po, but killing Laa-Laa, Dipsy & Tinky Winky right behind her instead
Po Hooray! [does the acapella fanfare while a bunch of other police cars are also trying to crash into the house]
Start of twelfth skit
The logo of "THE SMG4 AND MARIO SHOW" is moved into the middle of the screen, which is a show in Photoshop animated by moving the pictures in the app itself. The show starts with SMG4 moving and singing while Mario is standing, raising his middle finger
SMG4 [following the notes of the Super Mario Land theme] Hey, Mario! You such a jerk. [moves closer to Mario] You're such an annoying butthole! Hey, Mario! You such a jerk. [raising his middle finger] Please get away from me. [a mouse controlling a tear to run down Mario's face] You sit on your a**, and do nothing all day long. [Mario is shown sitting on a chair, then wearing the MLG glasses] The only girl for you is a can of spaghetti! [Mario is sitting on a bed, with a can of spaghetti, then Mario humps it]
Mario SMG4? How about f*ck you! [raises his middle fingers in both hands] I am Mario. [smoking, then raises his middle finger again] I can do whatever I want. [goes close to SMG4 with the text "GET REKT" shown on top of them] [dancing on top of the fallen SMG4] I am Mario! I am Mario! [appears making a thumbs up] Do the Mario! (Lou Albano: Do the Mario!) [a picture of Lou Albano from his "Do the Mario!" video is seen]
Start of thirteenth skit
The message "Time for the Animal Channel" is shown in a sunrise background
Narrator Welcome back to the Animal Channel!
Screen goes to Fishy Boopkins underwater with a bunch of rocks
Narrator In the wild, we see the Fishy Boopkins once again. [Fishy Boopkins turn around, finding something] This time, we join him on the hunt for some food. [Screen zooms in to Fishy Boopkins, now trying to eat some rocks] Because he is as menacing as a roll of wet toilet paper, [Fishy Boopkins turns to the narrator, breaking the fourth wall] he can only hunt for rocks.
Fishy Boopkins Hey! No. [makes an angry face] I'm very menacing! I just like the taste of rocks.
Narrator Whatever you say, little sea cucumber...
Fishy Boopkins [makes the angry face again] You know what? I don't need this! I'm gonna go eat my rocks! [closes his eyes and goes off-screen]
Fishy Boopkins is shown eating the wizard rock with the pipe sound played
Fishy Boopkins Ugh... I don't feel so good...
Narrator Unfortunately this causes slight stomach discomfort...
Fishy Boopkins vomits spike balls everywhere
Narrator What a sh*thead...
Start of fourteenth skit, which is a continuation of SMG4 Street.
Mario But most importantly-
Luke Lerdwichagul [smacks the Mario plush onto the ground multiple times] MARIO! I'M GONNA KILL YOU! (Kevin: [in his own voice] AH JESUS CHRIS-)
A "To Be Continued" in an arrow is shown in the bottom-left, then the screen zooms into the Mario plush
Start of fifteenth skit
Heavy Weapons Guy is shown doing the Kazotsky Kick to the tune of "Take On Me" by A-ha. From dancing on the streets, he then appears on the street corners and on top of the street lights. Then when he notices Albus Dumbledore walking in the other side of the street, the screen zooms out to Heavy, and then to Albus, being surprised, and then to Heavy again, and so on, with faster speed.
The dance continues with Albus now joining the fun, dancing on the empty street. The singing of the song starts when Dr. Eggman notices the two and turns around. Screen zooms into the two dancing. Dr. Eggman joins in, but he does not do the Kazotsky Kick but his random dance in insanity instead. The other two is then shown dancing on top of the crazy Eggman.
Dr. Eggman is shown angry with the other two. Then, the two dances on top of two boxes while Eggman, who is now dancing properly, dances in front of a Ferris Wheel.
Start of sixteenth skit
The text "Moments with Steve" is shown with the Mario theme plays, then Steve appears with the text "Steve does prank calls"
Steve Hi, guys! [changes into Mario's voice] Let's-a-go! [takes out his phone, calling somebody]
Civilian #1 Hello?
Steve [answers] Deez nuts. [the civilian is shown surprised] HA! Got eem! [laughs] [then makes an another phone call] Hey, can I speak to Champ?
Civilian #2 Who?
Steve Champ. Is Champ there?
Civilian #2 Who is Champ?
Steve [in John Cena's voice] THAT QUESTION WILL BE ANSWERED THIS SUNDAY NIGHT! [screen explodes, John Cena theme plays with John Cena himself appears dancing]
Steve then makes an another phone call, a woman answers the phone
Phone Lady Hello, how can I help you?
Steve [goes close to the phone and speaks silently] Ya wanna hear something funny?
Phone Lady ...Okay.
Steve [in Italian accent] In-a between-a my crotch is-a my penis! [laughs] HAHAHAHAHA!
A man's voice is now heard from the other side of the phone call
Man [shouts into the phone] OH MY GOD! I'm gonna go to your f*cking house, [Steve turns back to the phone] and I'm gonna kill you with my Deagle, you hacking son of a b*tch!
Right after that, a knocking sound is heard at the door. Steve gets concerned. He slowly goes into the door and opens it. However, it is only Kiddy Kong selling some cookies.
Kiddy Kong Would you like to buy some cookies? [being shot by Steve] AAAAAAH!! [goes into the air onto the roof of the opposite house while on fire]
Seventeenth skit starts, continue from the fifteenth skit
Everyone is now doing the Kazotsky Kick on the street following "Take On Me", but this time, in kazoo. Heavy then appears, and a text in red says "THERE IS NO ESCAPE."
Eighteenth skit starts
Bob What is up my Bobsters! I am at Vidcon 2017! [camera turns into a crappy building with a Vidcon banner] Holy sh*t! Look at that! I am famous b*tches! Before we start, make sure to check out my [starts to list all of his social medias with its icons appear on the screen, covering him] Instagram, Snapchat, Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, GoFundMe, KickStarter, Soundcloud, Google+, Linkedin, Spotify, Vimeo,, Yahoo, Myspace, MSN, Pineterest, Blog, DeviantArt and subscribe! Okay, finally let's go.
Bob is shown talking to Donkey Kong, who is blocking his way
Bob What do you mean I can't go inside?
Donkey Kong [shrugs]
Bob You wot mate, look at my Instagram followers, I am so important [takes out his device with his Instagram page, which has 999999999... followers of his 69 posts]
Donkey Kong WHAT?!
Bob I am more important than you b*tch! Look at your shoes. [Donkey Kong checks his shoes, apparently he is not wearing any] It's so peasant. Look at that stupid tie. [screen zooms out, showing a happy Donkey Kong wearing a "DK" tie] Tie it to a ceiling fan, how about that?
Donkey Kong [triggered]
Bob [sad music plays] Come on! Doesn't anyone love Bob?
Donkey Kong magically reveals a message on top of him, saying "NO ONE GIVES A SH*T"
Bob Fair enough.
Start of final skit
Il Piantissimo Ah...finally. The coast is clear. I can finally eat my well deserved lunch. [takes out his lunch, which is Mario's stolen spaghetti] Yeah boi. [screen zooms into Mario's spaghetti]
Mario [Terminator theme plays while Mario lowers his binoculars as he spotted his spaghetti, reveals an angry expression] GOTCHA B*TCH! [the Mario Blimp crashes onto the ground]
Il Piantissimo What in tarnation? [notices Mario] AH D*CKS!
Il Piantissimo WAIT! I can explain! [screen zooms in] MY A** IS REALLY POOR [Mario crashes onto Piantissimo] Oh sh*t! [runs away] YOU'LL NEVER CATCH MY A**!
Mario angrily chases after Piantissimo when suddenly Picolas Cage appears, once again, holding a gun
Picolas Cage Surprise Motherf*cker! [Mario screams while Picolas threatens him] Eat your fruits and vege-
Mario [kicks Picolas away] SHUT THE F*CK UP!
Po is riding her scooter when Piantissimo crashes her, then takes her scooter, diving away
Il Piantissimo Swiggity Swooty...
Mario No! Hmmm...
Mario notices the car that Bob and Fishy Boopkins once again use it to sing "It's everyday bob"
Bob It's everyday bob!
Mario [kicks Bob and Fishy Boopkins away and takes the car, driving it] Ahaha I'mma gonna f*ck you! [grunts] [rams into Piantissmo riding the scooter] Take-a that! Come on! Take-a this! [rams into him again]
Kermit the Frog [still singing] Doo doo doo-doo-doo-
Mario AH HA HA HA HAH! [crashes Kermit]
Il Piantissimo PHA HA HA HA HA [crashes Harry Potter standing on the street]
Harry Potter Oh, my English tea bags...
Il Piantissimo [the scooter is now on fire, while Piantissimo is fallen on the ground] Oh, this ain't good... [his vision slowly shows Mario, who is now recovered from the crash, running after him in slow motion]
Mario [slow motion] You don't... f*ck with-a Mario!
Il Piantissimo [wakes up and takes out his phone] B*TCH HOLD UP! I have dangerous friends I know on speed dial! [makes a call] YA'LL DUN MESSED UP, NOW!
Steve SIKE! Wrong number! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!...
Il Piantissimo [surprised and checks his phone again] What the f*ck? WHAT IN DAMNATION THIS ISN'T MY PIANTISSIMA-PHONE!
Mario [standing next to the Piantissima-Phone] (HA HA!) [gibberish] I swapped our phones when I jumped on you! HAHA! [turns to Piantissimo] (Okey-Dokey...) Now... about my spaghetti...
Il Piantissimo [gulps] Uh. Oh.
Mario [holding the spaghetti he has taken back] Thank you-a so much for-a playing my f*cking-a game-a, you piece of sh*t!
Il Piantissimo [tied up] Hey, this ain't too bad... I mean I'm just tied up. [turns into Heavy, who's standing right next to him] And there's this big fella just staring at me. So I think I'm ok with thi- [Heavy does the Kazotsky Kick on top of Piantissimo while "Take On Me" remix plays] [screams]
The video ends, with Heavy dancing his way through the entire credits sequence, along with the "Take On Me" remix.
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