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SSENMODNAR DELUXE - 1 MILLION SUB SPECIAL is the fifteenth installment in the Ssenmodnar series and a video made by SMG4. As suggested, it was released commemorating his channel finally reaching over one million subscribers.


At last, SuperMarioGlitchy4 has finally reached 1 million subscribers! And to celebrate for his accomplishment, Ssenmodnar once again returns, with a whole lot of skits of retardness. This is the longest video of Ssenmodnar yet!



SMG4 walks into the castle with everyone minding their business. SMG4 is very excited and dancing. He then proceeds to enter his room and check on his channel. As soon as he looked on his channel, he discovers that he has 1,000,000 subscribers! He proceeds to go insane, with crazy stuff in the background. SMG4 then calls Mario and then SMG4 tells Mario that "IT IS TIME" in which Mario is pretty shocked about. A safe opens up to reveal the Ssenmodnar Deluxe Edition CD. SMG4 asks Mario if he is ready to see the CD, Mario replies "Ready? READY DOENT FU*KING EXPLAIN IT" The two hi-five, but struggle to put the CD in. As soon as the CD is in, the computer screen shows complete hyper vision, to which SMG4 and Mario react excitedly and act high to. The screen then zooms into the computer. The title is then revealed, with the signature tune (mixed in with "F**K THE POLICE COMING STRAIGHT FROM THE UNDERGROUND!" playing. Gourmet Guy reacts excitedly to this, but he then explodes. After that, the skits begin.


  1. Mario gains the Wing Cap from Super Mario 64, and then the ending of aforementioned game plays normally but, wouldn't ya know, a man was walking through the city when Mario crashed right in front of him.
  2. Next up, SuperBlue45 is bouncing up and down on a fence to the tune of some music (We No Speak Americano by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP).... okay, da heIl?
  3. Dr. Eggman begins singing about how nice it would be if we were all older, singing in a broken and overall stupid voice. As he sings, he flies around and hits a wall, and blows up. (Song: The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It be Nice)
  4. Two MarioM34s are playing elegant music by Beethoven. Then, Mario comes up and tells them to "knock off that high society crap" in a spot-on Peter Griffin voice and play something else. Mario gives the men the music he wants to play, and then they begin singing "I Play Pokemon Go" (that Misha song), claiming to play it every day. This causes Toad to leap out a window from sheer cancer.
  5. Vm7890 is watching "50 Shades of Grey" (really Pewdiepie's Harlem Shake video). Skerpup is astonished by what's he's watching, and starts fighting him, saying "HOW DARE YOU WATCH THAT WITHOUT ME!"
  6. Apparently, Mario had just beaten Bowser's ass down for the umpteenth time, and asks if he has anything to say before murdering him. Bowser replies that if he gets spared, he will never, EVER kidnap the princess. (Liar, liar, pants on fire!) Surprisingly, despite how dumb he is, Mario knows that Bowser is lying. He then mocks Bowser briefly with a piece of beauty, (Why the f*ck you lyin'?) before kicking Bowser off the ledge, murdering him.
  7. Enter Dr. Toad Toadelstein, who will teach you how to pick up a girl! Literally. He demonstrates by rushing and picking up Peach. Mario20 is not happy at Dr. Toad Toadelstien for doing this.
  8. Toad is seen masturbating to two Luigi Dolls having anal with each other. Toadette comes in, and questions her boyfriend's sanity. He freaks out briefly, but then tries to justify himself by stating the Internet is mostly for porn and starts singing to Avenue Q's "The Internet is for porn".
  9. A popular meme, "I'm at Soup" from an abridged parody of Code Geass, re-enacted by FightingMario54321 and Nintendofan997.
  10. Mario Teaches You How To Get Fit: Mario sees a huge weight and is ready to use it. However, he does not know how to use it in reality. Thus, he pushes it, humps it, and places it into his mouth thinking that it is a lollypop. He then sees Waluigi and Peach using it, which then gives him an idea. Mario then flips it, but he actually throws it out of the roof. An airplane then is flying in the sky, but Mario's weight flies into it, causing an explosion.
  11. A huge Whale-blimp machine crashed into a city and is killing people. Starman3 and MarioMario54321 are escaping, and they need to get into a chopper. There is one, but there is also Steve, who says that he is a helicopter. The two decide to take Steve and fly away with him, with the monster staring at them, not knowing what is happening.
  12. Birdo needs emergency surgery. Nurse Peach tells Dr. Mario to give Birdo a heart transplant. However, Dr. Mario gives Birdo a heart candy instead. Of course, the nurse is not amused and, as a nod to Retarded64: An Overdose of Dr. Mario, she gives the doctor a look of disapproval. Dr. Mario then is in the operating room, giving Birdo the heart transplant. However, something goes wrong (as he found out something is connected to his pingas), and the operation room ends up exploding.
  13. Luigi says that he is angry and said: "enough is enough, I had it with these "motherf*cking snakes on this motherf*cking plane". It then shows several Solid Snake clones doing stupid stuff, and yelling "metal gear "! which is what Luigi is getting annoyed by.
  14. The latest episode of Moments With Steve: Steve is doing his usual touring thing. He then finds a pig with a gun about to shoot a red cow with mushrooms. Steve walks up to the cow and stares at the mushroom, thinking that it is a lollipop. Steve eats the mushroom, then he starts to hallucinate as he says "Whoa man, I'm trippin out about plumbers and stuff, dude!". He falls flat on the ground. In the hallucination, Steve is in Super Smash Bros Brawl competing with Mario. He gets so excited that he acidentally shoots Mario with his bow, who attacks him for doing so. Steve then tells Mario, "Come at me bro!" He then dances and shows it to Mario. The challenger is so affected by Steve's dance moves that it actually defeats him. Steve is the winner! Back at his own land, Steve is shaking wildly, with the mushroom cow asking if he is dead.
  15. Old Man Hobo tells his viewers and some people near him what to do whenever they cannot accomplish things they want to accomplish. That advice is, "Grow a beard!"
  16. Pinklol16 is watching a video asking if she likes waffles, pancakes and french toast. She says "no" to each of those, but Mario comes out with a stack of pancakes, leaving Pinkolol16 extremely horrified.
  17. One day, in Teletubbie Land, something appeared from far away. It was Shrek (called "The Green Smurf" in in this skit). He says hi, but it causes Po to scream. Shrek screamed as well. Then, he tries to conquer Teletubbie Land. Po calls for help, and everyone goes to help. Dipsy tries to scare Shrek by wearing a mask. Shrek gets scared, but it was a prank on his part. He then shoots Dipsy. Laa-Laa proceeds to attack Shrek, but she misses due to Shrek stepping out of the way. Tinky Winky does nothing to help, and only fell over and sh@t himself. There was only one thing they Teletubbies could do, which was a dance off. Shrek goes first, basically doing some weird shaking and disco-like moves to "Electric Zoo" from Spongebob. Po calls it gay. Then the rest of the Teletubbies take their turn, and start dancing to Steve Aoki's Boneless. First, a line dance, then all over the place. Tinky Winky does a solo. It was so epic that Shrek ends up leaving Teletubbie Land, singing, "F*ck this sh!t I'm out!"
  18. Frankie is watching a Sonic The Hedgehog video. Sonic then tells the viewer that if someone decides to touch the viewer in a place or way that it is uncomfortable, then he/she should "f!@# em up!". Frankie agrees. Toadsworth then appears to tell Frankie that he is leaving to do groceries. He then tells his son to give him a goodbye hug. However, Frankie, misunderstanding Sonic's advice, does a falcon punch on his dad. He then says, "Oh Yeah!"
  19. Heavy covers "Baby" by Justin Bieber. During that, a shower of babies fall from the sky.
  20. Finally, something about FNAF 4! The player walks to a door with a hallway. As soon as he turns on the flashlight, Nightmare Freddy is seen walking down the hallway to attack the player, to the tune of Swigity Swooty. He reaches the players room, ready to attack. However, Baby Mario was equipped with a minigun. He then begins to shoot Nightmare Freddy down, with Nightmare Chica appearing out of nowhere, saying the usual "Pizza" phrase. The End.
  21. SMG4 was working on something when Bob suddenly walks into his room. Bob wants to be in SMG4's 1,000,000 sub special. SMG4 only sighs because he has to deal with the annoying guy again, but Bob crashes in front of the computer, to ask SMG4 again. SMG4 then gets very angry and crashes out of the window. Bob looks at that scene, and asks if that was a yes.
  22. When He Picks You Up and Spins You Around: Mario is swinging Bowser. Then, Mario lets go of Bowser and throws him into a bomb, killing him.
  23. A commercial for Super Nintendo Dating Service appears on screen, with some wrestler humping a feminine-looking Mario.
  24. Luigi is trying to look for Mario in the castle. He opens one door, which contained Toad saying hi to him. The next door contained Elmo, asking Luigi if he wants to know how he got scars. Luigi, however says no and moves on to the next door. The next door had the wrestling Peach in the bathroom. She goes crazy, causing Luigi to run away in fear and open one more door. However, that last doors had Bowser singing his soul song from the talent show (The chicken nugget song). This one makes Luigi scream "NOOOOOO!"
  25. Waluigi and Wario sing "The Gay Barbie Song", which is a parody of "I'm a Barbie Girl", with Waluigi wanting to date Mario for some gay reason, while Wario wants to screw Mario.
  26. Mario is babbling Italian as usual, to which Smg4 replies "That's REALLY interesting!" Mario leaves and Bob appears and holds a gun to Mario's face and telling him to take his clothes off. Seeing the gun, Mario agrees, and Bob puts on Mario's hat and mustache, and pretends to be him. He then says "Ravioli, ravioli, put me in your videoli." Smg4 then replies "How about no you f*cking ravioli."
  27. The Animal channel turns on and talks about Fishy Boopkin, calling him "a pathetic piece of aquatic sh!t." Fishy Boopkin is disoriented by this and starts saying it took him 30 minutes to tie his shoes before being eaten, to which the narrator says the Fishy Boopkin species is now extinct (LIEEES!!!).
  28. Dr. Eggman Invents the dab gun which makes everyone dab, including Sonic, Rosalina, Thwomp, some random guy, and Skerpup. Ending with Luke being hit as well.
  29. Bowser is making Bacon Pancakes, or, in other words, is cooking toad who says that he's on fire.
  30. Luigi is proposing to Daisy, but Daisy is hit by a car.
  31. Yoshi watches Smg4 for the first time. He notably shakes like crazy while everything behind him explodes. "WTF is going on" plays in the background. (Song: Blind Witness - All Alone)
  32. Mario applies to be Eggman's next minion, but Eggman rejects him. The reason is because Eggman found something disturbing on Mario's application five minutes earlier. That disturbing thing was a video which has Mario talking about his peepee (This is my peepee). Eggman proceeds to hold a gun to his head to commit suicide.
  33. A scene from Luigi's Mansion is played with an orange ghost going for Luigi's ass, before saying "oh SH!T!" when E. Gadd starts sucking him with the poltergust 3000, saying "Gotcha B!tch!" The ghost says no and escapes, injuring E. Gadd. Luigi is thankful, but E. Gadd is in a trance. He says "I na mad scientist, is so cool, sonuvvab*tch." He then douches sunglasses, which triggers a message that says "Don't do drugs, kids." and Thug Life chooses him.
  34. A woman noticees a phone ringing, and picks it up, with Mario on the line. Mario says "Hello! Swiggity swooty, I am coming for the booty."
  35. KSI (Maybe?) gives out a strong reaction to the ending of Super Mario 64, during the part when Mario is getting kissed on the nose by Peach.
  36. GlitchyMario64 is eating spaghetti in the woods, when a naked Mario comes and asks for it. The man reacts by saying "AH! It's a tiny PINGAS!"
  37. Link is playing the ocarina, but Waluigi calls it gay. He then outdoes him by playing Darude-Sandstorm with his own ocarina, surprising Link.
  38. Toadette, Frankie and a goomba talk about music. All do not like children's music for sure. Toadette asks Frankie what music he likes. Frankie says that the music he likes is very grown-up. (The audio is taken from a sound clip from a Peppa Pig episode) However, the music he chose is extremely inappropriate (Anaconda by Nicki Minaj). Frankie dances to that music, while Toadette and the goomba are surprised at what they are hearing.
  39. Someone does some calculations to figure out that Weed is Illuminati. Upon that, he freaks out.
  40. SMG3 tells SMG4 to f**k himself. However, SMG4 tells him that he will because he is attractive. Apparently, every day when he hops out of bed, he looks at the mirror and asks himself if he would f**k himself each day. The answer apparently is always yes because SMG4 would f**k himself. Hearing this, SMG3 is shocked at SMG4's answer.
  41. Mario finds a little female toad and asks if she wants to go for a swim. The toad says yes. However, Mario and the toad were swimming in the weegee pool. Mario enjoys the pool, but the toad freaks about it. Mario does manage to get out, but the toad drowns and then dies.
  42. A judge is charging Bowser for the tons of crimes he committed. He then asks what he has to same for himself. Bowser, however, doesn't give a f**k about it. He then starts dancing and annoying the judge. (Song: Big Sean - I Don't F**k With You)
  43. Peach is running away from Raccoon Mario, who stole her PINGAS. (Song: Thomas The Dank Engine)
  44. Mario is attracting nerds Jbro109] and SBX12 want to trade pokemon cards with him. Mario is indeed willing to trade cards with the nerds, but he won't trade his charizard.
  45. Mario is looking for Toad. Toad is apparently out for lunch, but he left his hat near his spot. Mario looks near it and decides to put it on, despite the notice. He then declares himself as an annoying pingas-fungus. However, the head shocks him, causing everything he sees to be replaced with toad faces. Even a goomba and Bowser are covered in Toad faces. Mario looks for the princess, but she too has toad faces on her own face. Pretty much everything is covered up in toad faces, making Mario realize that the Toad Hat transported him into the world of Super Releasio 64. As soon as he realizes that, he freaks out to the max. Toad later walks back in, only to get angry at Mario shaking uncontrollably with his hat on.
  46. SMG4 is walking in Cool, Cool Mountain. A mother penguin asks him to find her baby. SMG4 agreed to this. However, instead of finding the baby, he began to produce his own baby penguins instead. Seeing this, the mother penguin goes like, "WTF?"
  47. Wario wants SMG4 to play some song again. (A part from the spongebob episode Krab-Borg) SMG4 wonders what it is. Wario sings it, which is revealed to be Scatman John's "Scatman." Wario sings it so horribly that it causes SMG4 to slowly walk away from him.
  48. Mario throws Bowser out of the Dark World arena. Later, it is revealed that he fell on top of some random person on the head, knocking him out unconscious.
  49. Luigi and Mario are doing some weird roleplay. Suddenly, the video was buffering, and then it ran into an error on YouTube. The guy watching the video gets angry and destroys his computer.
  50. When an SMG4 Video Has To End :( -- SMG4 is singing Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World." Many video clips from past videos also appear at the background appear. As soon as the skit ends, a caption reads, "Thanks for 1 Million <3".
  51. The ending from Looney Toons play, with Bob asking if anyone is there. A tumbleweed appears. Bob asks the tumbleweed if it will be his friend, to which the tumbleweed rejects to. The word "FIN" then appears, signifying the end.


Back at SMG4's room, as soon as the whole show ends, both SMG4 and Mario are revealed to be on fire. Mario asks "WTF just happened?" The ending sequence then appears, with Luke thanking his viewers for watching the video and for 1,000,000 subscribers. After he finishes his speech, the video then ends.


Trivia & Errors

  • This is the third Ssenmodnar video not to follow chronological order. The first is Ssenmodnar 6.64, and the second is Ssenmodnar 0.
    • This is also the first Ssenmodnar video without a number in its title.
  • During the Teletubbies skit, the narrator gets Dipsy and Lala's names switched.
  • The beginning of the video (when SMG4 and Mario react to the disk) is a reference to Awesome Reach for the Awesome Series. It even uses the same sound clips from the said video.
  • The song that Eggman sings is Wouldn't It be Nice by Mini Ladd. However, Mario should have been there, since Mini Ladd has often played as him in Garry's Mod.
  • During the FNAF 4 skit, Nightmare Freddy was walking down the hallway to attack Baby Mario. This is impossible in the real game, as Nightmare Freddy only attacks the player in the bedroom.
  • When the video switches from Bob annoying SMG4 to Mario swinging Bowser, no static appears.
  • The scene Toad was watching with the Luigi dolls is from SM64: Ssenmodnar 7 (TOAST Edition).
  • The guy who angrily destroys his computer is the Korean gamer while playing Crazyracing Kartrider, yet it ends up rebooting.

Music Used

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