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Saiko Bichitaru (美千足 最子 Bichitaru Saiko) is a character from a generic dating sim brought to life by Fishy Boopkins in order for him to have a real girlfriend, but she begins to suffer from mental instability and evil intentions. Though introduced as a temporary antagonist, she has more recently been more of an anti-hero, become a protagonist, and part of a latest main roster of SMG4 Poster.

History Edit

In SMG4, she appears in SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club where she comes to life when Fishy Boopkins uses Kamek's wand to make her come out of his dating sim, but in real life, she becomes extremely jealous, destroying anything that might get between her and Fishy, even Fishy's waifu body pillows, which she sets on fire. This, of course, leads to Fishy dumping her, and her going insane, plotting revenge on him and the main gang. She is later stopped and both her and Boopkins are forced to let go.

With her reappearance in SMG4: Mario Battle Royale, Saiko tried to attempt to defeat SMG4 and Mario with her Minigun Machine. When Fishy Boopkins was about to fall, it is revealed that she still has feelings for Fishy Boopkins and wanted him back, as she tries to save him from falling off a cliff; although she appears to have gone tsundere since her debut. Unfortunately, Mario knocked her down the cliff with Boopkins.

Saiko makes the antagonist again in SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario as the Commander of the Militia Base. As Meggy had not met Saiko previously, Mario and SMG4 are forced to explain to Meggy that she used to be Fishy’s Ex and that she’s crazy. She states that her goals are to rid the world of the pretty, then become the prettiest person.

Mario then diagnoses that Saiko has Schizophrenia. Retorting that she is not crazy, but heartbroken, she orders a squad of Cactite to rid of the party. SMG4 uses magic to summon walls to block off any damage. Now surrounded, Meggy comes up with a plan. She tells Mario to use his Buster Sword to send herself airborne just above the wall so she can shoot down the Cactite. Saiko, now very unsatisfied, pulls out a ray gun and destroys the wall surrounding the party. Everyone, now on the ground, she tells them to run back home, then fires more lasers on the team. Mario tries to dodge the oncoming fire but is knocked backed, SMG4 and Meggy try to counteract by throwing their inventory at Saiko, who is able to dodge anything they throw.

Mario then reappears by flanking her right and makes her go airborne and drops her. SMG4 demands that she gives up. But it appears that Saiko hasn’t finished; she whistles up a flying mech as everyone stares in bewilderment and confusion. The Commander says it time to end this, SMG4 retaliates by throwing fire; it does absolutely nothing. Saiko finds this quite cute, then fires Banzai Bullet Bills. Mario tells her off but is blasted once again, SMG4 erects a glacier to protect himself and Meggy, who comes up with another plan. With the help of SMG4 and Mario, she makes a Banzai Bill flip and hit the flying mech, causing it to explode. An unconscious Saiko is last seen being thrown through a portal by Mario.

She reappeared in SMG4: The Mario Channel - Mario's Jackass where she receives a call from Mario to go to the park. When she got there, Mario tells her that he's doing a TV show and needs her to be a part of it, which she was excited about since she thought he needed a model, however, Mario reveals she is part of his next challenge where he turns the turret on which would fire at her. Later in the video, she and the others get revenge on Mario with the same stunts pulled on them, as she was waiting for him in a bunker with a sentry who fired at Mario. At the end of the video she asks Mario if he has anything to say to people he pranked, attempting to make the plumber apologize, but he then said "Eat my Mario P*nis" to which she makes the sentry fire at him again.

In SMG4: Luigi's Lesson, she is seen tired of being feared by everyone because of her behavior and Luigi tries to teach her to be nice but fails to do so. Later, Saiko tries to give something good to the characters she hates the most. Bob doesn't like Saiko at all, he has received a chocolate ice cream from Saiko and when he tasted it and he didn't like what she gave him. Saiko is about to kill Bob for disrespecting her, but Luigi stopped her as he tells her that "Murder = Bad." A little later, together with Luigi, she races Mario to the hospital when he gets a heart attack after eating 500 hot dogs. Luigi was happy to see that Saiko did know how to be nice even though she claimed she didn't know what he was talking about and after delivering Mario to the hospital, Luigi thanks Saiko and hope that they could be friends, bringing Saiko a smile to her face and then drives away on her motorcycle.

She reappears in SMG4: The Mario Hustle as a main character/protagonist who was selling rocks since SMG4 accidentally bought a million of them, and SMG3 ended up buying 2 million, who was convinced he'd be cooler than SMG4 by doing so, therefore Saiko Bichitaru became the highest seller in SMG4's Twitter Post Picture.

She reappears as a protagonist/main character in SMG4: The Mario Café, as a waitress with Luigi of the restaurant for Bowser. Saiko got teleported for the second time, Saiko hates working without getting paid, the reason because when she became a professional rock seller and received no money, she got mad and refused to work without pay. Bowser do his cute face and Saiko can't say no to his face and get's annoyed. She joined anyways and has been assigned as waitress with Luigi by Bowser. Saiko isn't a patient girl when she takes order to customers. Saiko throws a cup of coffee at Shroomy's desk, the minute when Shroomy thinks of his meal, Shroomy thinks the service and the food is good.

With her good efforts, she can have a good job as a waitress, and she high five at Luigi. Few scenes later Bob appears as picky person, but when he pushing Saiko to hurry up, she throws Bob off the restaurant as she still hates him. Luigi warns Saiko "don't murder customers remember?" she promised to be a good person as she can. Saiko received a lot of orders from customers and reads out loud to Bowser and Mario but none of them finish cooking the food that Saiko and Luigi are waiting to give customers food.

While customers are about leave Bowser got a heart attack and Saiko's reaction isn't much as she doesn't care about him. Luigi calls for everyone an emergency meeting, Saiko admits that she rather stay in this world than go back to her boring dating game world. Although she haven't know the word "Teamwork" before, Luigi demands everyone to work together, Luigi started throwing food at tables and Saiko is so strong that she throws at people on their tables. When their work is done Saiko is enjoying her break with Luigi hanging out as friends while chilling hearing Bowser's tunes in the end.

She comes back in SMG4: Mario and the Waluigi Apocalypse where she saves Mario from becoming a T-Pose Zombie. She is later turned into a T-Pose Zombie at the end of the video.

She appears in War of the Fat Italians 2018 where she has a date with Mario and SMG4 in one of the challenges. She also appears at the end angry at Waluigi.

In SMG4: Mario's Late!, she appears at the Mushroom Kingdom Awards show with her friends Meggy and Tari.

During SMG4: The Mario Purge, she attempted to flee the Teletubbies with Tari.

In SMG4: Mario and the Bob Mansion... she reconciled with Fishy Boopkins, agreeing with him that they're still friends.

In The Melancholy of Fishy Boopkins, Saiko, with Meggy and Tari, takes Boopkins to a Bob concert. Saiko runs towards Bob to become his friend.

In Mario and The Diss Track, Saiko becomes Bob's Manager and helps him become a worldwide celebrity. Saiko gets inspired and decides to start her own career, and quit being a manager. After seeing what Bob's Diss Track did to Boopkins, Saiko teams with the gang to creater a diss track on Bob. It does so well, all Bob's fans started following Saiko instead, not listening to raps, and throwing out all Bob merchandise. To make matters worse, Saiko paid for Bob's mansion, so without her, Bob lost his mansion. The final nail in the coffin is when Bob tries to reconsile with his friends, to no avail.

Appearance Edit

In the typical anime style, Saiko is an incredibly tall and skinny teenager with a curved figure and large bust, who towers above her love interest Fishy Boopkins. She has pink, curly hair with two different colored highlights at the tips: purple highlights on the right side, and yellow highlights on the left. Her eyes are purple and almond-shaped, with thick, curly lashes on the ends.

In terms of attire, Saiko is always seen wearing a tan jacket with a black tube top underneath, a dark-brown miniskirt, a black belt with a skull buckle, black leggings, and light-grey casual shoes. She wears a skull-and-crossbones pendant around her neck, and her hair is tied up in twin tails with two red bows.

In SMG4: Final Fantasy Mario, Saiko also wears a black beret, which is detailed with white trimming, a red gemstone embedded in gold, and white feathers on the side.

In the video SMG4: The Mario Hustle, Saiko wears a Atwood Sandy Palm Hat and a red short bow tie as her business outfit while holding her leather steel briefcase.

In the video SMG4: The Mario Cafe, in the mid of video, she wears a tan bear hoodie hat as casual waitress appearance.


Since her debut, Saiko started out as a nice and friendly girl who loves to hanging out with Boopkins. When some started to making fun of her and anything that close to Boopkins, especially his waifu body pillows, she will destroy anything to get her way, this leads Boopkins to dumping her. Due to this, she become mentally unstable and is now egotistical so everybody can notice her.

Later on recent bloopers, Saiko finally repentant towards her past actions, which leads her to become a better person thanks to Luigi's advice. Despite this, she still had a tsundere-like personality and always being selfish.

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  • Trailer cameo?

Quotes Edit

SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club Edit

  • ''Oh you chose me? On Valentines Day?''
  • ''Oh that makes me so happy, Boopy-kun''
  • 'Thank you for choosing me... Nobody ever picks me...''
  • ''Cmon, bring me to life!~ That'll show everybody!''
  • "Don't give up, Boop-kun!"
  • "Wow... You actually did it!"
  • "Thank you, Boopky-kuuun!"
  • "I'm so happy you're going on a date with JUST me!"
  • "Excuse me?"
  • "Oopsies...sorry. My foot must of slipped!"
  • "'re watching other girls? !!!"
  • "Jerk."
  • "Haha, it's a pleasure meeting you!"
  • OK, now that your call is done. Wanna play with me?"
  • "Hehehee, come get me!"
  • "That's really....something."
  • "Oh....heehee, that?"
  • "And how many more do you have? ..."
  • "Wow! That's so cool!"
  • "I was a bit cold Boopy-kun, I hope you don't mind the fire!"
  • "W...WHAT?!"
  • "B-BUT...YOU CAN'T!... After all the love I gave you?!"
  • "I'm...i'm a good date right!? I would never make you hate me!...."
  • "Maybe I should have never existed..."
  • " ..breaking my heart...."
  • "For me?! :D aww, you're too kind!"
  • "Oh...well aren't you boys funny..."
  • "But since I have no money, i'll just take it anyway cause you're so kind!"
  • "awww why are you guys being meanies? I thought you wanted to spend time with me."
  • "I'm glad you boys can spend time with me. Now i'm gonna need help getting revenge. Think you can do it?"
  • "I wanted to come visit you again, boopy-kun!"
  • "Oh, sorry! My new friends here helped me block off the exits and got me this cool mech!"
  • "NOO! Boopkins! Let me out!....please!"
  • "Shut just don't understand..."
  • "That's why...I can't control myself when I lose attention..."

SMG4: Mario Battle Royale Edit

  • "Hey!..."
  • "You boys ready to die? ..."
  • "What? I'm only saving you so I can kick your ass later..."

Trivia Edit

  • Saiko's voice comes from voice clips of Lana and possibly Cia (Minako Kotobuki) from Hyrule Warriors.
  • Though mentally unstable, Saiko has a friendship with Luigi. She playfully took his hat and invited Luigi to come and get her. In contrast, Mario panicked upon believing that anime had suddenly come to life.
  • While Saiko sings in SMG4: Doki Doki Mario Club and SMG4:Mario and the Diss Track, Saiko is voiced by Ellyn Barclay.
  • Saiko's first name is an obvious play on the term "psycho," referring to her mental instability; meanwhile, her last name is a play on the word "bitch".
    • However, "Saiko" is an actual name in Japanese. The kanji in her name, 最 (sai) and 子 (ko), translate to "the greatest child."[1]
  • She seems to be based on Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club and Giffany from Gravity Falls, with the latter both characters want to get rid of everyone and only want to be with their love, although Saiko in recent videos coexist with everyone else.
  • Saiko Bichitaru is a custom character according to SMG4's twitter picture and SMG4 sponsor Behind The Scenes Exclusive video.
  • Her appearance might be similar to Junko Enoshima from Danganronpa series.

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