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Sarvente, shortly called Sarv, is a character from Friday Night Funkin' in the SMG4 series.


SMG4: If Mario Was In Friday Night Funkin 2

Sarvente was one of Mommy Mearest's minions. She and Ruv met Mario in her church, where she thought Mario would be a good sacrifice. However, after he showed his desire to fight, she told Ruv to rap battle against him. She was hit by Girlfriend's speakers when the rap battle started. When Ruv was defeated, he exploded, crashing into Sarvente while being knocked away.


  • Just like Whitty, she is also from a fan-made mod, not an actual game.
  • Her ability to float is a reference to her appearance in her song Gospel. Of course, a model for Lucifer Sarv was never made, so the normal Sarv's appearance/model was used for the episode.
  • Her name was usually misspelled as Servante throughout the episode she was featured in.
  • She was also the most sexualized FNF character ever.
  • Sadly, the mod cannot be downloaded and is privated from Gamebanana page.


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