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Schm2000 is a YouTuber and a minor character in the SMG4 series. He first appeared in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ (1,000 Subs), where he discovered a giant sign in Jolly Roger Bay. He also later appeared in Super Mario 64 Bloopers: ੮Һ૯ ૯Ն૯౮ค੮૦Ր with MarioMario54321, Starman3, SMG4, SuperWario9000, PhazonMario, UltimatePwnerful, Ggomorno, SuperYoshi419, ocit115 (guy), SuperMario606, jbro109, SuperMarioFan590, peanutwaffles32, dshaynie, runner4704, and others who attended Mario and Luigi's funeral, however it turned out they were alive in the end.

Color code

  • Black overalls,
  • Blue cap, arms and shirt,
  • Purple gloves,
  • Yellow shoes,
  • Chalk gray face,
  • Red hair.

8107EC20 0000
8107EC22 0000
8107EC24 0000
8107EC26 0000
8107EC28 0000
8107EC2A 0000
8107EC2C 0000
8107EC2E 0000
8107EC38 0000
8107EC3A 8000
8107EC3C 0000
8107EC3E 8000
8107EC40 0000
8107EC42 8000
8107EC44 0000
8107EC46 8000
8107EC50 4000
8107EC52 4000
8107EC54 4000
8107EC56 4000
8107EC58 4000
8107EC5A 4000
8107EC5C 4000
8107EC5E 4000
8107EC68 80FF
8107EC6A 0000
8107EC6C 80FF
8107EC6E 0000
8107EC70 80FF
8107EC72 0000
8107EC74 80FF
8107EC76 0000
8107EC80 8080
8107EC82 8000
8107EC84 8080
8107EC86 8000
8107EC88 8080
8107EC8A 8000
8107EC8C 8080
8107EC8E 8000
8107EC98 FF00
8107EC9A 0000
8107EC9C FF00
8107EC9E 0000
8107ECA0 FF00
8107ECA2 0000
8107ECA4 FF00
8107ECA6 0000



Here is his YouTube channel and here is his fan wiki

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