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No matter how much you run, you'll never escape yourself.

—Shadow Meggy in the Pilot episode of Sunset Paradise.

Shadow Meggy is one of the two overarching antagonists (alongside Francis posthumously) of the 2021 Australian computer-animated web series Sunset Paradise.

She debuted in the SMG4 series as the secondary antagonist of Season 11 and the overall main antagonist of the Sunset Paradise Prelude.

She was a mysterious entity and the dark counterpart of Meggy Spletzer existing in Meggy's subconscious mind, serving as the manifestation of her negative thoughts and emotions.


Shadow Meggy represents Meggy's self loathing and insecurities. Therefore, she spends no expense at tormenting Meggy whenever she wants, such as ridiculing and shaming her for failing in life. She is also present where Meggy goes, which shows that she is also observant and watchful of what she does. Occasionally, she would end up making a good point as one of her methods of torment, but it seems that she mainly intends to make Meggy feel bad about herself.

She seems to have a weakness: if Meggy doesn't care about what Shadow Meggy says (or insists that she'll listen to her friend's encouragement), she'll tremble in fear and leave, but this was mainly with the help of Auri, who was at the time facing his own insecurities (in the form of his grandfather).


As her name implies, she is a shadowy version of Meggy and is mostly monochromatic. In SMG4, she has purple lighting and glowing yellow eyes, while she has regular eyes in Sunset Paradise. However, they seem to glow yellow whenever she's fighting or whenever she's feeling very malicious. Her body glows a lot more in Sunset Paradise than in SMG4.

Under normal circumstances, only Meggy can see her due to being a manifestation of Meggy's self loathing and can only make "contact" with Meggy inside her head. As seen in SUNSET PARADISE - EP 3: Reservoir Cats, SUNSET PARADISE - EP 5: The Funk and the Furious, and SUNSET PARADISE - EP 7: What Comes Next., she can sometimes be seen replacing Meggy's reflection in the mirror (in Meggy's head).


SMG4: Mario VS Youtubers

Shadow Meggy briefly appears (albeit disguised as a black entity prior to her physical appearance) and was about to haunt Meggy's mind, only for Bob to burst into the house, causing the front door to knock Shadow Meggy back.

SMG4: The Pursuit of Happiness

Shadow Meggy makes multiple attempts to take over Meggy's mind, initially appearing in her disguised form at different points. Near the end of the video, she finally shows her true self, attempting to convince Meggy to give up everything repeatedly after she failed to find her calling multiple times. Before she can completely break Meggy's mental state, SMG4's Gang rings the doorbell to give her a ticket to Port Aurora, forcing Shadow Meggy to leave for the time being.

Sunset Paradise

She first appears in the nightmare sequence in SUNSET PARADISE - EP 1: PILOT where she beats Meggy in a fight. She then tells Meggy that no matter much she runs, she'll never escape herself before dropping Meggy into the abyss, ending the dream.

She returns in SUNSET PARADISE - EP 3: Reservoir Cats after Meggy (and Auri) suffered from hallucinogenic gas. She taunted Meggy about how she left behind her friends because she didn't want them to interfere and how Auri wouldn't be able to help her. Cue Auri, who is also stuck in a hallucination with his grandfather discouraging him. Auri tells his hallucination that he has his "supervisor" to help him, causing his and Meggy's hallucinations to appear to both of them at the same time. They simultaneously yell that they don't care what they (Shadow Meggy and Auri's false grandfather) says, causing them to step back in fear, ending the hallucination.

She appears again in SUNSET PARADISE - EP 5: The Funk and the Furious in a reflection from a TV screen to taunt Meggy for unintentionally pushing Auri away and for not listening to his warnings about the Funky Fource, who were about to brainwash her with the TV.

In SUNSET PARADISE - EP 7: What Comes Next., she reappears in a mirror after Meggy harshly tells Auri that he can't stop the crime boss because he isn't a real sheriff like his grandfather. She tells her that even though that she was born from a "bad concussion" Meggy had, she knows that Meggy messed up. She would later reappear while Meggy was trying to get Auri to run away from the Goonies who he was trying to fight off. She tells Meggy that if Auri dies, it would be her fault just like last time. Thankfully, Auri manages to pull through by fooling the Goonies with an egg-shaped marshmallow. Right before setting off to stop Benedict together, Meggy sees Shadow Meggy in another mirror. Meggy sternly stares at her for nearly messing up her friendship with Auri before ignoring her completely.

In SUNSET PARADISE - EP 9: All Fall Down, she echoes what she said to Meggy earlier about "all her fault" after you know what had happened.

In SUNSET PARADISE - EP 10: Rebirth, Meggy was hallucinating fighting her although it was Whisk who was actually attacking her. Once she gained confidence and hatched the Phoenix Egg, she disappeared as the fear gas went away and the focus went to Benedict. In the aftermath, Shadow Meggy asks Meggy if the vacation changed anything and if there's anything she wants to do in life, which Meggy exclaims her purpose is to help people in need. Once Meggy finally got her mind cleared and goal set out, Shadow Meggy vanished for now.



SMG4: Mario VS Youtubers

SMG4: The Pursuit of Happiness

My New Adventure.

Sunset Paradise





  • Shadow Meggy is somewhat similar to the Shadow Selves from the Persona series, which are monsters who are formed from the repressed negative qualities of their human counterparts.
    • However, SMG4 confirmed in an AMA on Reddit that she wasn't based on Persona.
  • Shadow Meggy looks visually similar to that of Shadow Mario from Super Mario Sunshine.
    • Although, SMG4 confirmed that Sunset Paradise was inspired by SMS plotwise on Reddit.
  • Judging by her shadowy body and her yellow eyes, her character design may also be inspired by Kurogiri from My Hero Academia.
  • Similar characters appear in SMG4: SMG4 Goes Insane made by Niles, but their eyes were red and they represented SMG4's friends who told SMG4 that no one thinks that he's funny and that they don't care about him, which were flat out lies since SMG4's real friends actually care about him, and the shadows merely represent SMG4's fears. Shadow Meggy only tells Meggy the things about her that Meggy personally believes are true about herself and uses them to get Meggy to hate herself. Then in another episode which is SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021, a character named Mari0 also shares a strong look to her only this time resembles Shadow Meggy more than the previous characters mention only his eyes were white while Shadow Meggy's were yellow and Mari0 is a controlled version of Mario that SMG4's entire gang can see while Shadow Meggy was used to control Meggy's mind to make her depressed and only Meggy can see her.
  • Shadow Meggy says that she was created as a result of Meggy sustaining a major concussion, but this has yet to be shown.
    • The concussion could possibly be when she transformed from Inkling to Human in SMG4: Final Hours.
  • Curiously, in Sunset Paradise, with the exception of the finale, she always only appears in odd numbered episodes no matter how long she appears for.

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