Shy Guys are creatures that inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom. In Shy Guy Showdown, there's a town inhabited by them that's ruled by a White Shy Guy named "Awesome Guy". They are also obsessed with toast.

Physical appearance

Most Shy Guys appear wearing red (or as any color) with a hood, along with a white mask with a "O.O" facial expression held on by a brown strap holding the mask. They have brown belts, small blue feet, and flappy flipper-like arms. In the show, the ones that have names almost always ended in "guy".

Main Shy Guys

Shy Guy



Also known as "McShyGuy The Helping Toast Fairy" this Shy Guy for the most part looks normal but can also be shown with butterfly wings, and carries a piece of toast wherever he goes. He loves toast and freaks out if there is no toast seen or with him. His catch phrase is "YEAH TOAST!" or simply "TOAST!".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Fat Guy


In the games known as "Gourmet Guy", but is called Fat Guy in the series. He looks like a regular Shy Guy but is a lot fatter, wears a bib and carries a silver spoon and fork in most of his appearances. He has a tendency to sit on people. He also blocks doors sometimes, and likes music.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Minor Shy Guys

Awesome Guy


Awesome Guy

He is the Leader of Shy Guy town, he owns a giant tank called the "Destroyer 4000". His only main role was in Shy Guy Showdown.

His robe is white with no belt, has a gold medal that has a red ribbon, wears a tall general's hat that white with a red brim and has a gold emblem on his hat and on each of his shoulders.

He is depicted as being somewhat serious, but also really whiny and impatient.

He created an army to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, planning to steal their ladies, the money, and their yummy food. After Mario tries to stop him, he mistakes Mario for one of his troops (Due to Mario getting his face white), thinks he's drunk and sends "Super League of Gay Guys" an attack team to take out Mario.

He ends up getting his army out the gates and into town, but when he got to the center of town, he is ignored by everyone, (including his own troops who go shopping) and his tank gets mistaken as toy car by a police officer and gets taken back to his home town.

Assassin Guy

Assassin Guy

Assassin Guy

Only appeared in Shy Guy Showdown and is leader of the "Super League of Gay Guys".

He is red, but instead of having mask his robe covers his face, with eye holes cut out, his eyes are black with white pupils. His design is based off of Deadpool from Marvel.

He first confronts Mario in a garden, and tries to take him out with his katana, but Mario gets out of the way. He later confronts him again in the same fashion only to end up getting hit by the Pingas Train that was driven by Crazy Guy, causing the train to crash killing them both.

Awkward Guy


Awkward Guy

Only appeared in Shy Guy Showdown and is another member of the "Super League of Gay Guys".

He is orange, and like Assassin Guy has no mask. Instead, he has an opening in the center of his hood with brown edges, only his eyes are visible, which are normally making him the only Shy Guy with normal eyes at all. His design is based off Kenny from the South Park series.

He confronts Mario during his run for the exit and points a giant cannon at him. However before he could fire, he is distracted by a Shy Gal who he instantly falls in love with. However, he turned out to be a distraction to allow Mario to blast him, with his own cannon killing him.

Crazy Guy


Crazy Guy

Only appeared in Shy Guy Showdown and is another member of the "Super League of Gay Guys".

He is yellow with a white mask, but instead of the usual "O.O" it instead has Dr Robotnik's "Pingas" face from The Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog, plastered on it.

He along with Assassin Guy, searched for Mario in a garden, and finds Mario disguised as a vegetable, which scares him away. But later he returns riding the Pingas Train out of the sky (thinking it would help) and ends up crashing into Assassin Guy killing them both.

Shy Guy police

The Police Shy Guys

Police Shy Guys

Police Shy Guys seem to be the Shy Guy version of The Policeman. They look exactly like regular Shy Guys except their suits are blue instead of red.

They tired to arrest Mario but failed and forced to called the "Super League of Gay Guys".

Shy Guy leader

Shy Guy Leader

This unnamed shy guy is a leader of a group of shy guys that appears in SMG4: Officer Meggy. He and his gang steal monitors, so he can play Fortnite in good quality.

Fake Shy Guys




After Mario fell head first into a bag of weed, he got it all over his face making him seem paler. When a Shy Guy mistook him for a Shy Guy, he proceeded to take Mario to their town, where he learns about Awesome Guy's plans to take over the Mushroom Kingdom.

It should also be noted that while Mario isn’t actually a Shy Guy, Mario can speak their language.

Shy Guy Imposter

He is an unknown figure disguised as a shy. He has a white face, black clothes, and solid black eyes. It is

Shy Guy Imposter

unknown why he takes residents in Shy Guy Town, or how he got there.

In SM64 Bloopers: Shy Guy Showdown, he encounters Mario and tells him he has to become "one with the Shy Guys" in order to stay hidden. He's also shown to have a creepy crush on Awesome Guy.

Steve Guy

In SM64 Bloopers: Shy Guy Showdown, Steve also appears disguised as a Shy Guy as part of the "Super League of

Steve Guy

Gay Guys". He wears a hockey mask and attacks Mario with a chainsaw. After failing to kill Mario in a bunch of pots he blows up the pot with his rocket launcher and accidentally blowing himself up in the process.

Spy Guy

Spy Guy is actually Spy from TF2, but he wears a hockey mask, like Steve Guy. He is a resident of the Kushroom Mingdom. He has a similar love for Toast as a regular Toast Fairy, however, he only likes French Toast compared to the Usual Toast most Shy Guys like.

Spy guy

Spy Guy with toast.

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