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This content belongs to the Meta Runner universe, which is not related to the SMG4 universe.

Silica City is a city where video games are the center of attention and probably also where the Meta Runners compete. Its name is probably derived from Silicon, which is a semiconductor element known for being prevalent in high-end electronics. It is the main setting of SMG4's web series, Meta Runner.


Silica City resembles the city of Los Angeles in California, USA. This is evidenced by the appearance of the U.S. Bank Tower and the Two California Plaza at the end of the opening. The city is extremely urban, with skyscrapers and multipurpose complexes dotting the landscape. Close to everything is illuminated by electric neon lights, giving the city a retrofuturistic look. It has signboards, mostly advertising games and new gaming equipment, but also real-life brands such as Crunchyroll, Unreal Engine and AMD. Parodies of real-world companies also exist here, such as Wondy's (Wendy's) and Bintendo (Nintendo). Meanwhile, the streets are full of hovering cars driving on it, a reference to Los Angeles' horrible traffic jams.


In Silica City, video games are the backbone of society itself, providing jobs and entertainment as well as making up the lifestyle of most if not all of its residents. Most present-day blue and white-collar jobs have been either automated or outsourced, with jobs such as restaurant operation and the selling of goods being almost entirely taken over by bots and AI. As a result, gaming is assumed to be the only way to get by in Silica City. According to Belle Fontiere, performance in video games is also an indicator of social status in the city.

Notable Citizens