The smash Ball is a major object in the Super Smash Bros series. In R64: Stupid Smash Bros, when Mario sees the sphere crash inside Peach's Castle, upon accidentally activating it, he ends up causing destruction inside the castle, causing walls to be set on fire and Toad to be burnt. When Master Hand demands to have it back, Mario refuses, causing a chase over the object. This wild-goose-chase leads to Final Destination, where Master Hand finally overpowers Mario and is about to seize the Smash Ball. Unfortunately, Ganondorf steals it and transforms into Beast Ganon, causing both foes to self-destruct. Mario then decides to take the Smash Ball home and put in a display dubbed, Mario's Prized Spicy Meatball. Much to the red plumber's unawareness, Sandbag sets his eyes on the sphere.

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