A soccer match occuring in Smexy Town.

Smexy Town (or Smexy Land) a town in the western part of the Mushroom Kingdom. It serves as the primary setting of SM64 Bloopers: Smexy Soccer, and has made a few appearances in other bloopers such as Mario Simulator Interactive!.

Smexy Soccer

In this blooper, Smexy Town makes its debut as Mario and Peach are driving through it. After Peach leaves to fix the car, Mario ends up in the town and plays a soccer match against Bowser Jr. and his team.

Super Mario RUN RUN RUN!

In This blooper, Mario was running away from Magikoopa because he stole his magic wand. Later he gets hit by Magikoopa and was flying away. After that Mario’s legs won’t stop running and was running away.




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