Ever since Dr. SMG3 got cancelled, I decided to start my own production company! One much better than SMG4's stupid production company.

SMG3 explaining to Mario how his company came to be

Snitch Productions was a former fictional company owned by SMG3 as a parallel to Luke Lerdwichagul's company, Glitch Productions. It served as the main antagonistic faction of The YouTube Arc in the SMG4 series. With SMG3's banishment to the Internet Graveyard in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020, Snitch Productions went out of business for good.


There have been two intro videos in SMG4: Mario's Spicy Day 🔥 and SMG4: A Totally Normal S̷͍͖͉̙͚͎̑̃̿͑̆̇̚͠M̸͇͇̦̮̌̿Ğ̴̫̗̖͎͔̳4̶̞͇̰̎̀́̚ Episode (the latter used as the opening to SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2020). The first one is simply the logo zooming out with the PS2 boot-up sound. The other bears a strong resemblance to the one used by Glitch Productions, with the logo glitching between Snitch Productions and Glitch Productions.


Cancelled Shows

  • Dr. SMG3
  • Spicy Ones
  • SMG3's Puzzle Palooza
  • SMG3's Super Awesome Podcast
  • SMG3's Better Home And Gardens
  • SMG3's Tech Tips

Former Members


  • SMG3 stated that his company and his work were like children to him and that he cannot able rebuild it again, since that rebuilding his "children" was impossible; although he eventually backed out on that statement, as seen in S̶M̶G̶4̶: I Can't Believe It's Not SMG4!. It is currently unknown if he would've in fact rebuilt and continued with all the previously mentioned shows (Spicy Ones, SMG3's Puzzle Palooza, etc), all of which had their original sets destroyed, at some point if he hadn't met his fate in the Internet Graveyard after being violently attacked by a Ugandan Knuckles.
  • The name "Snitch Productions" is based on the word "snitch", meaning "steal".
  • The jingle heard during the Snitch Productions title screen is the jingle that was used for the Sony PlayStation 2.


  • Hot Ones: The show "Spicy Ones" was based on the web-series Hot Ones.
  • Cold Ones: Another inspiration for "Spicy Ones" could be the podcast Cold Ones, which is hosted by fellow Australian YouTubers, anything4views and maxmoefoe.
  • Linus Tech Tips: SMG3's Tech Tips was most likely based on the YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips.
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