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Sob Story: Tale of a Bob-omb is the twenty-eighth episode of Season 3 and the one hundred and twenty-seventh overall to be uploaded by SMG4.

This episode was aired on June 9, 2013.


Here's a sad story about a little Bob-omb that thought the King Bob-omb was his dad


Remember what you're throwing


At a factory run by Bowser and King Bob-omb, a Bob-omb falls off a conveyer belt and comes to life. It wanders outside and sees King Bob-omb walking away. It calls the king "Dad!" The king is delighted and he gladly adopts the Bob-omb. The video shows a montage of the two bonding and destroying things.

One day, Luigi decides to tackle the first level of Bob-omb Battlefield. He runs onto the field, where he sees the Bob-omb frolicking in the flowers. Just as Luigi is about to approach the bomb, King Bob-omb jumps down and tosses Luigi away.

King Bob-omb watches a "Bowser News" report depicting Mario as a wanted criminal for killing many of Bowser's troops, including Bob-ombs. He fears that his son will perish at the hands of Mario and makes the bomb promise never to leave his side.

Mario enters Bob-Omb Battlefield and eventually makes it to the mound where King Bob-omb resides. When the young Bob-omb asks who the plumber is, the king orders him to run far away. The Bob-omb peeks from behind the mound and sadly watches as King Bob-omb is defeated at the hands of Mario. He runs away and starts to cry until Mario appears behind him and throws him. As Mario happily runs into the horizon, the screen fades to black with a message from SMG4: "Remember what you're throwing."



  • This is the first time death was taken seriously in an SMG4 video. The second was SMG4: World War Mario with the death of Desti.
  • Currently, this is the only Sob Story video.

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