(The video starts with the camera slowly panning up to show a factory with Bowser's face on it. We then see the inside of the factory, where there is a sign with another Bowser face and the word "OBEY" overlooking some factory workers. The next room over shows King Bob-omb and Bowser Jr. working on some computers.)

(The next room shows a device that mass-produces Bob-ombs. A black ball with a metal cap is ejected from a chute and put on a conveyor belt. Legs are then attached by a robotic arm, gunpowder is dropped on it via warp pipe, and white paint is sprayed on for the eyes. Finally, a "Bowser Seal of Approval" sticker is stuck on it.)

(More shots of workers, including a Chuckya and SuperMarioGlitchy3, are seen. The worker who is supposed to unload the Bob-ombs has fallen asleep, allowing them to pile up. One Bob-omb is knocked off the end of the conveyor belt, and comes to life. Wandering around, it goes outside via a hole in a door. It looks around to see King Bob-omb walking down the road.)

Bob-omb: DAD!!!

(King Bob-omb turns around to face the Bob-omb, and grunts with a confused face)

King Bob-omb: ?

(The two bombs are shown in silhouette. The Bob-omb happily runs up to King Bob-omb, knocking him backwards. The Bob-omb nuzzles up to King Bob-omb. King Bob-omb looks perplexed at first, but then laughs and puts on a nurturing expression)'

(A montage of Big Bob-omb and his "son" is shown, showing King Bob-omb following the little Bob-omb down a path, King Bob-omb reading a book to the little Bob-omb, and a confused worker watching the little Bob-omb bothering King Bob-omb while he tries to work.)

(Cut to the Bob-omb at school with several other minions. A Chuckya is showing a video on a projector)

Mario (in video): La la la, hm hm hmm! (a Bob-omb walks up behind him) Hm?

(Mario screams, and the camera cuts to the Bob-omb at its desk while a explosion is heard offscreen)

(cut to King Bob-omb and the little Bob-omb walking away from the camera, as visions of King Bob-omb carrying little Bob-omb, little Bob-omb hiding from King Bob-omb in a cannon, and the two burning down Peach's Castle show on screen.)

(The star select screen for Bob-omb Battlefield appears and fades out. Cut to Luigi entering the battefield.)

Luigi: Oh ho ha ha ha! Oh yeah!

(Luigi starts walking down the path, and he sees a Goomba)

Luigi: Oh yeah!

(epic music plays as Luigi runs towards the Goomba in slow motion. It then stops when Luigi runs into the Goomba and gets hurt)

Luigi: Owowow! WAAH! (Luigi jumps away from the Goomba, and ends up accidentally squashing it in the process) HA HA HA! Go Weegee!

(Luigi continues walking, and he sees the Bob-omb playing in some flowers. Luigi has an angry expression on his face)

Luigi: Hrrm! Okie Dokie!

(Luigi tries to sneak up on the Bob-omb, but is interrupted when King Bob-omb lands between them, and glares at Luigi angrily)

King Bob-omb: [angry grunt]

Luigi: Brbrbrbrbrbrbr... (flies away screaming, presumably after being thrown by Big Bob-omb)

(King Bob-omb and little Bob-omb look at each other. The little Bob-omb gives him a strange look. King Bob-omb just laughs with a happy look on his face. Fade to black)

(A Bowser face appears in front of an explosion, and Bowser is heard roaring as the words "BOWSER NEWS" fly onscreen. Active music plays as footage is shown of Mario killing some of Bowser's minions)

Text (scrolling on bottom of screen): Dangerous italian man continues to murder countless troops.

(cut to Bowser in a newsroom)


(calm music begins playing)


(King Bob-omb is revealed to be watching the news on a television. He looks at the little Bob-omb with a worried expression, and a silhouette of Mario about to kill the Bob-omb flashes for a split second. King Bob-omb walks up to the little Bob-omb)

King Bob-omb: Promise never to leave me

Bob-omb: I won't dad, i love you!

(ominous music plays as Mario sets foot on Bob-omb Battlefield. He kills several minions as he scales the summit. An injured Goomba crawls onto the summit to warn King Bob-omb of Mario's arrival. Suddenly Mario appears behind King Bob-omb)

Mario: Hey stinky! Hello!

(An angry King Bob-omb grunts at Mario)

Bob-omb: who's that dad?

King Bob-omb: far away from here...

Bob-omb: but I promised to always be with you...

King Bob-omb: NOW!!!!

(the little Bob-omb looks at King Bob-omb sadly for a moment, and then runs away. He then peeks behind the ledge to secretly watch Mario and King Bob-omb. King Bob-omb charges at Mario, but Mario jumps over him.)

Mario: WAH-HA! (grunts as he picks up King Bob-omb. The little Bob-omb watches as a silhouetted Mario throws King Bob-omb to the ground) Thank you so much for playing my game!

(King Bob-omb grunts with an echo as he hits the ground. The little Bob-omb watches as King Bob-omb explodes and turns into a star . The camera colors change to black and white as the little Bob-omb runs away, grief stricken. He goes into a corner and cries. Mario suddenly shows up behind him. The color comes back, and the sound of a heartbeat can be heard as Mario picks up the little Bob-omb)

Mario: Game over!

(Mario throws the Bob-omb, and he slowly falls to the ground, with a dejected look on his face. He explodes and leaves behind a coin on impact with the ground.)

Mario: YEAH! HA HA HA! (Mario sings. Fade to black)

Text: remember what you're throwing -SMG4

(camera cuts to a blue star)

Text: TALE OF A BOB-OMB Thanks for watching. If you wanted a funny video or you found that boring sorry then. In remeberance of king bob-omb

The End

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