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We call ourselves MD-5, and our mission is to... TAKE DOWN THAT EVIL CONGLOMERATE TAS CORP!

—Sofia Porter

Sofia Porter is the sister of Lucinia Porter and a supporting character from Meta Runner.


Sofia is a young Caucasian woman with an average build, and is roughly Tari's height.

Her attire consists of welding goggles, a silver nose ring, and a green and black jacket that connects to her hands with an atomic whirl on each side. Her jacket is always open near her chest area, revealing a white deep o-neck undershirt. She wears two brown belts, one of which is more standard with a small silver belt buckle, while the other has some bags on it. She also wears black pants and short black rubber boots, and has some grime on her face. In season 2 the jacket's round her waist and the goggles are on her neck.


Much like the other members of MD-5, Sofia follows a personality stereotype to some degree, as she could be described as being a computer geek. She shows high interest in mods and hacks and has far more knowledge about technology than any other major character.

She seems quite socially awkward and insecure, much like Tari, but tries to hide it more.

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