Solid Snake is a soldier from the video game series Metal Gear (MG for short) published by Konami. In SuperMarioGlitchy4's videos, he made minor appearances in SMG4's bloopers.


SM64 Bloopers: the Toadassass-ination

In this video, Mario gets annoyed by Toad, so he tries to assassinate him, but fails at doing so. While Toad is at Delfino Plaza, he hires Solid Snake to kill him, but the thug misses, falls down of the roof of the house on which he was standing and hurts his knee, making Mario hire Connor Kenway next to fulfill his task.


In a parody of Snakes on a Plane, Luigi has had it with the clones of Snake on the plane.

SMG4: Mario goes to DIDNEY WORL

He was a ride operator at Didney Worl.

♫ The Ultimate Smash Bros ♫

He throws a Grenade, but got crushed by Dr. Eggman and his Eggbot 2000.

SMG4: The Smash 5 Trials

He knockouts Pichu.

SMG4: Waluigi's Time

He throws grenades at people.

SMG4: Mario Does The Chores

A picture meme of him was seen at the end saying: This makes my snake Solid.

SMG4: Sans's First Day In Smash Bros

He hides in his box, but gets ultimately captured by Master Hand.

SMG4: Untitled Mario Video

He gasps when the Goose appears.

SMG4: Mario Gets His PINGAS Stuck In The Door

He gets his pingas stuck in a door.

SMG4: Mario Runs Out Of Toilet Paper

He tries to get Kairi to see her mother, but Mario steals his car.


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