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Showdown Of The Idiots is the fifth episode of the Sonic the Derphog miniseries released on April 8th, 2016.


Dr. Pootis challenged Dr. Eggman to a rematch, only this time it's an epic wrestling showdown. The only problem is that Eggman has no experience in this kind of fight. Sonic had no choice but to train his archenemy so that Eggman will defeat Pootis, even though it will go badly.


We start off at the Mushroom Kingdom Gym. A man is walking on a treadmill, while Gourmet Guy uses a cake as a way to make him run. Wario struggles to lift a weight while Toad can barely reach one. Knuckles is training his fight skills, but is ran out by Frankie who is carrying a deadly sword. Sonic comes in, who is about to train his legs on the treadmill. He sets the treadmill at a speed of 90,000,000,000. The speed blasts Sonic out of the window causing the treadmill to fly into Eggman's Eggmobile. He then crashes into the gym, suprising Sonic. He then acts retarded to avoid being killed by Eggman. Dr. Pootis gets Eggman's attention by showing off, causing Eggman to have flashbacks. The two have a threatening arguement. Sonic wants them to act like adults and settle like them. He points out that they should act like Tails, but it backfires because Tails goes into Senpai Mode. Dr. Pootis challenges Dr. Eggman to a wrestling fight, "man VS tiny baby man", in the next hour. Eggman is then crying because no one is available to help him. Sonic leaves but Eggman forces him to help train anyway.

He starts with weight lifting. Sonic wants Eggman to lift weights in a similar fashion to nearby weight lifters. (A man casually lifts a standard weight, Wario struggles to hold a weight with marshmellows, and Frankie is lifting a very heavy weight in a very fast motion.) Eggman thinks he will die, but Sonic encourages him otherwise. Then Eggman lifts with all his might, amazing Sonic. Frankie screams that Eggman cheated, making Frankie turn on the electric weights, crushing Eggman.

He moves on to yoga. Sonic brings out Mario as Eggman's instructor. Eggman tries to replicate Mario's poses at his best but screws up at the third one. Mario then transforms into a hybrid of Wii Fit Trainer and Mario, beating up Eggman.

He moves on to running. Sonic wants Eggman to run down a long alleyway, while Mario shoots random deadly things. Sonic runs away after the instructions were given to Eggman. As soon as the first set of garbage was shot, Eggman runs with all his might. Mario pops up shooting Tails into Eggman, who barrel rolls under him. A Chain Chomp comes in, making Eggman panic. He notices Amy's car, which he uses as an advantage, but backfires since the Chain Chomp has a car of his own.

Eggman moves on to fighting techniques. Sonic brings out Sandbag to make Eggman show off any fighting moves. Eggman bitch-slaps the Sandbag, annoying Sandbag. Sonic isn't happy, saying that Eggman should replace Sandbag with the worst enemy in his mind. Sandbag's face morphs into Dr. Pootis. Eggman makes out and attempts sexual intercourse with the Sandbag. As a last resort, Mario is brought out. He says that Eggman is going down, and calls him "tubby." Eggman is then VERY enraged, turned into a Super Saiyan and punches Mario. But Mario's PINGAS launches out and sends Eggman flying to the other side of the training room. Sonic gives up and decides to give Eggman steroids.



  • This is the first time that SuperMarioGlitchy4 released this video on the day that is neither Sunday nor Monday, as supposedly, every video was going to be released every Sunday or Monday, or two weeks.
  • This is sonic's first appearance in derp mode.
  • Both the model for Amy and her car are from the heavily criticized game Sonic R.

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