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Sonic the Derphog: The Evilness of Eggman (?) is the 197th video made by SuperMarioGlitchy4, and the second episode in the "Sonic The Derphog" series.


Eggman is back as jolly as ever, well until he stumble across an evil genius meet up that he wasnt invited to. OUTRAGEOUS!. how will eggman cope with this?


The episode starts with Dr. Eggman stalking Sonic, who demands that Dr. Eggman stop following him. After Shadow calls him gay, Sonic chases after him, yelling that he is going to rape him.

While taking a stroll, Dr. Eggman accidentally bumps into an evil villain meeting, led by SMG3. Eggman tries to prove to SMG3 if he is evil enough so that he can let him in. He tries to get Sonic to help him become evil, and he shows Sonic what "evil" things he can do (i.e. stealing candy from a baby, stealing Big's sandwich, robbing a store ONLY of its candy), but SMG3 still doesn't let him in.

After much frustration from losing, he builds a rocket that causes Perfect Chaos to appear upon launch. As Perfect Chaos begins to destroy the city, SMG3 is blown away by the sheer evilness and runs away from Perfect Chaos. Sonic gets Eggman to destroy Perfect Chaos and Eggman tries by sending multiple Omegas. Eventually they fail so Toadwardo finds a Dorito bag and he uses it to defeat Perfect Chaos and save the day.


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  • Actually, this is the first and only episode of the Sonic the Derphog series to not include the Green Hill Zone map.
  • It's seen in this video that SMG3 is still alive (unless the story takes place before "Spells n' Wiztards"). Some people thought he died in "Spells n' Wiztards", in the explosion of the wizard academy Hobowarts (which is a parody of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series).
  • This is the first time Steve is trying to be evil (go on the article "Evil Steve").
  • Before the video SM64: The Retardness of 2014 this blooper had the most characters in a SMG4 video (38). This record was previously held by Ssenmodnar 8 (150k special) (34) and previously by Smg3's plan to destroy Smg4 cause he felt like it (30).
  • It seems that during the commercial with Robotnik, the song that was playing was You Are a Pirate from Lazy Town, except instead of using the real lyrics, it used Robotnik saying "Pingas!".
  • Six Minutes and 13 Seconds into the video the twin Towers can be seen.
  • The Crazy Toilet Dude reappears from being absent a long time. However, it might be someone else like The Bomber, or just a black guy.
    WTC Snap

    Notice the World Trade Center in the Background.

  • This is the first ever time in a SMG4 video that a Teletubby actually uses the screens on their stomach. The second time is in SM64: weird dots ( Tubbie TV ) weird dots.
  • The video on Po's stomach is Bart Baker's California Gurls parody.


  • Sonic‘s text is purple instead of blue.
  • It is unknown how did Toadwardo alive after being killed by Dr. Robotnik.

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