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I'm not the smartest person and I don't have much friends... But as long as I have my spaghetti... I'm good.

—Mario, SM64: Meet the Mario.

Spaghetti Is an Italian food that appears in both The Real World and the Mushroom Kingdom. In both SMG4's universe and the Nintendo canon, it is Mario's favorite food; they commonly appear in SMG4's videos, and most of those times they're eaten by Mario.

The reason why it is Mario's favorite food and why he eats it all the time and is addicted to it is because, as shown in "The (TOTALLY ACCURATE) Documentary of Mario", Mario saw a lady while he was in high school, and seemingly fell in love with her however she walked away and left her spaghetti plate on a table. Mario immediately falls in love with the spaghetti and since then he has been addicted to it and eats it all the time, being his favorite food.

However in SMG4: Mario Babies a plate of spaghetti was on the table when mario was in preschool a koopa shell knocked it down and baby mario ate it claming it to be his first spaghetti meal and falling in love with spaghetti becoming his favorite food.

It had gone to the point where he developed a sexual attraction towards spaghetti rather than human beings. He has asked a male body pillow with a spaghetti face in various Valentine's Day-themed bloopers and married it in Doki Doki Mario Club.


  • Spaghetti appears as an item in the Paper Mario series.
  • Sometimes spaghetti seems to be sentient, as in some bloopers, when Mario eats it, screams can be heard, and blood is visible, and in Cooking With Bowser And Mario 2, the spaghetti was upset when Mario was eating ravioli, and it yelled "I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIALLLLLLL" and shoots Mario with a machine gun for "cheating on it".
  • In the blooper "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: 0% of Spaghetti", "spaghetti" is misspelled as "sphagetti" (except in the title of the video).
  • SMG4 hates spaghetti (and Italian food also) in real life. However, it's shown in the video "War Of The Fat Italians 2014 (200K Special!)" that he's able to eat some when there's nothing else to eat. And in the first episode of Hitbox, Luke ate it because he played Mario. His dislike for it even applies to episodes like Spaghetti Law.
  • In Theawesmario eats spaghetti (one of the videos on Mario's YouTube channel), Mario eats spaghetti for 3 hours. (The whole video is actually 14 minutes and 45 seconds long.)
  • Mario is able to eat 35 bowls of spaghetti in only 5 seconds, as seen in "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: War of the Fat Italians 2013".
  • As seen in some bloopers such as "The Visitor." and "Freddy's Spaghettiria", Toad likes spaghetti too, and as seen in Problematic Pipe Problems, Luigi also likes it, and in SM64: Meet the Luigi, Bowser took the last spaghetti box at the shop, which could mean he likes spaghetti too.
  • A box of spaghetti costs ten coins at the shop.
  • In the blooper "R64: The Spaghettipocalypse", Mario is shown to dislike spaghetti with vegetables in it.
  • Rosalina does not know what spaghetti is, considering she spent most of her life in space.
  • In the blooper SMG4: Stupid Mario Paint, Mario calls the spaghetti Sarah.
  • Spaghetti is the most used food in the SMG4 series, which makes sense since it's Mario's favorite food.
  • Sometimes, Mario likes to be naked and swim and hump spaghetti.


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