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SMG2? What's happening?

—Spudnick's final words before his death

Spudnick was the main character of Spudnick's Great Adventure, the avatar of SMG1 and SMG2 in the Toytoy Kingdom and the posthumous overarching protagonist of the SMG4 series. He only makes an appearance through a flashback, having been deceased prior to events of the SMG4 timeline.

Little is known about him other than the fact that he had a low IQ just like Mario, but he used to go on many wacky adventures with SMG1 and SMG2 until SMG0 attacked and successfully killed him.


Not much is known about Spudnick's personality except that he has less than average IQ and he loves his teddy bear. He also likes going on adventures with SMG1 and SMG2.


Spudnick had a red complexion, with one antenna, a hibiscus red cap with a white S in it, and a caribbean green sleeveless hooded onesie. In his game's character art he appears chibi-like with wide legs and long arms, while in the logo of his game, his arms and legs are stubby and the picture of Pepe the Frog. That looks more like he's wearing sunglasses.

Upon being killed by SMG0 he lost his eyes and his body, including his clothing is cracked and empty with only a horrified look remaining on his dead, pale face.


Some time prior to SMG4's first Super Mario 64 Blooper, Spudnick lived in the ToyToy Kingdom alongside SMG1 and SMG2, spending their time going on wacky adventures. This all came to a tragic end when while trying to retrieve his teddy, Spudnick was captured and drained of his life energy by Zero. With his demise, SMG1 and SMG2 were left scarred and their universe started to collapse. While trying to evacuate the Newgrounds characters, Zero threw Spudnick's corpse at SMG2 before trying to kill them too.


  • Spudnick is the eighth character who’s death was taken seriously, after King Bob-omb, his son, Clone Mario, Desti, Francis, New Super Duper Mario Plus Ultra, Greg The Alien, and Axol.
    • He is also the first fully original character to die.
  • Spudnick by far has one of the darkest deaths in SMG4 history. Literally decaying on screen, being up there with characters like Francis, who literally had his bodily fluids sucked out of his body albeit remains unseen.
  • Spudnick is the only major SMG4 character (in terms of his importance) to not live an entire SMG4 episode, being already dead in the 10 Year Anniversary Special, and only appearing alive around 4 minutes in the only episode he's alive in, which instantly follows in his demise.
  • Spudnick's red color palette may be a nod to Mario, as Mario is also red and the avatar of his universe.
  • Spudnick's name is phonetically similar to Sputnik, the Soviet satellite which was the first articifial satellite, launched on October 4th, 1957 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.
  • Spudnick seemingly talks with a Southern accent.
  • There is now a Ragdoll from Spudnick on Steam (despite being dead). [LINK]

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