The Squirrel Soldier are the henchmen of the Sarge. They appear in SMG4: AREA 64 were they break into Bowser's Castle and kidnap Bowser and integrate him. They also have a minor appearance in SMG4: Mario Raids Area 51 where the direct Mario to where Area 51 is after he mistook Area 64 forh holding aliens.


Squirrel Soldiers are grey squirrels with military clothing including a green military coat, a dark green military helmet and pants, black boots, and a black belt with ammo around.



In their debut episode, they are seen as Sarge's henchman guarding Area 64. Most of them who spotted Mario doing something illegal were disposed of. Three of them appeared near Beta Luigi in the attempt to stop Mario from freeing him. However, they got sucked into a black hole created by Mario when he cracked one of the Stop 'n' watch eggs thinking they were for eating along with Beta Luigi. They and Beta Luigi then ended up in a crane game that SMG4 was playing.

SMG4: Mario Raids Area 51

They reappear once again guarding Area 64 as normal. However, they were nice enough to redirect Mario to Area 51 after he mistook Area 64 for where the aliens are kept.


  • One of the Squirrel Soldiers has a voice that uncannily sounds like Shroomy (who is voiced by Luke). This means that the Squirrel Soldiers were voiced by Luke Lerdwichagul.

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