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The Staff of Rejection is a staff that appears in SMG4: Waluigi's Time, SMG4: Mario And The T-Pose Virus, SMG4: Mario SAW and SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018. It is used by Waluigi in said episodes. It made a cameo in SMG4: The Melancholy of Fishy Boopkins even though it was destroyed.


It appears as a golden staff adorned with a red orb, and Waluigi's signature hat and mustache. As shown in Waluigi's Time, the staff has the power to make others feel the pain that Waluigi has felt due to being rejected his whole life. It is unknown how long the effect lasts.

The staff can also be used to make T-Pose Zombies, as opposed to using a T-Pose Mushroom. Those infected by the staff, the 1-Up Mushrooms are useless into cure them and the only way of curing is to destroy the staff.

Waluigi temporarily loses this staff after Master Hand accepts him, but regains it after being rejected again. In Mario And The T-Pose Virus, in Shroomy's flashback, Waluigi created the T-Pose Shrooms using the staff, serving as the beginning of the infection.


  • The staff is actually shaped like Ashley's "wand" (From the WarioWare series), only with Waluigi's hat and mustache on it.
  • When Tari's controller came in contact with it, it granted the power for her to control Master Hand.
  • In WOTFI 2018, the staff was punched, and then exploded, during the final moments before the rap battle. It was broken by SMG4 when he punched it so hard, it exploded.

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