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Hi, guys!

—Steve's catchphrase

Steve is a classic main character in the SMG4 series.

He is known as the default character and protagonist of the video game Minecraft. He is a human character in the game whom Mario and SMG4 brought to their world. He currently resides in the Mushroom Kingdom, while being able to frequently visit his homeworld through a personal portal. He often acts as an anti-hero. He is depicted as a farmer, who owns several farms around the Kingdom and also has a massive love of chickens.

In the later seasons, he is known to have a massive decrease in appearances, due to the likes of the modern main characters, but has shown up more in the later half of Season 10 after Steve's playable appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


In SMG4's bloopers, Steve is often seen derping around like crazy and prone to Creeper attacks in his own world of Minecraft. He likes humping things, such as pigs and other animals. He also likes chicken and tends to chase them. This is often attributed to his occupation as a farmer.

In the video "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Mario Attorney", it is shown that you have to always ask him a very exact question, or else he will answer with a general answer. In "Mario VS Steve", he hates people who claim Minecraft is a bad game, to the point where he fought Mario and won.

Despite his derping around, he rarely attacks others unless attacked first or a chicken gets hurt, sometimes causing Steve to turn into Herobrine, as shown in SMG4: Steve VS Smash Bros. Mario even says "Steve only really fights when someone hurts his chickens"

He seems to have grown more intelligent in later videos, as he became better at building houses, running a farm, and even created a senient scarecrow. He also showed concern for Mario in SMG4: If Mario Was in... Minecraft when Mario started chasing after a Witch and ended up in a portal.


Outside of SMG4's videos, he is the default skin for Minecraft players. In SMG4's bloopers, he made his first appearance in the video "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: World of Craftmine", derping out wildly when Mario plays a retro-instrumental version of one of Justin Bieber's songs and running into a pool of lava, and saying his first line, "PINGAS PINGAS PINGAS PINGAS PINGAS PI-" when Mario was going to blow up diamonds with TNT in an attempt to get coal. In future bloopers, Steve is seen derping out often. In the episode "Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers: Mineswap", he switched body shapes with Mario, and in the blooper "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Birthday Freakout.", Steve was one of the guests invited to Roprinplup14's first and second birthdays.

In Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Mario Attorney, he jugulated a Goomba and blamed it on SMG4. In this episode, he also shows that he can speak like any normal character, answering Mario's question with barely any difficulty. In the earliest Minecraft bloopers, Steve appeared to be partially mute and only communicated through media clips. In SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 7 (TOAST edition), he became a superhero able to save the world: Captain Steve.

He also appears as a prince in the blooper "SM64 Guides: Toadsworth's How to - Princess". In "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Spells n' Wiztards", he became a wizard, along with Mario, SMG4, Bowser, SuperMarioGlitchy3, and Po the red Teletubby. He once did a trip to the city in "SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 8 (150k special)". In "Sonic The Derphog: The Evilness Of Eggman(?)", he joined SMG3's club of bad guys to become evil. In "SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 10 (350k apocalypse special)", he was a candidate for some presidential elections, but it's unknown if he got elected at the end of the voting. He became a police officer in "SM64 Bloopers: Can the Villager come out to play?".

Steve has also started to play a supporting role in recent videos. For example, Steve was part of the group that fought Waluigi during the rap battle in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2018 and helped stop the Minecraft Plague.


Usual look

Steve is a human, cubic, and pixelated like the other characters coming from Minecraft. His physical appearance scares some people, as seen in the episode "SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 8 (150k special)". His skin is rather normal, and he has brown hair and purple (and white) eyes. He usually wears a cyan T-shirt with short sleeves, blue trousers, and gray shoes.

Alternative looks

In a few episodes like "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ (1,000 Subs)", Steve's face is a bit different because an update to Minecraft changed Steve's mouth.

In a few old bloopers of SMG4, Steve wears a sort of T-shirt which has the same color as the trousers (dark blue) instead of his usual cyan T-shirt.

In some recent videos, he is sometimes seen almost naked, but wearing white underpants.

In some bloopers released in the year 2014, he has several alter-egos, like Captain Steve or Prince Steve for example (see below), then several alternate looks.

In the video "Super Minecraft 64 Bloopers: Mineswap", he and Mario accidentally swapped their body shapes, and then Steve has the same body shape than a lot of other guys in the bloopers, except his eyes and mouth hadn't really changed. He wore a cyan cap (same blue than the T-shirt (which had long sleeves instead of short sleeves)) and white gloves (he usually doesn't wear cap and gloves) and his shoes were of a very pale blue, nearly white, instead of gray.

In the blooper "Ssenmodnar 9 - Time Travel Edition", Steve was seen to have contracted Goomba herpes, a disease similar to Goomba diabeetus. It caused him to partially become a Goomba, making him look like a Goomba with a Steve head.

In "SMG4: Steve Fights Everyone", Steve was seen to have a Herobrine look when his chicken died.

Criminal Record


  • Steve's catchphrase, "Hi guys!", is taken from "Bowser's Kingdom Episode 1" on Newgrounds, with the voice of Steve the Piranha Plant. And the sometimes-said phrase "Hiiii Steve..." is from the same video, with the voice of Hal the Koopa. However, in the video "Meet the Steve", he said that his actual catchphrase was "Show Me Your Genitals", It is also the song he sings to Rosalina.
  • He's perfectly capable of fluent speech using subtitles like other characters in SMG4's bloopers, but never actually did so until the episode "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Super Mario Attorney". He does it for the second time in SMG4: War Of The Fat Italians 2021, but only for a darker reason.
  • "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: Befriend the End" is the only Minecraft-themed blooper to not feature Steve.
  • In the "Ssenmodnar" series, he appears mostly in skits called "Moments with Steve". However, the third episode of the series is the only one not to feature Steve.
  • He has his own shop called "Steve's Cooking Crap Shop :O" in the blooper "SM64: Cooking with Bowser and Mario!". It made a cameo appearance in the episode "SM64: ṩṩἔᾗмὄḋᾗᾄʀ 7 (TOAST edition)" as one of the easter eggs that can be seen in the SMG4 fan's room, he has another store appeared in R64: Mario's Spageti Delivary called "Steve's drug sales".
  • Even though The Enderdragon is one of Steve's main enemies in the real Minecraft, they never interacted or fought with each other in the series. Outside of when he was riding her in SMG4: Steve VS Smash Bros.
  • In "R64: A Theatre Mario.", it's shown that not even Steve can stand Super Mario Twilight, judging by his horrid screaming when forced to watch it with Peach.
  • Sometimes, a Steve playermodel is used in Garry's Mod. There, the character has curved arms and legs.
  • In SMG4: Mario VS Steve, Steve shows that he could turn into Super Saiyan 3, whic he then procceds to kick Mario through concrete walls, repeatedly use strikes strong enough to fling Mario around in the air like a ragdoll, and finish it off with a strike that sent Mario into the ground with an explosive impact. Mario was still alive, even after he charged up and beamed down a Kamehameha.
  • He hates people who think Minecraft is stupid, as shown in Mario vs Steve.
  • Apparently, he works part-time as a police officer, construction worker, and will occasionally become Captain Steve, a man who saves the world via his humping powers.
  • According to Peach in Meet the Steve, he was an illegal Mexican immigrant that Mario brought into the castle.
  • In R64: Mario's Road Trip his parents are chickens, it’s unknown if they are his real parents or adoptive parents.
  • As revealed by X in SM64: War Of The Fat Italians 2016 (900k Special), Steve doesn’t have eyelids.
  • According to a 2020 Q&A on Reddit and SMG4 talks about his favourite "SMG4 character", Steve is Luke Lerdwichagul's favorite character.
  • The mainstream Steve was confirmed on October 1, 2020, as a playable DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate after years of fan demand.
  • Steve is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the SMG4 Universe, having taken down numerous enemies due to his erratic attack styles and insane reflexes.
  • Steve is much older than most of the cast, having been an adult while Luigi was a baby, shown in a flashback in SMG4: Mario Babies.

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