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Steve has appeared in a lot of videos of SMG4 since the episode "Super Mario 64 Bloopers: World of Craftmine", and he appeared very often and more than before in 2014, but he decreased in 2015 appearances.

Every blooper of SMG4 released after the video "SMG4'S CANDY VAN IS HERE! (T-shirts and stuff)" shows some of SMG4's T-shirts during the outro, except the videos "SMG4 VS ALS Ice Bucket Challenge", "Luigi Wants to Build a Snowman", "SMG4 plays Merio Nernterndoes" and "A Big Thank You :D (500,000 Subscribers)". One of those T-shirts is gray and have Steve saying "HI GUYS!" on it. This means Steve makes a cameo appearance at the end of almost every episode after the video "SMG4'S CANDY VAN IS HERE! (T-shirts and stuff)". Steve is sometimes seen on the DeviantArt picture at the right side of the screen, and sometimes on the background too.

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