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Stupid Luigi's Mansion is a blooper created by SMG4 on September 30, 2017. This blooper is based on the game Luigi's Mansion.


"Are you judging my artistic sense?!"

-King Boo

The video starts off at night with Luigi going to a mansion. Armed only with a flashlight, Luigi starts thinking this was a bad idea, and ends up getting scared by pigeons and Ronald Mcdonald, causing him to run. Inside the mansion, two ghosts are playing Mortal Kombat ll until Luigi opens the door. Acting "into character", the ghosts start acting retarded, which for some reason is enough to cause Luigi to scream hysterically. The ghosts chase him throughout the mansion (even using Thomas, The Tank Engine), until they eventually corner him. Luigi sees some weapons and a teddy bear, but takes instead the teddy bear to make himself feel better, much to the ghosts' confusion. Professor E. Gadd then shows up with his Poltergust 3000 and tries to vacuum the ghosts up despite their claims they have families, but fails and accidentally crashes into a wall. Calling him an a$$hole, the ghosts leave, much to Luigi's relief.

At E. Gadd's bunker, he reveals that the reason he's catching ghosts is because he needs friends. Luigi then reveals that he went to mansion because he bought on Ebay for only 1 dollar, which causes E.Gadd to spit his own coffee as a response to how cheap it is. They come to the conclusion that the mansion was a trap to get Luigi killed. E. Gadd then asks Luigi to vacuum some ghosts for him, but the latter obviously refuses until the scientist begs him. Luigi then takes the Poltergust 3000 and goes to the mansion.

Out of sheer cowardice, he decides to just catch one ghost and finds an lady ghost named Lydia brushing her hair. Sucking her into the vacuum, he stumbles upon the owner of the mansion Neville who greets him and says he was just looking for his wife. Realising he "f*cked up", Luigi tries to escape, claiming his pool "is on fire", only for Lydia to scream inside his vacuum. Angry, Neville is about to kill Luigi, only for Lydia to reveal that E. Gadd built an spa inside the vacuum. Shocked, Neville sucks himself into the vacuum, leaving Luigi dumbfounded.

Later, Luigi finds two ghosts playing around, one of them wearing Mario's cap. After vacuuming the ghosts up, Luigi believes Mario fell for the trap, and decided to save him. He eventually found an music room and started playing instruments, until he tried to play the piano. However, he discovers it's actually the Mad Piano and gets frightened, until he bumps into Melody. She asks him to play with her, and he agrees, so Melody plays on the piano the Super Mario Land Birabuto Kingdom music, while Luigi gets a Pingas which makes Pingas noises. He starts to have fun with it, only to hit the wall and accidentally vacuum Melody up. The Piano starts going crazy, and Luigi throws the Pingas instrument to the other side to distract it while he runs away.

The plumber then goes to the kitchen and decides to eat something, he finds some chicken inside the fridge, but as he's about to eat it, a ghost resembling Colonel Sanders emerges from it. He thanks Luigi for freeing him and tells him he can wish anything he wants, but orders him to be careful as the wish will be cursed. However, Luigi simply asks for a drink, and the ghost relunctantly grants it, only it's a small cup, which causes the green plumber to start crying as he wanted a large-size drink. The ghost then leaves the kitchen while Luigi keeps crying and insults him by calling him a monster.

Later, Luigi goes to the mansion's courtyard, where he finds the rest of Mario's clothes. E. Gadd then calls him via the Game Boy Horror and tells him there are numerous ghosts through the area. After numerous failed attempts at trying to catch some of the ghosts, Luigi finds a cabin shaking near and E. Gadd informs him that his "Fat Italian Detector" is going through the roof, which means Mario must be in the cabin. Luigi immediately runs to the cabin, only to find Spooky, the hungry guard dog. He attempts to see if Spooky is friendly by throwing a rock near it, only for the latter to eat the rock. Freaked out, Luigi tries to give up, but refuses as he needs to stay strong for Mario, and tries to distract Spooky with bones, but fails. Annoyed, the green plumber just gives up and tries to make a run to the cabin only to trip on dirt. Mistaking him for poop, Spooky leaves, much to Luigi's relief. He finally reaches the cabin, only to find Toad taking crap in the toilet. Freaking out, Luigi trips into a well and falls into a secret room.

Exploring the room, Luigi finds a naked Mario stuck in a painting and starts hugging him, only for Mario to accuse him of homosexuality. Luigi says he can't believe the ghosts stole Mario clothes, but the red plumber states it just got hot on the painting and he stripped down. King Boo then shows up and gets annoyed at Luigi for touching his possession, revealing that he traps fat guys in paintings as decorations. Disturbed, Luigi says "Okie Dokie..." which angers King Boo as he thinks Luigi is insulting his artistic sense and attacks him with a AK-47. King Boo chases Luigi out of the room and the green plumber grabs a object with his vacuum and throws it at King Boo, knocking the AK-47 out of his hands. Using a broom as a blade, King Boo engages Luigi in a sword fight but gets overpowered and uses Chaucey, the spoiled baby as a distraction while he escapes. Getting rid of Chauncey, Luigi gets angry, taking Mario's painting and rushing out of the room. Meanwhile, King Boo makes it back to the foyer and tries to find a way to get back to his paintings before Luigi finds him, declaring that no one except him understands true art. Luigi then emerges, and calls the shocked king of Boos a "motherf*cker" before hitting him with Mario's painting.

King Boo then wakes up in a black room, and wondering where he is, bumps into Mario, who starts chasing him. The scene then zooms out to reveal Luigi had trapped King Boo in the painting. Happy that Luigi got him new friends and captured a "creepy-ass ghost", E. Gadd suggests going inside the vacuum for relaxation, which the green plumber happily agrees on. Inside the painting, the screaming King Boo begs Luigi and E. Gadd to take him along. The episode ends with Mario saying his "penis is so happy", causing King Boo to scream.

Deleted Scenes

See Mario's EXTRAS: Stupid Luigi's Mansion.



  • This is the second blooper with a title referencing the Luigi’s Mansion video game series. The first is Super Mario 64 Halloween 2013: Luigi's Retarded Mansion.
  • This is the first time an SM64 model is used for E. Gadd.
  • This is also the first time when Luigi had a custom SM64 model with a Poltergust attached to his back.
  • The song played by Luigi with the saxophone is the song "Problem" by Ariana Grande.
  • The song that Melody plays with Luigi is the song Super Mario Land Birabuto kingdom.
  • This is the final blooper to use the Super Mario World bonus clear intro.
  • This is the first video in the Stupid Mario series to not have Mario's name in it.

Music Used

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